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September 2017's sports, drinks and lifestyle billboards turning heads in L.A.'s skies...

After a jam-packed summer of lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s streets and skies, this September the skyline was a much quieter place for those categories. Here's a collection of the sports, food, drinks, technology, travel and health billboards trying to stand out this past month.

Sports and charity billboards
Fight for LA Chargers American Football billboard
First up is this giant-sized billboard of Philip Rivers for L.A.'s Chargers American Football team on the side of the Sunset Strip's Andaz Hotel. Sadly this month the buffoon-in-chief couldn't even keep his tiny hands, or tweets, to himself when it comes to NFL players expressing the right to silent protest by kneeling or linking arms to highlight the racial inequalities still in America. Sadly that's what happens when you have Nazi sympathiser in the White House trying to divide the country.
AIDS LIfeCycle 2018 signup billboard
Anyway back to sports, and if you're a keen cyclist and want to do good, maybe you'll be tempted to ride with the AIDS/LifeCycle from San Francisco to L.A. next year to fundraise for HIV/AIDS charities.

Food and drink billboards
Thinsters Cookie Thins Snack time billboard
In the world of food this month, Thinster's Cookie Thins were trying to tempt mums with their sweet snacks.
Sweetgreen Started from farm billboard
Plus Sweetgreen was making a big effort along the Sunset Strip to tempt passersby to eat healthy and check out their seasonal farm-to-table salads and warm bowls.
Life Wtr fashion art bottle billboard
At Hollywood & Highland Life Wtr was trying to attract people to its bottled water with vibrant packaging designs by emerging fashion designers.
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar billboard
And above Hollywood's Vine Street, Coca-Cola was showing off its new Zero Sugar variety which replaced Coke Zero recently with this wall mural ad.
Johnnie Walker Keep walking LA billboard
Scotch Whisky brand Johnnie Walker returned to L.A.'s skies this month to encourage people to keep walking, which is quite alien to the majority of car-driving residents, although I think it's more aimed at tourists enjoying Hollywood's star-studded Walk of Fame.
Johnnie Walker Blade Runner 2049 billboard
They quickly switched things up with this limited-edition bottle partnership billboard for the new Blade Runner 2049 movie.
Jameson Irish Whiskey Caskmates billboard
And speaking of whiskey, Jameson was showing off its Irish variety finished in stout beer barrels for a distinct taste.
Modelo Brewed fighting spirit billboard
Whilst in the world of beers, Modelo Especial was in true fighting form along Hollywood Boulevard this month.

Property billboards
Giant Douglas Elliman Real Estate billboard
In the world of property selling, Douglas Ellison Real Estate was advertising in a big way along the Sunset Strip and although it may not be that exciting an ad creative, at least it's not the usual grinning headshots most realtors prefer.

Gambling billboards
Black is back Lottery Scratchers billboard
For those looking to strike it lucky, or scratch it lucky, this month black Lottery Scratchers were back in the skies to tempt gamblers.

Technology billboards
Ask more of your phone Google Pixel billboard
In the world of smartphones, Google was teasing passersby with its forthcoming Pixel 2 upgrade, to be released on October 4, 2017.

Travel billboards
Jet Blue Elevate your ride billboard
JetBlue was keeping things simple with this airline ad creative, but sometimes simplicity works and stands out even more.

Finance billboards
more time looking billboards than planning retirement Prudential
Being a billboard aficionado I always enjoy a good ad that plays with the medium with its message like this Prudential example.

Health billboards
1m AIDS deaths in 2016 AHF billboard
And finally, this billboard from AIDS Healthcare Foundation used this clever counter ad creative to effectively highlight that over a million people are still dying from AIDS every year and we still need to find a cure.

As you can see there was less of an eclectic selection of lifestyle brands advertising in the city skyline this month, but I'm sure all that will change in the coming weeks with Halloween and the holiday season fast approaching.

Be sure to compare these outdoor ads to last year's September lifestyle billboards and I'll be sure to keep my eyes peeled for all the latest billboards popping up around L.A. in October.

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