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Summer lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s sprawling skies in July 2017...

This summer with the temperatures soaring the skies have been filled with an eclectic mix of things to do, refreshing drinks and other lifestyle billboard all vying for passersby attention in L.A.'s busy streets and skies. Here's a snapshot at the theme park, events, food, drinks, technology, dating and other outdoor ads and out-of-home advertising activity standing out in July 2017.

Theme park and tourist attraction billboards
Summer of Heroes Disney billboard
Disney is capitalising on the continued success of its Marvel Studios blockbuster films by featuring more of the superheroes in their parks, with character appearances and themed-attractions.
Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout billboard
They even gave the Tower of Terror ride a cosmic makeover courtesy of 'Rocket Raccoon' and the Guardians of the Galaxy.
Justice League Metropolis Six Flags billboard
Meanwhile Six Flags was also making the most of its partnership with the DC comic book characters with a new Justice League-themed attraction.
La Brea Tar Pits Mammoth billboard
With kids off school, museums and educational attractions like the La Brea Tar Pits were also hoping to tempt visitors this month with creatures from the distant past.
Summer Jazz Nights Hollywood Highland billboard
Ans the Hollywood & Highland Center was advertising its Summer Jazz Nights to tempt tourists in the vicinity.

Food and drinks billboards
Jennifer Aniston Smartwater Running mate billboard
This July Jennifer Aniston was back in a big way as the face of Smartwater with this giant billboard on the side of the Andaz Hotel along the Sunset Strip.
Ellie to the Core Bottled water billboard
And also in the world of premium bottled H20, British singer Ellie Goulding was the face of Core water.
Essentia water Marching band billboard
Meanwhile this marching band was trying to shine a light on Essentia bottled drinking water in Hollywood.
Perrier Strawberry flavor inspiration billboard
Perrier was adding some flavor like strawberry to its canned fizzy water this summer with these colourful billboards featuring art by AKACORLEONE.
Bai Sugar daddy billboard
Bai was having some fun with the outdoor ad campaign for its antioxidant infusions, this 'sugar daddy' version wittily standing out in West Hollywood's gay Boys Town neighbourhood.
Bai Left swipe sugar billboard
Plus Bai was also poking fun at dating apps with this 'left-swipe sugar' ad creative.
Red Bull Choose your wings billboard
Energy drink Red Bull had a colourful presence in the skies of Hollywood's Sunset & Vine with these vibrant billboards for their limited edition flavoured versions.
Red Bull Choose your wings billboards
And in the world of alcohol Skyy Vodka was having a swimming pool filled with ice to keep its spirit cool for summer.
Skyy Vodka Audacious billboard
If you like this fun ad creative, make sure you also check out this super-sized Skyy Vodka Audacious billboard from Hollywood & Vine earlier this spring.
Giant Coors Golden Banquet Beer billboard
And speaking of giant billboards, Coors Golden Banquet Beer was standing out in a big way and trying to tempt westbound traffic along the Sunset Strip.
Tops off Bottoms up Corona LGBT billboard
Whilst Corona beer was embracing equality and inclusivity this month with this humorous LGBT-themed billboard in the heart of gay West Hollywood.
beach also comes in can Corona billboard
The beer brand was certainly refreshing the skies of L.A. with its beach view billboards.
Corona Beach view Anywhere billboard
Corona Extra even comes in a limited edition summer can design, so wherever you are you can imagine you're relaxing at the beach.
Dos Equis XX beer billboard
Does Equis beer was also back in the sky this month, although I'm personally missing their fun Most Interesting Man in the World ad campaign, as these product shot ad creatives are a tad boring.
Bud Light Walk of Fame friends billboard
Plus Bud Light continued to fill the skies with its new friendship-themed billboards, this now with a Hollywood tourist attraction twist.
Mickeys Malt Liquor Welcome back glass billboard
And Mickey's Malt Liquor was back in glass and in the skies throughout June and at the start of July.
Perfected by Earth Juicero billboard
Meanwhile Juicero continued to advertise its juicer to health conscious passersby in L.A. with these simple and eye-catching ads.
one egg wastes 55 gallons water billboard
This egg-themed billboard was trying to stop the wastage of food by also pointing out the water wasted in our state that has just come out of drought conditions.
Seriously Thats it snack bar billboard
And this ad creative for 'That's it' was simply showing exactly what was in the food bar.

Cause-related billboards
End Yulin Dog Meat Festival billboard
Meanwhile this anti-dog meat festival billboard was certainly food for thought in the summer city skyline.

Religious billboards
future is full of hope Mosaic billboard
And even though I'm not religious, I really want to believe this 'future is full of hope' billboard from the Mosaic church in the heart of Hollywood, as everyday it seems less true with this current administration.

Technology billboards
crowd surfing Blue Designs headphones billboard
In the world of technology, Blue Designs had a cool outdoor ad campaign for its wireless Satellite headphones, which really seems to target true music lovers with its humour.
Shot on iPhone Peace sign billboard
Plus Apple continued to fill the summer skies with its inspirational and uplifting user-generated Shot on iPhone billboards.
Google Pixel food face billboard
But not to be outdone, Google's Pixel smartphone was also refreshing its advertising along the Sunset Strip this month (although one simple ad cannot match the sheer volume of Apple's billboard footprint).
Unlimited Verizon billboard
This Unlimited billboard for Verizon's telecommunications offering has been around for a few months, and even though it's overly simple, I still like to chronicle all different types of ads filling the streets and skies for posterity.
iGo Live billboard
Last month the sky was filled with app billboards and this month it seems to be the turn of the app.
I Go Live app billboard
Apparently this video streaming app can change your life by showing off your talents, although by the looks of it only if you're female and pretty.
iGo Live app billboard
Meanwhile an app which would be more suited to me is this dog-walking Wag app billboard, although I'm not sure that I'd trust someone to walk Cooper who I didn't know personally.
Wag dog walking app pee billboard
And in the world of ride-sharing apps, Lyft was upping its presence in L.A. this month by temporarily taking over a classic car wash along La Cienega Boulevard.
Lyft temporary Car Wash La Cienega Boulevard
Not only did this PR stunt paint the car wash pink, but it also sported a retro neon sign which really stood out at night.
Lyft Car Wash retro neon sign
If you like this out-of-home idea, be sure to also check out these Lyft billboards in L.A. and NYC from recent years.

Dating billboards
Perfect 12 matchmaking 4th July fireworks billboard
In the world of matchmaking Perfect 12 was back in the skies to celebrate the Fourth of July and help make fireworks with you perfect partner.
Sugar Models Summer 2017 billboard
Plus Sugar Models dating was refreshing its ad creative, and as you can see these girls like shopping, big hair, shoes and short skirts.

Miscellaneous billboards
This is not a billboard Rareform
And finally, this clever billboard from Rareform caught my eye on the I5 freeway as they actually manufacture products from the vinyl used to make all these billboards around town (and have even been featured on Shark Tank).

As you can see there's been a real mixture of lifestyle billboards this July and let's see if the trend continues the rest of the summer.

Make sure you take a look at last year's lifestyle billboards around L.A., plus stick around in the days to come for roundups of all the TV, film, music and fashion billboards trying to turn heads in this summer's skies...

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