Sunday, January 28, 2018

New Year lifestyle billboards in L.A.'s January 2018 streets and skies...

At the beginning of each New Year you can depend on a few things in the city skyline, a few more gym membership billboards and a few less alcoholic drinks billboards after the holiday party season. Here's a cool collection of January 2018's lifestyle billboards trying to grab attention in L.A.'s streets and skies this month.

Health and fitness billboards
Commitment Collection Equinox billboard
First up are some stylish ads which may look like they're for a new product line from Equinox, but in fact they are just a clever way to advertise their upmarket health clubs.
Commitment Collection Equinox billboard
Be sure to compare these black and white 'Commitment' ad creatives to previous years Equinox health club billboards.

Recreational drugs billboards
MedMen Shop Its legal billboard
Aside from vowing to get fit and healthy in the New Year, many people were vowing to get high at the start of 2018 as recreational pot, weed, marijuana, cannabis or whatever you want to call it was legalized in California.
MedMen Play Its legal billboard
The lines down the block outside legal sellers like MedMen have been huge, so it's no wonder they have the budget to advertise in the city skyline this January, although they probably didn't need to as demand was so high.

Food and drinks billboards
Vegan tacos drunk Postmates billboard
There have been lots of food delivery services which have come and gone with varying success over recent years (or else bought out the competition), but Postmates certainly seems to be one of the better ones of late.

This pink billboard from the new ad campaign is a lot of fun and certainly taps into that need for food when you feeling tipsy, or have the munchies.
Pez Cantina GrubHub billboard
Plus Grubhub were back in the skies using local restaurants like Pez Cantina to set their food delivery offering apart (although the delivery service has never been great, especially after they bought LA Bite).
Fresh Brothers skinny crust pizza billboard
Meanwhile Fresh Brothers pizza was also getting into the New Year spirit with this ad for its skinny crust for diet season.
Califia Almond Milk wall mural ad
Plus Califia Farms was sending a picture postcard mural ad for its Almond Milk along Melrose Avenue.

Technology billboards
Giant LinkedIn pioneer billboard
In addition to a new look or fitness regime, you may also be considering a fresh new start for your career at the beginning of the year, so it's no wonder social networking website and app service LinkedIn would be advertising in a big way in January. Obviously being bought by Microsoft at the end of 2016 would have provided some welcome funds for an eye-catching out-of-home campaign.
Squirt nonstop hookups 2018 billboard
From making professional business connections to hooking up for sex, gay hookup app Squirt was taking advantage of favourable January ad rates with this billboard creative.
Google Portraits Pixel billboard
And in the world of smartphones Google Pixel was switching up its ad creatives along the Sunset Strip and showing off its Portraits abilities, no doubt to compete with Apple's iPhone X.

Florist billboards
Venus et Fleur roses billboard
With Valentine's Day fast approaching Venus et Fleur was showing off their eternity roses as a gift idea for lovers everywhere in the skies of West Hollywood.

Theme park billboards
Disneyland SoCal Resident pretzel billboard
The holiday season may be over at Disneyland but the fun keeps coming with this charming pretzel ad creative for the theme park's SoCal resident ticket offer.

Performing Arts billboards
Disney Aladdin musical billboard LA
And speaking of Disney, the magic keeps coming this New Year with the touring version of the Aladdin musical at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood.
Disney Aladdin musical billboard LA
I was fortunate to see the hit Broadway musical on opening night in L.A. and I have to say that along with some amazing sets, flying carpets, songs and dance numbers, the Genie steals the show.
Cavalia Odysseo Cirque billboard
Meanwhile the horse-themed Cavalia: Odysseo was throwing down the gauntlet this January to other acrobatic performing arts like the Cirque du Soleil shows with ads like these to entice audiences.

As you can see there's been an eclectic mix of lifestyle billboards in La La Land's skies this January, so be sure to compare these outdoor ads to years past, like these 2017 lifestyle billboards and these 2016 billboards.

Plus stay tuned in the coming days for roundups of all the latest TV, movie, music and fashion billboards turning heads in L.A.'s New Year skies...

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