Friday, October 27, 2017

Spooky drinks and lifestyle billboards haunting L.A.'s October 2017 skies...

They say we don't really have seasons in California, but that's not exactly true and I always love when L.A.'s city skyline reflects the holiday seasons throughout the year, especially at Halloween time. Here's a spooky collection of the Halloween-themed and other lifestyle billboards filling La La Land's streets and skies this October 2017.

Halloween-themed billboards
Halloween Time Disney Theme Parks billboard
First up it wouldn't be Halloween Time without Disney's theme parks giving some its characters a fancy dress makeover, like giving Mater from Cars a new vampiric look.
Queen Mary Dark Harbor Halloween 2017 billboard
Plus this spooky season The Queen Mary in Long Beach is adding a new ship maze to its Halloween Dark Harbor attraction.
LA Haunted Hayride Clown billboard
And this year after taking the spotlight in AHS: Cult and stealing the show in the horror movie IT, L.A.'s Haunted Hayride is giving their attraction in Griffith Park a creepy Clown theme.
Boo at LA Zoo Halloween 2017 billboard
The old L.A. Zoo where the hayride is held may be for more adult-themed scares, but the new L.A. Zoo is also offering frightful fun for kids this month.
Leg Avenue costumes Halloween Club billboard
If you're still looking for costume inspiration then maybe Leg Avenue's selection of outfits available at Halloween Club will provide some ideas.
Fresh Brothers Pizza Halloween Treat billboard
Fresh Brothers were also getting in the Halloween spirit with their Jack O'Lantern shaped pizza ad creative.

Drinks billboards
Estrella Jalisco Dia de Muertos beer billboard
In the world of beer, Estrella Jalisco was leaning into its Mexican heritage to celebrate the Day or the Dead or Dia de Muertos.
Giant Makers Mark Double feature billboard
Meanwhile in the world of spirits, Maker's Mark was giving its bourbon whisky a giant-sized Hollywood double feature.

If you like this witty ad, make sure you also check out all these other recent Maker's Mark whisky billboards.
Jordan Fisher Wanta Fanta billboard
Jordan Fisher may be setting the dance floor on fire at the moment on Dancing with the Stars, but he's also one of the new young faces of Fanta soda.
High Brew Coffee Can do billboard
And if you want to quench your thirst and get a caffeine high in these soaring Los Angeles temperatures, then High Brew has the cold-brew coffee in a can you're looking for.

Retail billboards
Westfield Indulge craving Shoe popcorn billboard
Meanwhile in the world of retail, Westfield's revamped Century City shopping mall had this fun movie theatre-themed ad creative, and if you can't see the popcorn she's eating are actually high-heeled designer shoes.

Auto billboards
Chrysler Pacifica Loaded for bear billboard
This time of year is obviously a good time for car advertisers as there've been a few new car billboards trying to catch passersby attention this month, this this fun California state-themed ad creative for the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Plug-In.
Mighty like pro GMC terrain billboard
Whilst GMC just super-sized its offering along the Sunset Strip on the side of the Andaz Hotel for the all-new Terrain.

Travel and conventions billboards
Scottsdale Desert wild tourism billboard
Scottsdale in Arizona was trying to tempt visitors this month with this giant billboard promising wild adventures.
JetBlue Relax legs not standards billboard
Plus JetBlue was injecting some humor into its advertising to highlight the airline's leg room offering.
DesignerCon 2017 billboard
If you're not jetting off anywhere there are also more than a few conventions for you to visit closer to home, like Pasadena's DesignerCon in November.
ComplexCon 2017 billboard
Plus ComplexCon is bringing the internet to life with music, arts, culture style and more in Long Beach at the beginning of November too.

Health billboards
Congress forgot fix healthcare Forward billboard
In the world of healthcare, Forward was pointing out what we already knew, the Republicans don't have a clue how to address health in America and Trump just wants to sabotage Obamacare because it works and has the former President's name on it.
HIV cases in 2016 AHF billboard
AIDS Healthcare Foundation continued to use these clever counter billboards to communicate their message about the number of cases and untreated instances of HIV last year.
20m Untreated HIV 2016 AHF billboard
If you like these outdoor ad designs, make sure you also take a look at these other safe sex and HIV awareness billboards from AHF which have used humour to make their point in the city skies in the past.

Technology billboards
Apple iPhone X billboard
It's been a big month for smartphones, with Apple flooding the sprawling skies with colourful iPhone X billboards.
Google Pixel 2 smartphone billboard
Whilst I only spied this one solo billboard for Google's new Pixel 2 smartphone along the Sunset Strip.
TMobile Unlimited Netflix Stranger Things billboard
In the world of telecommunications, T-Mobile was offering Netflix with its Unlimited service and tying in to Stranger Things 2 mania.
Squarespace canine stylists Hollywood billboard
And finally in the world of website design and hosting, Squarespace had this fun canine stylist billboard which put a smile on my face this month.

As always there's been a real mix of lifestyle billboards filling the L.A. skyline and be sure to compare these spooky ad creatives with last year's Halloween billboards and 2015's Halloween billboards for even more examples.

Enjoy the Halloween weekend parties and trick-or-treating and come back soon for more TV show and fashion billboard roundups from this October...

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