Thursday, August 31, 2017

August 2017's new TV billboards entertaining L.A.'s summer skies...

August is an interesting time of year in the city skies, not only do you get new billboards for summer TV series, returning favourites and Emmy nominees, but toward the end of the month the skies are also inundated with fall TV shows all vying for your attention.

TV billboards
Tick Amazon Prime series billboard
Superhero shows continue to grace the skies, be they serious or comedic as with Amazon's reboot of The Tick television series. If you like this impactful ad, make sure you check out all these fun billboards for The Tick.
Defenders series premiere billboard
Over on Netflix all of Marvel's street-level heroes were converging as The Defenders saw Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Daredevil and Jessica Jones team up to battle the 'Five Fingers of The Hand'.
Gifted series premiere billboard
Meanwhile this fall Fox will be betting on the X-Men with their spin-off TV show The Gifted, about a family with super-powered children going on the run with the mutant underground when the government comes after them
Life of Kylie series premiere billboard
In the world of reality television, E! was chronicling the Life of Kylie Jenner in her new series about her modeling, merchandise and socialising (not to mention her Kardashian sisters).
Get Shorty series premiere billboard
This summer Epix was debuting their TV remake of the 1995 movie Get Shorty with Chris O'Dowd and Ray Romano. People must like what they see, as the original scripted series has already been renewed for a second season.
Guest Book series premiere billboard
TBS was also opening the doors on its anthology comedy The Guest Book, in which every episode new visitors bring their own kind of crazy to a holiday cottage in a tiny town.
Marlon series premiere billboard
On NBC funny guy Marlon Wayans was getting his own family sitcom about raising kids after getting divorced.
Atypical series premiere billboard
And Netflix was finding the humour in Autism with its sweet comedy, Atypical, about an 18-year-old teenager on the autism spectrum exploring relationships, sex and life.
Wet Hot American Summer 10 Years Later billboard
The streaming service was also offering up another helping of star-studded series, Wet Hot American Summer, this time Ten Years Later.
Disjointed series premiere billboard
Plus Kathy Bates was in the spotlight for her new Netflix cannabis-themed comedy, Disjointed.
Law Order True Crime Melendez Murders billboard
It seems that viewers still want to know all the gory details when it comes to killers as this fall Edie Falco stars in Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders, Beverly Hills brothers accused of murdering their parents in 1989.
Deuce series premiere billboard
HBO's new series The Deuce is also flashing back to the past to explore the boom of the porn and prostitution sex industry in New York City in the 1970s and 80s.
Good Doctor series premiere billboard
This Fall ABC is placing its bets on a new medical drama about a young surgeon with autism, The Good Doctor, played by Freddie Highmore.
Mayor series premiere billboard
In The Mayor a young hip-hop artist runs for political office as a publicity stunt to promote his music and surprisingly wins, in a new series starring Brandon Micheal Hall and Lea Michele.
Young Sheldon series billboard
This month CBS was also filling the skies with new shows, including billboards for its spin-off prequel for The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon.
Me Myself I series billboard
Maybe inspired by multi-time period drama This Is Us, their new comedy Me, Myself & I follows the life of one man's life over a fifty year span.
9JKL series billboard
Plus Mark Feuerstein's new sitcom, 9JKL, focuses on when he lived in the same apartment complex as his parents and brother's family.
Wisdom of Crowd series billboard
In new procedural drama Wisdom of the Crowd, Jeremy Piven's tech innovator uses a cutting-edge crowd-soucing hub to solve his daughter's murder and revolutionise crime-solving in San Francisco.
Meanwhile David Boreanaz is going to war this fall in his new military drama, SEAL Team, but it'll have competition from the likes of NBC's The Brave and The CW's Valor.
Star Trek Discovery billboard
And this fall also see Star Trek return to the small screen with a new prequel series set ten years before 'Kirk', 'Spock' and the Enterprise ever embarked on their mission to the stars.
Orville series premiere billboard
Meanwhile over on Fox, Seth MacFarlane is bringing a spoof of episodic sci-fi in the vein of Galaxy Quest with The Orville.
Nuts and Bolts series premiere billboard
This August Tyler, The Creator was learning about things with the help of experts and personal heroes in Viceland's Nuts + Bolts.
Mike Judge Tales from Tour Bus billboard
Mike Judge is bringing a new animated series about country music to Cinemax this September with Tales from the Tour Bus.
Carpool Karaoke Series billboard
And speaking of music, Jame Corden's viral sensation, Carpool Karaoke, was getting its own series on Apple Music.
Tim Eric Awesome Show Special billboard
Adult Swim was filling the city skyline with this weird and wacky billboard for comedy duo, Tim & Eric Awesome Show Special.
Joe Mande comedy special billboard
Netflix continued to pump out stand-up comedy specials this month, with ads like this quote-filled billboard for Joe Mande.
Lynne Koplitz Hormonal Beast billboard
And this ad creative with Lynne Koplitz having a hot flush for her 'Hormonal Beast' stand-up special.
Max Jobrani Immigrant comedy special billboard
It's also hard not to see how politics is affecting comedy, with billboards like this for Iranian-American Maz Jobrani's 'Immigrant' comedy special.
George Lopez Wall HBO comedy billboard
Plus this tongue-in-cheek billboard for Mexican-American comedian George Lopez's 'The Wall' HBO stand-up special. I'm sure Donald Trump love this one.
Ryan Hamilton Happy Face billboard
And let's end with a smile and this 'Happy Face' Netflix comedy special from Ryan Hamilton.

