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5 most disappointing movies of 2017...

Yesterday I shared my favourite movies of 2017 and today it's the turn of the films that disappointed the most last year. Some of these may not seem the stinkers I make them out to be, but I think I have quite discerning taste when it comes to films so I tend to avoid the really horror shows, but of the thirty-five or so movies I saw on the big screen this past twelve months, these flicks left me feeling underwhelmed. Beware, SPOILERS ahead!

Alien Covenant movie billboard
First up is Alien: Covenant, which I really wanted to love after the fantastic outdoor advertising campaign for the movie, which promised xenomorph satisfaction.

Sadly Ridley Scott's latest outing into deep space seemed to regurgitate the same action sequences of previous installments. This team of colonists seemed super sloppy when they arrived on the new planet, no wonder they got infected, plus how stupid must these people be to keep going off alone into scary, dark places.

I was disappointed by the fate of the 'Engineers' on their planet, surely with an advanced race could tell a spaceship approaching wasn't piloted by one of their own. Plus with the use of Katherine Waterston as the 'Ripley' stand-in, it felt like they were really trying to recreate the greatness of Alien and Aliens and failing miserably.

However having said that, fans of the film can also check out these original movie costumes from Alien: Covenant on display.

Alien: Covenant movie costume exhibit
Alien Covenant movie costume exhibit

Resident Evil Final Chapter poster
Another sci-fi movie which disappointed in 2017 was The Final Chapter of the Resident Evil film franchise starring Milla Jovovich as the enigmatic 'Alice'.

I came to this video game adaptation a few movies in and liked the audacity of storytelling, especially when it went post apocalyptic. Sadly this installment tried to be a greatest hits of everything that came before and not even bringing fan favourites like Ali Larter's 'Claire Redfield' and newcomers like Ruby Rose could help.

It was what it was, and it was certainly time for a final chapter. Although apparently there are plans afoot to reboot the entire franchise, so it's not the last we've seen of the Umbrella Corporation and their zombie virus outbreaks.
Resident Evil Final Chapter poster

Ghost in the Shell movie billboard
Not only did Ghost in the Shell provide another whitewashing scandal in Hollywood, but it also supplied a lackluster adaptation of a beloved manga heroine.

I could watch Scarlett Johansson in anything, and the visuals were cool, but this movie just seemed forced and disconnected from the original source material. I was underwhelmed.

After this film and the weirder-as-it-progresses Lucy, can we just move on and have a solo Black Widow movie at Marvel Studios already.

Fans of the movie can still check out these original costumes and animatronics from Ghost in the Shell on display.

Ghost in the Shell movie costume exhibit
Ghost in the Shell movie costume exhibit

Circle movie billboard
After growing up starring in the Harry Potter film franchise, it's nice to see Emma Watson branch out and become a star in her own right, but The Circle was not the best of films last year.

It could have been great with its focus of social media and privacy, with Tom Hanks playing a 'Steve Jobs' like tech legend, but it was a bit of a heavy-handed mess of a movie which never really went anywhere exciting.

At least Emma Watson's live-action Beauty and the Beast starring role grossed over $1.2 billion at the box office worldwide, so she still had a fairly good year even with this blip.
Circle movie poster

Justice League movie poster
Finally, I think the biggest disappointment for fans last year had to be DC's Justice League. After the enjoyable Wonder Woman I had high hopes, but they even got her wrong in this film (how many skintight leather trousers and low cut tops did she have to wear).

Ezra Miller's 'The Flash' and Jason Momoa's 'Aquaman' were highlights in this superhero team-up, but for me the movie was plagued by too many CGI villains who looked liked they've stepped out of a video game (which kinda makes me worry about 'Thanos' and the 'Black Order' in Avengers: Infinity War).

The central story of the Mother Boxes seemed like it borrowed heavily from The Lord of the Rings, with the three boxes spread among the Atlanteans, Amazonians and Humans and I still dislike the dark tone of the DC movies, plus this film felt way too short and we barely had a chance to be introduced to all the new players and why they mattered.

For a film which should have blown cinema goers socks off, Justice League was just okay, but it should have been spectacular.
Justice League movie poster
I purposefully didn't see films like The Emoji Movie, Geostorm and Transformers: The Last Knight in 2017, but other contenders for disappointing movies had to be The Dark Tower adaptation which didn't live up to the epic storytelling of the book series.

If you're interested you can also see what my least favourite movies of 2016 and my worst movies of 2015 were.

Let's hope that 2018 with have some spectacular cinema to enjoy...

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