Saturday, September 2, 2017

Portraits of Hope Neon Night at Beverly Hills Lily Pond...

This summer if you could navigate around all the road construction along Santa Monica Boulevard through Beverly Hills, the Beverly Gardens Park Lily Pond had a special treat in store for you.
Portraits of Hope Beverly Hills Lily Pond 2017
This year they partnered with the Portraits of Hope to create a colourful neon painted lily pad installation that looked vibrant by day and was illuminated at night, and had a special 3D effect when you wore special glasses.
Beverly Hills Lily Pond Portraits of Hope installation
Created by founder and artist Ed Massey and Bernie Massey, the Portraits of Hope non-profit organisation uses large scale art projects to engage society and work with seriously ill and disabled children and adults to help motivate and provide dynamic creative therapy for them.
Beverly Hills Lily Pond Portraits Hope Neon Night
If you like this creative Lily Pond idea, make sure you also check out these colourful Portraits of Hope spheres from MacArthur Park in 2015, which was a real outdoor spectacle too.
Painted lily pads Beverly Hills Lily Pond
Unless they've extended it, this project was due to come to an end on Thursday 31 August, 2017, and we were lucky enough to see it as we've tried two previous times but on a Wednesday and Sunday night and little did we know it was only illuminated at night Thursdays through Saturdays.
Beverly Hills Lily Pond Neon Night installation
Regular visitors will know that I love community and public art projects that provide uplifting sculptures and installations in our neighbourhoods, so I'm glad I got to witness this Lily Pond installation with the music playing and everyone there enjoying snapping pictures and taking it all in.

It saddens me to think that the current administration wants to take funding away from the arts and cultural projects, as they enhance, educate, uplift and inspire our society every day. I suppose it's down to us as individuals and as a collective to keep the dream alive.

Art is life...

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