When I look at all these TV billboards I think there's not enough hours in the day and that these shows and specials have to work real hard to catch my attention and get me to watch these days.

If you want a blast from the past you can check out last fall's new TV billboards and come back next month for even more of this year's new offerings.

See you soon, I'm off to watch some TV... 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Returning TV show billboards turning heads in L.A.'s August 2017 skies...

Aside from all the Emmy nominee, movie, music, fashion, drinks and lifestyle billboards filling the summer skies of L.A. this month, there were also more than a few ad creatives for returning TV shows with fresh new seasons for fans to enjoy.

TV billboards
American Horror Story Cult billboard
One returning series making a big impact for its seventh season was American Horror Story with all these crazy clown and bee-themed billboards for its new Cult offering.
AHS Cult season 7 billboard
If you like these disturbing visuals for the horror anthology series, make sure you check out all the other amazing AHS: Cult billboards that really stand out in the cluttered city skyline.
CW DC superhero shows 2017 billboard
The CW's pantheon of DC Comics superheroes shows also received a combined giant-sized billboard over at The Burbank Studios this month, with Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash and DC's Legends of Tomorrow joined later this fall by the rookie series, Black Lightning.
Outlander season 3 billboard
Starz television adaptation of Diana Gabaldon's romantic time-travel Outlander novels was also back with this third season billboard above the Sunset Strip.
Leah Remini Scientology season 2 billboard
Leah Remini was on fighting form with this 'Round 2' ad creative for the second season of her Emmy-nominated exposé docu-series, Scientology and the Aftermath.
Better Things season 2 billboard
Emmy-nominee Pamela Adlon was also back in the skies for the sophomore season of her FX comedy, Better Things.
Difficult People season 3 billboard
And Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner continued to be difficult living in New York City for the third season of Hulu's Difficult People.
Vie Principals Final Semester billboard
HBO's Vice Principals comedy is coming back for a final semester this September and had lots of billboards popping up for its sophomore season starring Danny McBride and Walton Goggins.
Broad City season 4 billboard
Meanwhile Broad City returned to the skies for its fourth season sporting some fan art to promote the Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson comedy.
South Park season 21 Sept 13 billboard
Plus Comedy Central's animated series South Park is returning for an amazing twenty-first season with this air date teaser along the Sunset Strip.
Episodes final season 5 billboard
Another comedy coming to an end this year is Showtime's Episodes starring Matt LeBlanc, Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig, back for a final and shortened fifth season.
Empire season 4 billboard
In the world of drama, Empire was back for a fourth season of soapy shenanigans in the R&B music world.
Star season 2 billboard
Plus Lee Daniels other music drama, Star, was back with this sophomore season billboard at L.A.'s Fox Studios.
Giant Survivors Remorse season 4 billboard
Starz basketball drama Survivor's Remorse was also back in a big way for its fourth season with this super-sized ad creative on the side of Beverly Boulevard's Sofitel Hotel.
Last Ship season 4 billboard
And speaking of fourth seasons, The Last Ship returned for all-new episodes of saving humanity aboard the USS Nathan James in a post-pandemic world.
Riverdale season 2 teaser billboard
Plus The CW's Archie adaptation, Riverdale, was teasing a deadly return with this clever sophomore season billboard.
Adam Ruins Everything season 2 billboard
In the meantime myth debunker Adam Conover was showing off his unconventional merit badges on this super-sized wallscape along the Sunset Strip for the sophomore season of Adam Ruins Everything.
So You Think You Can Dance season 14 billboard
And reality dance competition, So You Think You Can Dance, was leaping back into action for its fourteenth phenomenal season with this fluid ad creative.
Ellen season 15 billboard
And last but not least, Ellen DeGeneres was back in L.A.'s skies for season fifteen, yes fifteen, of her uplifting daytime talk show.

