Friday, September 29, 2017

Fall TV season billboards in L.A.'s September 2017 skies...

This month L.A.'s September skies were inundated with fall TV season billboards, returning favourites, new shows, spin-off prequels, reboots, remakes, revivals and final seasons. Here's a cool collection of the eye-catching TV show billboards hoping to attract viewers this fall.

TV billboards
Robot Chicken Walking Dead billboard
First up is this hilarious spoof billboard for The Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special, featuring 'Negan' and his favorite barb wire-wrapped baseball bat 'Lucille'.
Fear the Walking Dead midseason 3 billboard
And speaking of TWD, its spin-off prequel series Fear The Walking Dead was back for the second half of its third season this month.
Giant Young Sheldon series premiere billboard
From genre favourites to new sitcom spin-offs and Young Sheldon travels back to the childhood of The Big Bang Theory's 'Sheldon Cooper' this fall with Iain Armitage as the titular boy genius.
Star Trek Discovery series premiere billboard
CBS was also bolstering its streaming service CBS All Access this month with the debut of the new Star Trek: Discovery, twelve years since the last TV series of the sci-fi franchise ended with Enterprise, featuring The Walking Dead's Sonequa Martin-Green in the lead role.
Wisdom of the Crowd billboard
CBS is also bringing the Wisdom of the Crowd to the small screen this fall, with Jeremy Piven as a tech billionaire who invents a new crowdsourcing app to help solve his daughter's murder and other crimes.
Judge Judy LA isnt always City Angels billboard
And speaking of crime, Judge Judy was back in the skies for the twenty-second season of her real-life small-claims courtroom show.
Disjointed neon moving hand billboard installation
Kathy Bates was back on the small screen with her new pot comedy, Disjointed, and Netflix was promoting the show along the Sunset Strip with this fun neon billboard which had a motorised, moving hand to garner attention from passersby.
Fuller House season 3 billboard
Fuller House, the revival of 1980s and 90s sitcom Full House was also back in the skies for its third season on Netflix.
Big Mouth series premiere billboard
Netflix was also getting animated this month for the debut of its new comedy about puberty, Big Mouth.
Narcos season 3 billboard
Plus drug cartel drama Narcos was also back for its third outing with this cool ad creative.
Top of the Lake China Girl billboard
This month she may have been winning Emmy awards for The Handmaid's Tale, but Elisabeth Moss is also the star of crime drama Top of the Lake.
Top of the Lake China Girl billboard
The New Zealand-set drama is back with China Girl and an all-star cast including Nicole Kidman and Gwendoline Christie.
Tick series premiere billboard
Amazon's subscription streaming service was having fun for the reboot of The Tick superhero comedy show, with billboards like this locally-tailored creative in its Beverly Hills ad location. If you think this is funny, make sure you check out these other launch billboards for The Tick.
Transparent season 4 billboard
Another Amazon exclusive back in the city skyline this September was Transparent, back for a fourth season of complicated family relationships and sexual experimentation.
Riverdale season 2 billboard
The CW's Archie Comics adaptation Riverdale also returned for a second season of teen angst and mysteries, and if you're a fan of the series, be sure to also check out these costumes from Riverdale's first season on display.
Dynasty TV remake billboard
The network is also resurrecting 80s soap opera Dynasty this fall, let's see if this reboot lasts longer than the recent Dallas revival.
Valor series premiere billboard
The CW is also another channel that is going to war this fall with its new military drama about elite helicopter pilots, Valor.
Mr Robot season 3 billboard
Meanwhile hacktavism drama Mr. Robot was also being uploaded into the skies again for a third season this month.
Good Doctor series premiere billboard
This September ABC was unveiling its fall offerings, including supporting it's new medical drama The Good Doctor in a big way along the Sunset Strip, with Freddie Highmore starring as an autistic savant surgeon.
Mayor series premiere billboard
Plus The Mayor was also getting a big push around the streets of L.A., about an up-and-coming rapper who runs for election as a PR stunt and wins.
Black-ish season 4 billboard
Meanwhile ABC's family sitcom Black-ish was on the move for its fourth season, heading to Tuesdays on bicycles.
Scandal final season 7 billboard
And 'Olivia Pope' and her political fixer drama Scandal was getting ready to retire her white hat with this billboard for the seventh and final season.
Mindy Project final season 6 billboard
And speaking of final seasons, The Mindy Project romantic comedy was also heralding its sixth and last outing this month on Hulu.
Curb Your Enthusiasm season 9 billboard
After an absence of six years, HBO was shining a spotlight on the return of Larry David in the ninth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.
Deuce series premiere billboard
Plus The Deuce was hustling in the skies in a big way to attract your attention to the 70s drama about the birth of the porn and sex industry in Manhattan.
Vice Principals Final Semester billboard
Another series coming to an end was high school teacher comedy, Vice Principals, back for a second and final semester.
Chris Gethard Show season 3 billboard
The Chris Gethard Show was moving to TruTV for its third season for more games and bizarre stunts and getting some super-sized support on the side of West Hollywood's Andaz Hotel.
Shannara Chronicles season 2 billboard
