Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas Day with Labrador Cooper never disappoints...

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day everyone! Yesterday was the usual blur of presents, cooking, guests, eating, drinking and full-blown colds, but festive fun was had by all, especially our Labrador Cooper.

Christmas Day 2017 in West Hollywood
Christmas Day West Hollywood style
He loves the excitement of Christmas morning and always knows something is up when his dad is in the kitchen early putting the turkey in to cook.

Christmas morning Labrador
Christmas Morning Labrador Cooper
He's always a lucky boy when it comes to presents, just check out his first-ever Christmas Day, although over the years we've reduce the number as his toy box has grown with all manner of stuffed toys, ropes and tennis balls.

Can I open them yet?
Labrador Christmas stocking presents
This year in addition to many treats and a new collar he also got a new cute Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer toy in his stocking.

Rudolph meets Cooper
Labrador Rudolph Reindeer toy
He's never been especially destructive with his toys, especially as he's gotten older, but if there's ever a label or weak spot of a toy sticking out he seems to zone in on it and it's always the first to go. Poor Rudolph's red nose.

Not the nose - another $25 well spent!
Labrador Cooper destroys Reindeer toy
He seemed to enjoy the Christmas carnage and it made us laugh, so it made for all the more great holiday memories.

Santa was kind again this year
Gift-Wrapped Christmas presents
As usual my husband and I spoiled each other with gifts, although many of the presents contain Christmas traditions to each other like new ornaments for the tree, chocolates, donations to charities like Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, and even a duplicate gift of a portable speaker that we'd each been clever enough to buy each other.

Some inspiration for the festive season
Pete Souza Obama print framed
One of my favourite gifts this year was this print from Pete Souza's new Obama: An Intimate Portraitbook, which was a promotional bonus when you pre-ordered the photography book and was framed by my lovely husband. It's a nice ray of hope and inspiration to end a thoroughly miserable year.

Today Boxing Day is all about Christmas dinner leftovers and of course watching the annual festive Doctor Who episode, which was a great goodbye to Peter Capaldi and quick hello to Jodie Whittaker as the first female Doctor (another reason to be hopeful in 2018).

Now it's time to get back to getting over this horrendous cold and binge-watching some fabulous festive television...

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