Monday, June 11, 2018

Having a ball at 2018's L.A. Pride...

Holy rainbows and sequins, was it just me, or was L.A.'s Pride festivities super busy this year? From the never-ending parade to the overcapacity festival, it seems like West Hollywood was cramped with more queer people than you could shake a glow stick at, and that's saying something.
Rainbow balloons LA Pride 2018
They say a picture says a thousand words, so this year I'm going to let these photos of this year's display of LGBT visibility, activism, inclusion, celebration and pride speak for themselves mostly.

Disney employees LA Pride 2018
Disney balloons LA Pride 2018
Werking Santa Monica Boulevard LA Pride 2018
Maybe because the Pride Parade skipped a year last year for the necessary Resist March, or maybe because the sun was shining, but our local Pride seemed more glorious than ever.
MAC Cosmetics Drag Queen LA Pride 2018
MAC Cosmetics Drag Queens LA Pride 2018
Gloria Allred LA Pride 2018
I don't know about you, but I'm always a sucker when it comes to seeing masses of rainbow balloons, flags, glitter, feathers and confetti, it fills may heart with cheer and makes me feel like I belong.
LA Cheer WEHO Pride 2018
DELTA crew LA Pride 2018
Gay Mens Chorus LA Pride 2018
Now more than ever with this divisive, homophobic, transphobic and misogynistic administration, it's important to support charities and advocacy organisations that help the LGBT community, be it AIDS LifeCycle, APLA Health, ACLU, Project Angel Food and the Los Angeles LGBT Center.
AIDS LifeCycle riders LA Pride 2018
Its not about the cake sign LA Pride 2018
APLA Health LA Pride 2018
I was also encouraged by the huge turnout for the L.A. chapter of Gays Against Guns, reminding us about victims of gun violence like the Pulse night club massacre of 49 people on June 12, 2016, and the ongoing murders of transgender people across the U.S.
Gays Against Guns LA Pride 2018
Gays Against Guns LA Pride 2018
Gays Against Guns die in LA Pride 2018
Thankfully this 'die in' was just for show and it was a safe and happy Pride Parade, but let us never forget our queer history and don't let others erase us from history, or the present.
Glitterball classic auto LA Pride 2018
Rainbow flags LA Pride 2018
GMCLA float LA Pride 2018
Santa Monica Boulevard was also rammed with a parade of drag queens, go-go boys, sequins, balloons, rainbows and lots of spirit.
Mickys firetruck LA Pride 2018
Mickys firetruck gogo boys LA Pride 2018
Rainbow man LA Pride 2018
Even the floats with something to sell, like new movies, dating apps, or tourism, at least put on some entertainment for the thousands of spectators.
Hotel Transylvania 3 float LA Pride 2018
Visit Britain float LA Pride 2018
There could be no denying that the POSE contingent from 21st Century Fox stole the show, and slowed down the parade, with a voguing battle every five steps. It was a real ball with a whole bevy of divas.
POSE LA Pride 2018
POSE stars LA Pride 2018
LA Pride 2018 confetti
Talk about great publicity for the new FX show, and you know what they deserve it, as they have the most transgender actors ever in a show about queer history in 1980s New York ball and yuppie culture. Long may they slay the dance floor, ballroom and boulevard.
POSE dancer shade LA Pride 2018
POSE dancers LA Pride 2018
POSE dancers WEHO Pride 2018
Let's hope things improve for LGBT people in the coming months, the next few elections will be so important for our community, so be sure to vote for those who support equality so we can get the representation that we need to live our true, authentic lives without fear, hatred and discrimination.
POSE dancers LA Pride 2018
POSE dancers LA Pride 2018
POSE dancers LA Pride 2018
It's not just about cake, there is no back into the closet, or being treated as second-class citizens, there's only progress. But nothing in life is easy, so stand up for yourself, fight for your rights, make your voices heard, be safe, be happy, be proud, be on the right side of history, be fabulous.

And if we don't at first succeed, we'll try, try and try again...

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Eye-catching Emmy consideration billboards inundating L.A.'s skies in May 2018...

Wow, it's that time of year again when the skies are flooded with Emmy consideration billboards for shows, telefilms and TV specials from streaming services, online platforms, cable channels and broadcast networks. Here's a glimpse at some to the Emmy billboards and campaigns trying to turn heads in L.A.'s sprawling entertainment capital skies.

Emmy consideration billboards
Mrs Maisel Liberace Emmy FYC billboard
First up is this hilarious giant-sized billboard for Amazon Prime's period comedy about a female stand-up in New York. This ad creative is part of the follow-up to two previous rounds of Emmy FYC billboards.

