Sunday, October 29, 2017

Halloween pumpkin carving ideas from this year and last...

I always love this time of year as it seems like the perfect time to indulge my creative sensibilities, whether it be making Halloween costumes or carving pumpkins. And now that the temperatures have cooled down and the mists rolled in here in L.A., it actually looks and feels like witching season too.

Carved Halloween pumpkins
Each Halloween I usually indulge in my annual tradition of pumpkin carving and these two Jack O' Lanterns are the results this October.

Flames and Crosses
Halloween pumpkin carving
I also like to name these carved creations and this year I tried to keep things simple, with 'Flames and Crosses' and 'Starburst Smile'.
Carved Halloween pumpkins
With soaring temperatures in L.A. these past few weeks it's not really been the best conditions for carving pumpkins, intact seeing the pumpkins bring outside in the baking heat I was worried about the condition of the on the inside.

Starburst Smile
Halloween Jack O Lantern
Being the weekend before Halloween and seeing everyone staggering around in the costume on the way to and back from parties in West Hollywood this was the perfect way to get in the spooky spirit.
Carved pumpkins
Halloween carved pumpkins
The big festivities kick off on Tuesday night at West Hollywood's Halloween Carnaval and I can't wait to see this year's topical and creative costume ideas.

Carved Halloween pumpkins
I've often considered going as Jack Pumpkinhead from 1985's Return to Oz as my Halloween costume, but that would take a pretty big pumpkin (best made out of papier-mâché I think, less sticky, heavy and likely to go splat when being jostled along Santa Monica Boulevard).

Wormy Face
Spooky Halloween pumpkin design

Mr. Smiles
Halloween pumpkin carving
If you like these and want some more simple pumpkin carving ideas for Halloween, be sure to also take a look at my other Jack O' Lantern examples from years past.
Halloween pumpkins aglow
Carved Halloween Jack OLanterns
Sometimes it's the simple things in life that make you smile, so enjoy your pumpkin carving, costume making and Stranger Things 2 binge-watching this Halloween.

Happy hauntings...

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