As you can see the streets of L.A. were crammed with outdoor ads for horror, superheroes, comedies, dramas, animation, reality competitions and talk shows this August 2017.

Make sure you compare this selection of returning series with last August's TV show billboards back for another season, plus you'll want to stay tuned to also see all the new summer and fall shows trying to attract an audience with their billboards this past month...

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

August 2017's refreshing drinks and lifestyle billboards around L.A...

If there's one time of year when there's a real eclectic mix of lifestyle billboards filling La La Land's skies, it's the summer, and it's especially a time when drinks brands try and encourage passersby to enjoy a soda, brew or shot. Enjoy this cornucopia of drinks, food, travel, tourism, technology and more outdoor ads trying to grab Los Angelenos attention this August 2017.

Food and drinks billboards
Grey Goose Weeknd Starboy Tour billboard
This month French vodka brand, Grey Goose, was making a big splash partnering with The Weeknd and his 2017 Starboy World Tour.
Weeknd Grey Goose vodka billboard
Music and alcohol have always mixed well, just check out these Usher Belvedere Vodka billboards and this Robin Thicke Remy Martin billboard.
Smirnoff smoother grumpy woman billboard
Another vodka brand back in the skies this summer was Smirnoff with a fun, smooth new outdoor ad campaign.
Smirnoff smooth parking tickets billboard
These witty billboards about parking tickets and auditions certainly tap into Hollywood's mindset.
Giant Jägermmeister Drink it ice kühl billboard
German herbal liqueur Jägermeister was also making a big impression in Downtown L.A. this month, and a cocktail over ice always goes down well at summertime.
Fly frenzy Aviation Gin billboard
Interestingly you don't see many gin billboards in the skies, aside from the Tanqueray Gin billboards in recent years, so it is refreshing to see this retro ad create for Aviation American Gin flying high in L.A. There's nothing like a gin and tonic on a hot summer's night to get the party started.
Blue Moon shines brighter billboard
The summertime is also when all the beer brands spend big in L.A.'s skies to try and get consumers to enjoy a cold brew at their BBQs, pool parties and holiday weekends, and Blue Moon was one of those trying to tempt beer lovers with their taste credentials this August.
success every night Dos Equis beer billboard
And after bemoaning the retirement of the World's Most Interesting Man aka Jonathan Goldsmith, it looks like Dos Equis has just de-aged their icon in favour of a younger model, Augustin Legrand. Time and millions of marketing dollars will no doubt tell if Mexican beer drinkers think he's that interesting compared to his predecessor.
Heineken great taste 70s billboard
Meanwhile over in the heart Hollywood, Dutch beer Heineken had a star near the Walk of Fame to reinforce its taste heritage.
Corona Beaches all shapes sizes billboard
Plus Corona Extra was continuing to help passersby to sind their beach with their lime-adorned offering.
beach also comes in can Corona billboard
In addition it was also filling the streets with Corona Beach on Every Can billboards to make it easier to transport drinkers to their favourite tropical vacation spot.
Pacifico Embrace spirit Baja billboard
America may not want immigrants from Mexico, but they certainly don't mind importing Mexican beer, as Pacifico Cerveza Clara is also trying to tempt people to 'embrace the spirit of Baja'.
Golden Road Brewing Hop forward kick back billboard
Golden Road Brewing was also hoping to tempt those enjoying the summer sun to kick back and enjoy their Wolf Pup Session IPA with this vibrant ad creative.
Mickeys Malt Liquor Welcome back glass billboard
Mickey's Malt Liquor was also prominent in the summer skyline this month with these billboards in multiple shapes and sizes welcoming back glass.
Mickeys Welcome back glass billboard
From beer to wine and glassware brand Riedel was advertising its premium wine glass offering for Cabernet.
Riedel Cabernet wine glass billboard
As well as all the alcoholic brands trying to tempt passersby, there were also lots of soft beverage brands advertising out-of-home around the City of Angels this month.
Diet Coke fizzy place billboard
With temperatures soaring, Diet Coke was hoping to get cola fans to indulge in a fizzy, tasty soda to quench their thirst.
Diet Coke Change your state of mouth billboard
Energy drink Red Bull was also in the skies to let people know about their fun, experiential Soapbox Race in Elysian Park.
Red Bull Soapbox Race LA 2017 billboard
Plus Peet's Coffee & Tea was offering a different kind of chilled brew, Baridi Black, to keep people cool and awake this summer.
Peets Cold Brew bilboard
And Bai and their antioxidant infusions were still having fun with their social media-inspired ad creatives.
Bai Hashtag relation-sip goals billboard
In the world of sparkling water, French mineral water brand Perrier was showing off its canned strawberry flavoured drinks with this fun ad creative featuring art by AKACORLEONE.
Perrier Strawberry billboard
Also in the realm of premium bottle water, Smartwater was standing out along Hollywood Boulevard with billboards featuring Jennifer Aniston.
Jennifer Aniston Smartwater Power couple billboard
And 138 Water which normally uses buxom models in its outdoor advertising was partnering with rapper Tyga, former boyfriend of Kylie Jenner, this month.
Tyga 138 Water billboard
Meanwhile in the world of food advertising, Tabanero Hot Sauce was proving some zesty new ad creatives in L.A.'s skies.
Foodgasms Tabanero hot sauce billboard
It was nice to see the condiment brand was having a little saucy fun with its outdoor advertising.
pleasure pain Tabanero hot sauce billboard
Plus fast-food chain Chipotle was trying to satisfy consumer demand for queso on its menu this month with clever ads like this.
Chipotle Queso billboard
As you can see from all the ads above, there certainly were a lot of food and drinks billboards competing for attention this month.

