Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Let sleeping Labradors lie...

Some of my blog visitors could care less about costumes, billboards and my adventures around La La Land, they just want the latest updates on our Yellow Labrador Cooper.

Snoozing Labrador
These days our nine year old boy is a bit camera shy, so the only way to catch him for posterity is asleep.
Labrador Cooper asleep
That isn't a problem since he's become older and slower, as sleep is one of his favourite things to do.
Sleepy Labrador face
In terms of his general health he's doing well, although he's a little lumpy these days, fatty tissue thankfully, and a bit stiff getting around.
Sleeping Labrador Cooper
He still loves his trips to the beach to get all that energy out, but with the wildfires raging in Southern California we've not been able to go for a while, so we're hoping that next week we can enjoy a pre-Christmas jaunt to his favourite sandy shores.
Sleeping sofa Labrador
As you can see he's not that bothered, as long as he has a comfy sofa to stretch out on, or cool tiles or wood floor with the temperatures still soaring in L.A. to chill out on.
Sleeping Labrador Cooper face
As he gets older still I'm sure there'll be more ZZZ's in his future, but all we care about is that he's happy and healthy.

Sweet dreams Cooper...

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