Sunday, January 21, 2018

The future is female at L.A.'s Women's March 2018...

Yesterday we once again traveled downtown to join with the women of L.A. at the second annual Women's March to say that time's up on this administration's oppressive regime and that there's a wave of pink and blue coming that's going to change America for the better.

Womens March LA 2018
There was no doubt walking alongside the hundreds of thousands of energised women of all ages and backgrounds and their male allies, that the future is female.
Womens March LA 2018 Grease Rizzo sign
The past year has proved how sexist, homophobic, transphobic and racist the current president is and that his policies are harmful to women, the LGBT community, immigrants, people of colour, the sick and the poor. In fact, if you're not a straight, white, rich old man in America, then this current administration doesn't care about you.
Womens March LA 2018 signs
Last year the Women's March was massively cathartic for loads of people after the stunning election result, and this year I felt that there was a different energy.
Womens March LA 2018 sign
The anger and frustration was still there, but there was also an organized resolve to make positive change rather than simply shake our fists and signs and rage at our situation.
2018 Womens March LA sign
Surrounded by pink pussy hats and hilarious handmade protest signs I felt hopeful, uplifted and empowered.
2018 LA Womens March
There were no tiki torches or nazis here, just women and men, mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, aunts and families all expressing their right to free speech. It was glorious to behold and be a part of.
2018 Womens March DTLA
The fact that this act of solidarity was taking place all over the U.S., and the world, proves that there's something wrong with those currently in power and their complicit GOP supporters. We have to vote them out in 2018.
Womens March DTLA 2018
The current government shutdown proves that Republicans care little for children, veterans, immigrants, dreamers, or anyone else, and the fact that Trump tried to tweet and manipulate these marches for his own goals, show how narcissistic and out of touch with reality and his citizens he is. Everyone was protesting against him.
Womens March LA 2018
The tide is turning. We'll no longer put up with fake news and facts, we won't let all these lies and misinformation become the norm, we'll expose sexual predators and abusers of power, we'll elect leaders to challenge tax reforms for the rich, we'll protect healthcare for the sick, we'll continue to make art and educate our children with the truth, we'll stand up for decency and against racists in the White House, we'll fight for equality and to protect the civil rights we've already achieved, we'll remember everything this administration's done and hold them accountable.

It's almost 'Mueller Time', but until then, keep making your voices heard and fighting for truth, justice, liberty, freedom, equality and democracy.

Resistance is not futile. The future is bright and it's no longer orange...

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