Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Fashion and beauty billboards in L.A.'s December 2017 skies...

Aside from all the similar and boring luxury watch billboards filling the holiday skies, there weren't that many fashion and beauty billboards trying to catch passersby eyes this December 2017. Retailers like Gap, Banana Republic and American Eagle Outfitters were absent this year, but this new collection of clothing brands were lining L.A.'s streets and skies alongside outdoor ad creatives for fashion labels and fragrances like Gucci, Tom Ford, Burberry, Guess and Bebe from previous months.

Beauty billboards
Happy Holidays Kylie Cosmetics billboard
First up is this lippy billboard for Kylie Jenner's cosmetics brand getting in the holiday spirit to tempt gift-givers.

Fashion billboards
AussieBum underwear 2017 billboard West Hollywood
Next up AussieBum refreshed its designer underwear ad creative from Down Under, giving West Hollywood residents an early Christmas present.

If you like this buff ad creative, make sure you also check out these previous AussieBum male model billboards filling L.A.'s skies.
Connected by Marc Jacobs Holidays 2017 billboard
Marc Jacobs was also updating his ad creative above his flagship Melrose Avenue store this month for the fashion designer's new Connected smartwatch.
Prada Resort 2018 billboard
Meanwhile Italian fashion house Prada was showing of its New Year resort wear along the Sunset Strip.
Paige Holidays 2017 billboard
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley continued to be the face of Paige clothing this December, showing off their rocking leather jacket for L.A.'s cooler winter nights.
Celiné Holidays 2017 fashion billboard
French ready-to-wear and luxury leather goods brand Céline was showing off their party wear and gift ideas for the holiday season.
Alec Monopoly and Philipp Plein billboard
Meanwhile graffiti artist Alec Monopoly and German fashion provocateur Philipp Plein were collaborating on a collection.
Hale Bob beach chair billboard
It may be December, but Hale Bob was keeping the sprit of SoCal's summer alive with this relaxing beach chair ad creative.
Naked Wardrobe Holidays 2017 billboard
And finally this month online contemporary clothing boutique, Naked Wardrobe, was trying to tempt passersby with these two ad creatives in the city skyline this holiday season.
Naked Wardrobe Dec17 tights billboard
As you can see it's not been a hug fashion parade in the city skyline this month, but I'm sure that will all change as the New Year and spring season approaches.

Make sure you compare these ads to last December's fashion billboards and come back soon for all the TV billboards gracing this month's festive skies.

Stay tuned...

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