Technology billboards
Into More Grindr billboard
Meanwhile in the world of social media apps and technology, Grindr was trying to expand beyond its gay hookup app origins with these Into More billboards.
Into Being Visible Grindr billboard
The app has certainly been visible championing LGBT rights and refugees in the skies of L.A. in recent months with these other Grindr billboards.
iGoLive app billboard
These days it seems everyone just wants to be famous for being famous, so these iGoLive billboards definitely fit into L.A.'s fame-hungry skies.
Live Me Get silly billboard
Meanwhile another live video streaming app seems to be offering similar services but aiming at a different and younger target audience.
Mobile car wash app billboard
Speaking of apps, if you needed you a car washed anywhere in L.A. it looks like MobileWash had the convenient service you were looking for.
ReachMe TV billboard
And if you wanted to reach a new audience this brand new billboard for ReachMe.TV was trying to turn heads above the Sunset Strip's Rainbow Bar and Grill this August. How many billboards can they possibly cram into this stretch of West Hollywood? It seems excessive to me.
Shot on iPhone John W billboard
After promoting some of its new Apple Music original content on its prime Sunset Strip billboard site, Apple was refreshing its Shot on iPhone user-generated outdoor ad campaign.

Health, fitness and sports billboards
Only condoms prevent STDs billboard
In the world of health, AIDS Healthcare Foundation was trying to promote condoms and safe sex to help prevent STDs.
Peleton is moving in billboard
Meanwhile Peloton was bringing its in-home indoor exercise bike to the skies to try and tempt health-conscious residents to workout in the convenience of their own home.
Peleton indoor exercise bike billboard
The spin bike allows you to share cycling classes via streaming without going to a gym.
UCLA Bruins 2017 tickets billboard
From exercising to watching sport and it was time to start encouraging people to buy their tickets for a new season of American Football, like UCLA's Bruins team.

Furnishings billboards
Orange Sofa Mania billboard
In the world of interiors Sofamania had a vibrant outdoor ad campaign trying to get consumers to buy furnishings online.

Charity and cause-related billboards
Stand Against Hate AHF billboard
After all the white supremacist and neo-Nazi rallies, organisations like AIDS Healthcare Foundation were standing against hate and racism, because compassion and equality are necessary to  make this country stronger, solve problems and remove the stigmas surrounding issues like HIV/AIDS.
National Geographic Photoark Pandas billboard
Meanwhile National Geographic was trying to encourage people to help save wildlife around the world like pandas.

Travel and tourism billboards
Delta Mexico Monkey mural ad
From pandas to monkey murals and Delta Air Lines was showing off some of the art at destinations around the world to inspire your next holiday.
Hardcore Leisure Reno Tahoe billboard
Whilst Reno Tahoe was highlighting it was a tourist destination for people who love enjoying the great outdoors.
right amount of wrong Cosmopolitan Vegas billboard
This August The Cosmopolitan hotel resort and casino in Las Vegas was also continuing its irreverent long-running Just the right amount of wrong ad campaign in Hollywood.
Six Flags Justice League extension billboard
Plus as schools were still out this summer, multiple billboards like these for Six Flags amusement park and their new Justice League: Battle for Metropolis attraction were filling the skies.
Six flags Justice League ride billboard
And San Diego Zoo had a flightline safari to help keep families entertained this summer surrounded by nature.
San Diego Zoo Safari Park flightline billboard
And not to be outdone, Los Angeles Zoo had this vibrant toucan ad creative to help turn heads and encourage visitors this month.
LA Zoo Toucan billboard
Yes, it's been a busy skyline this August, jam-packed with drinks and other lifestyle billboards. Make sure you compare this summer with last August's lifestyle billboards and stick around in the days to come for the onslaught of TV show billboards invading L.A.'s skies.

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