Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A sunny getaway and the start of house-hunting in Palm Springs...

After a busy past few months it was time to down tools and head to Palm Springs this past weekend for a short three-night break with friends.

Palm Springs palm trees
These past few years we've visited three to four times a year and hired houses for similar breaks in lots of different neighbourhoods, but this time we also started our own search for a Palm Springs retreat of our own.
Palm Springs mountain view
Yes, we've been tempted by the palm trees, hot temperatures, swimming pools, the escape from L.A. and those amazing mountain views.

We were only dipping our toes in the water this time around with our property search, but it was good to get in the mindset nonetheless and we learned a few valuable insights.
Palm Springs short stay rental property
Our last visit at the end of March was a windy affair, but this time around the skies were beautifully calm and clear, making for the perfect getaway.
I have to say returning to L.A. and waking up this morning to gloomier weather, news of another GOP attempt to repeal Obamacare and Trump embarrassing the U.S. and threatening to blow up the world, makes me want to head back poolside with a cocktail or ten.

Best get back to work and also start thinking about my Halloween costume this year to take my mind off things, I'm thinking of going as a Liberal Snowflake as I'm in that kind of mood...

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