In the world of fantasy The Shannara Chronicles is back for a sophomore season and moving from MTV to Spike.
Giant Search Party season 2 billboard
Plus sleuth comedy Search Party with Alia Shawkat was also getting some giant-sized support for its sophomore season on TBS.
Long Road Home miniseries billboard
Meanwhile National Geographic was giving some super-sized support for their new mini-series adaptation of Martha Raddatz's bestseller, The Long Road Home, about an ambush on a U.S. platoon in Baghdad, Iraq in 2004.
Brave series premiere billboard
NBC this fall has another military-themed drama, The Brave, about an elite team of soldiers taking on terrorists and threats around the world, and competing with CBS drama Seal Team this season.
This Is Us season 2 billboard
NBC's breakout hit and feel-good, tearjerker drama This Is Us was also back in a big way this month for its sophomore season.
Law Order True Crime Menendez Murders billboard
Plus following in the footsteps of the trial of O.J. on FX last year, NBC has its own true crime drama this fall with Edie Falco starring in Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders.
Will Grace revival season 9 billboard
Meanwhile another most welcome sitcom revival this fall was Will & Grace (and Jack & Karen), helping to make America gay once more with their unique brand of friendship and onscreen chemistry.
Good Place season 2 billboard
Another comedy in NBC's arsenal this fall season is the returning sitcom with Kristen Bell and Ted Danson, The Good Place (which turns out to be Hell not Heaven).
Superstore season 3 billboard
Plus workplace comedy Superstore was hitting the streets for its third season, channeling the 1992 gangster film Reservoir Dogs to stand out.
Voice season 13 billboard
The Voice was back to make some noise this month for its thirteenth season, with new coach Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus returning to help a new batch of singing hopefuls.
Ellen season 15 billboard
And funny lady Ellen DeGeneres was back for a fifteenth season of her uplifting daytime talk show.
Ellens Show Me More Show YouTube billboard
And speaking of Ellen, she was also getting super-sized this month for her new YouTube offering, Ellen's Show Me More Show.
We are A&E Look closer billboard
A&E was promoting all its reality TV series offerings in this rebranding billboard inviting passersby to look closer at its shows, like Born This Way, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, Live PD and Wahlburgers.
White Famous series premiere billboard
Jay Pharaoh is certain to get right wing conservatives in an uproar with the title of his new Showtime comedy, White Famous, about a black comedian rising through the ranks of the stand-up circuit and bracing for break-out fame.
Empire season 4 billboard
On Fox the Lyon family returns for a fourth season of soapy hip-hop music drama in Empire this fall.
Ghosted series premiere billboard
Plus Adam Scott and Craig Robinson team up in the new paranormal comedy Ghosted, which sounds like a spoof of The X-Files.
Opposition Mexico pay healthcare billboard
This month Jordan Klepper was poking fun at the crazy conspiracy theorists and Trump supporters with his Comedy Central series The Opposition.
Opposition Jordan Klepper hydrogen in water billboard
These tongue-in-cheek billboards are a lot of fun and of course sane people know that Mexico will never pay for a wall, let alone healthcare, and that water is composed of oxygen and hydrogen and is not contaminated by the government.
South Park season 21 drops billboard
Long-running animated comedy South Park was also dropping all-new episodes this month for its twenty-first season with this fun toilet humour ad creative.
Jeff Dunham Relative Disaster billboard
And speaking of comedy, Jeff Dunham was providing some laughs with puppets and ventriloquist dummies in his 'Relative Disaster' Netflix special.
BoJack Horseman season 4 billboard
And we were also left wondering 'Where's BoJack?' with this fun homage of Where's Waldo (Wally in the U.K.) for the fourth season of the animated comedy, BoJack Horseman.
Hit the Road series premiere billboard
The Audience Network was also debuting its new family band comedy, Hit the Road, starring Jason Alexander.
Tim Eric Bedtime Stories season 2 billboard
On Adult Swim Tim & Eric were back to give you nightmares with a second season of Bedtime Stories.
Netflix is a joke billboard
And this month if you saw these 'Netflix is a joke' billboards around L.A., they weren't from some disgruntled streaming customer, but a way to tease the digital platform's new comedy initiative.
Netflix is a joke Dave Chapelle billboard
As revealed by these followup billboards the clever outdoor campaign was to highlight the high-profile stand-up specials from the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen DeGeneres, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle.
Jerry Seinfeld Netflix is a joke billboard
Netflix may have been cancelling a few low performing, high cost shows of late, but it's certainly not running out of money attracting big names and spending big bucks on outdoor advertising in the City of Angels.
Jerry Before Seinfled Netflix standup billboard
As you can see there's been a real deluge of new TV billboards trying to catch your eye this month, the skies have never been more competitive with streaming platforms, broadcast networks, websites and cable channels all vying for your eyeballs on their shows.

Make sure you check out last September's fall TV billboards and check out Daily Billboard every day for all the latest ad creatives catching my magpie eye around the sprawling streets and skies of La La Land...