Sunday, July 9, 2017

Escaping the heatwave with an early morning jaunt to Hendry's Dog Beach in Santa Barbara...

With temperatures soaring, power plant explosions and wild fires raging in Southern California this weekend it was time to hit the beach to cool off.

Labrador Cooper Hendrys Beach Santa Barbara
Obviously we were not going to be the only people with this cunning plan, so to avoid nightmare traffic on the road we set off from West Hollywood to Hendry's Beach in Santa Barbara at 7:30am this morning.
Misty summer morning Arroyo Burro Beach
A Sunday lie in would have been nice, but as Cooper's first walk was around 5am and the air was already stiflingly warm getting an early start wasn't a problem.
Misty summer morning Hendry's Beach
After our trip to the U.K. and his stay in doggie daycare for around ten days it's taken some time for him to recover from all the excitement, playing with his canine pals and being away from his creature comforts (like sleeping between us in our bed each night).
Labrador chasing balls Hendrys Beach
Our nine-year-old boy always comes back a little stiff these days, especially as he's getting older and has a little arthritis in his joints, plus he's really not a fan of the hot weather.

That's why I knew it was time for the two hour drive to one of his favorite off-leash dog beaches, also known as Arroyo Burro Beach, to cool him off, letting him paddle along the shoreline, get dunked by the waves and dig and roll around in the sand which he loves to do.
Labrador Cooper Hendrys Beach dog showers
As you can see he also had time to make a big impression on the dog beach and leave his mark temporarily. Fortunately the dog showers were on hand to rinse out all that salt and sand.
Labrador Cooper name in sand Hendrys Beach
It's a long way to go for a hour's fun, and it's a shame that L.A. County doesn't have any comparable off-leash dog beaches, but the day out, including the drive back through Montecito, Ojai and the California countryside reminds us the wonderful life we have at our fingertips and is a welcome escape from world news and politics for a day...

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