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Emmy nominee billboards filling L.A.'s August 2017 skies...

On July 13, 2017 this year's Emmy nominations were announced and then the skies were flooded with new billboards for the nominees hoping for Television Academy member votes. Here's a collection of the TV shows hoping to win big at the 69th Emmy Awards on September 17, 2017.

2017 Emmy nominations billboards
Handmaids Tale 2017 Emmy Nominations billboard
First up is Hulu's breakout adaptation of Margaret Atwood's dystopian future 1985 novel, The Handmaid's Tale, which clearly resonated with voters in today's troubled times garnering thirteen nominations, including for its star Elisabeth Moss.
Beatles Eight days week Emmy nominations billboard
The streaming service also secured another five Emmy nominations for Ron Howard's music documentary for The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years.
Better Call Saul 2017 Emmy Nominations billboard
Better Call Saul was back for a third season and the Breaking Bad spin-off prequel with Bob Odenkirk secured nine nominations.
This Is Us season 1 Emmy nominations billboard
NBC's hit tearjerker drama This Is Us made a big splash this month along the Sunset Strip for its nominations, although one nomination was taken away for a costume category technicality making the show's total ten, not eleven. Still not bad for a freshman series.
Mozart in Jungle We are Iconic Emmy billboard
Hulu beat fellow streaming service Amazon by two nominations in total this year, but that didn't stop them from filling the skies with a cohesive Emmy nomination campaign for its shows, like this one for the third season of Mozart in the Jungle.
Carrie Fisher Catastrophe Legendary Emmy billboard
it was also rather amazing and sad to see these billboards for Carrie Fisher in the city skyline this month for her Guest Actress role in the British comedy Catastrophe, now in its third season. A posthumous Emmy win would be a nice sendoff for this legendary actress.
Judith Light Transparent We are Brave Emmy billboard
Amazon's transgender dramedy Transparent was also back for a third season this year and the series about the 'Pfefferman' family is more relevant than ever in the current administration's hostile landscape towards the LGBT community.
Transparent Radiant 2017 Emmy billboard
Jeffrey Tambor continued to amaze as 'Maura' trying to live her true self, whilst Judith Light gave a scene-stealing performance in the final season three episode with her cruise ship performance of Alanis Morissette's 'Hand in My Pocket' song.
Feud 18 Emmy nominations billboard
FX Networks scored 55 Emmy nods this season, including a whopping eighteen for the debut of anthology series Feud, with Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange starring as legendary Hollywood rivals Bette David and Joan Crawford.
Fargo 16 Emmy nominations billboard
Meanwhile the third season of Fargo movie spin-off secured sixteen Emmy nods for its cast of Carrie Coon, Ewan McGregor (as twins) and David Thewlis.
Big Little Lies Brilliant Emmy nominations billboard
Most years HBO tend to leave their Emmy consideration billboards in the skies for their nominees, but this year they switched things up and rolled out a second wave of Emmy ad creatives, like this one for Big little Lies which garnered sixteen nominations.
Westworld Mind-blowing Emmy billboard
Of HBO's spectacular 111 nominations new sci-fi Western remake Westworld supplied 22 nods (tying with SNL).
Veep 2017 Emmy nominations billboard
The sixth season of political satire Veep also landed seventeen nominations for the critically-acclaimed comedy.

If you like these cohesive ads, be sure to check out more of HBO's 2017 Emmy nominee billboards.
Stranger Things 18 Emmy Nominations billboard
Netflix was another big winner when it comes to nominations this year, receiving 91 nods And placing second in total behind HBO.
Stranger Things 2017 Emmy Nominations billboard
Fan favourite Stranger Things scored eighteen nominations for the nostalgic sci-fi horror kids adventure.
Black Mirror San Junipero Emmy nominee billboard
Plus the third season of British sci-fi anthology series examining the perils of technology, Black Mirror, grabbed three nominations.
House of Cards season 5 Emmy nominations billboard
Netflix's first scripted drama and original content offering, House of Cards, also earned seven nods for the fifth season of the scheming political drama (they received an extra contemporary costuming nomination lost by This Is Us).
Crown 2017 Emmy nominations billboard
Newcomer The Crown also enjoyed Emmy nomination success with thirteen accolades for the British royalty drama.
Crown 13 Emmy nominations billboard
Both Claire Foy for her role as Queen Elizabeth II and John Lithgow for his portrayal of Winston Churchill were recognised for their acting.
Master of None 2017 Emmy Nominations billboard
Meanwhile in the world of comedy, the sophomore season of Aziz Ansari's Master of None acquired eight Emmy nods.
Grace and Frankie 2017 Emmy nominations billboard
Plus the third season of Grace and Frankie scored four Emmy nominations, including one each for stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 2017 Emmy noms billboard
And the Unbreakable Jimmy Schmidt landed five Emmy nominations for her third season of the quirky comedy.
The third season of ABC's family sitcom, Black-ish, also garnered four nominations this year.
Samantha Bee 2017 Emmy nominee billboard
All the outdoor Emmy consideration ads for Samantha Bee's late-night satirical show helped earn the comedian and host seven nominations, including four for the special Not the White House Correspondents Dinner.
Billy on the Street season 5 Emmy nominee billboard
Billy Eichner got super-sized along the Sunset Strip this month to support his first time Emmy nomination for the fifth season of Billy on the Street.
Star Wars Show Emmy nominee billboard
The Star Wars Show was celebrating its nomination for Outstanding Short Form Variety Series with this billboard above Hollywood Boulevard.
Saturday Night Live 22 Emmy nominations billboard
And finally, Saturday Night Live was having a ball spoofing the U.S. Presidential Election and current administration's disasters, with billboards featuring Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump, Kate McKinnon's Hilary Clinton and Melissa McCarthy's hilarious Sean "Spicey" Spicer.
SNL Melissa McCarthy Spicey Emmy billboard
As you can see the skies of L.A. have been quite competitive of late for these coveted television industry awards.

If you like all these ad creatives, make sure you also check out all the Emmy consideration billboards that preceded these nominations billboards.

After all this fanfare I'm looking forward to see who the winner will be.

Plus stick around in the coming days for snapshots of all the latest fashion, movie, music, drinks, lifestyle and other TV show billboards gracing the streets and skies of La La Land...

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