It makes sense that a really funny, well written and well acted show would have an equally witty outdoor Emmy ad campaign, so be sure to check out all these other Emmy consideration billboards for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.
Picnic at Hanging Rock 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
In addition Amazon Prime also has this 'Consider It' Emmy campaign in the city skyline for some of its other new series and limited series, like Picnic at Hanging Rock.
Jimmy Kimmel 2018 Emmy FYC tweet billboard
Speaking of humour, in the world of late night talk shows this Jimmy Kimmel tweet billboard really stood out with its text misspellings, host bashing and self-deprecating wit.
Full Frontal Samantha Bee 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
Meanwhile she's having a bit of a time at the moment due to a feckless, ill-timed misstep (after the Roseanne sitcom cancellation due to a racist tweet), but Samantha Bee, the host of Full Frontal is pretty incisive and satirical and as one of the only late night female hosts (recently joined by the weekly Netflix show The Break with Michelle Wolf), she is 'The Queen of Kings'.
James Corden 2018 Emmy billboard
James Corden was also hoping to get an Emmy nod this year for his hosting of The Late Late Show on CBS.
Barry 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
HBO always has a massive and cohesive Emmy consideration campaign at this time of year and 2018 is no exception, with billboards like this for debut season of Bill Hader's killer new dark comedy, Barry.
Insecure 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
HBO pretty much always takes the ket art for the season and adds a whole host of media quotes, some years, like in this instance with the sophomore season of Insecure, making the best quotes stand out to sum up the show.
Westworld season 2 Emmy FYC billboard
From comedy to sci-fi and Westworld was back with vengeance this year for a second season, accompanied by this 'Era-defining' Emmy billboard.

This is just a small selection of the premium cable channel's Emmy offering in the city skyline, but be sure to keep an eye on my Daily Billboard Blog for more of HBO's 2018 Emmy FYC billboards.
Mindhunter 2018 Emmy consideration billboard
Streaming giant Netflix seems to have taken up the Emmy gauntlet in recent years and I think this year has the most Emmy consideration billboards I've ever seen, like this example for the first season of crime drama Mindhunter.
Grace and Frankie 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
Netflix is also supporting other binge-worthy shows from its repertoire including the fourth season of Grace and Frankie.
Plus David Letterman returned to his chat show routes this year with his new My Next Guest Needs No Introduction series, which are released one-by-one and not in a big binge-tastic batch.

Once again this is tiny selection of all the streaming platform's Emmy ads, so be sure to check out my Daily Billboard Blog for a full roundup of Netflix's 2018 Emmy consideration billboards.
Assassination Versace Emmy FYC billboard
Cable channel FX is always one fo the first to start putting up Emmy billboards in the city skyline, like with this vibrant ad creative for American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace.
Alienist Captivating 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
TNT was also hoping to captivate some Emmy voters this season for their period crime thriller, The Alienist.
Terror Masterpiece 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
Plus AMC seems to have given up on supporting The Walking Dead after never getting any acting or writing nominations, so this year their Emmy focus seems to be on the period survival drama, The Terror.
This Is Us 2018 Consider Emmy billboard
NBC has a great looking cohesive Emmy consideration campaign this year with the show's stars front and center and 'Consider' in the background, like this example for the second season of tearjerking family drama, This Is Us.
Handmaids Tale Reclaim name Emmy FYC billboard
After nabbing thirteen nominations and taking home eight Emmy wins for its debut season, Hulu's Emmy campaign this year is much more low key as the TV remake is more established.

Be sure to check out all the billboards for The Handmaid's Tale last Emmy and awards season.
Top of Lake China Girl 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
This year Elisabeth Moss was also in the running for Emmy consideration for her role in Top of the Lake: China Girl, alongside Gwendoline Christie and Nicole Kidman.
Chi Sublime 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
Showtime seems to have more of a presence this year in the skies with its cohesive Emmy campaign, maybe feeling the threat from all the new streaming challengers. This pink 'Sublime' ad creative for the inaugural season of The Chi really stands out.
Cocaine Godmother 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
Catherine Zeta-Jones was hoping for some recognition for her role as the Cocaine Godmother in The Griselda Blanco Story in the Lifetime telemovie.
Get Shorty 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
Epix's TV adaptation of Get Shorty was also trying to garner Emmy support in the skies for its stars Ray Romano and Chris O'Dowd for their debut season.
Brockmire 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
Plus Hank Azaria was hoping to be popping Champagne corks for the sporty sophomore season of the baseball announcer Brockmire.
Portlandia 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
Meanwhile sketch comedy show, Portlandia, wants to go out swinging with this Emmy FYC billboards for its eighth and final season.
Last OG season 1 Emmy FYC billboard
Tracy Morgan returned to episodic television with his new TBS comedy, The Last O.G., and was hoping for some Emmy nods.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
And over on The CW Rachel Bloom was putting on an Emmy show for the third season of her musical comedy, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
Drunk History 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
And finally for this roundup, Comedy Central was supporting the fifth season of Drunk History with this fun illustrated ad creative.

As you can see from this eclectic selection of Emmy consideration billboards everyone was working hard to stand out this month and grab TV Academy voters attention. Let's wait and see which ads did the trick next month when the Emmy nominations are announced.

Until then, keep your eyes to the skies...

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