Monday, February 26, 2018

February 2018's eclectic lifestyle billboards in L.A. sprawling skies...

This month in addition to all the movie, TV and fashion billboards filling L.A.'s sprawling skies, there was also an eclectic selection of lifestyle billboards turning heads. Here's a collection of the cause-released, fitness, health, travel, tech, food and drinks outdoor ads standing out this February.

Cause-related billboards
Homeless Hollywood Sign billboard
First up is this clever Hollywood Sign homage which is used to shine a light on the rampant homeless situation in L.A. It seems like only recent attacks by mentally ill people living on the streets and wildfires started at homeless camps have made city officials sit up and take notice.
Disobey Trump Maria Elena Durazo State billboard
Next up I couldn't help but smile when I saw this 'Disobey Trump' election campaign billboard for Maria Elena Durazo for State Senate. There's a 'blue wave' coming but I also hope that Democratic candidates also have real solutions to problems to unemployment, undocumented immigrants, climate change, racial, women's and LGBT inequality, rather than just being against something or someone.
Smokey Bear birthday hug billboard
Meanwhile on a lighter note, forest mascot Smokey Bear was in the skies this February to help prevent wildfires in Southern California and have fun at the same time in the great outdoors.

Health, fitness and sports billboards
Equinox Commitment billboard
This month upscale health club brand Equinox continued its campaign using faux products, its 'Commitment Collection', to help lure new gym users into its facilities.
Equinox Commitment billboard
With the Holidays far behind us and swimming pool and beach season fast approaching, it's time for health conscious Los Angelenos to get in shape.
UCLA Gymnastics Kyla Ross billboard
With the horrifying Larry Nassar gymnastics abuse scandal playing out in recent months, this sporty UCLA Gymnastics billboard stood out even more along the Sunset Strip.
Syphilis is Serious STD billboard
And in the world of sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS Healthcare Foundation was highlighting very graphically the dangers of syphilis which is on the rise with the increased use of PrEP and reduced use of condoms.

Technology and telecommunications billboards
Bumble IRL billboard
In the world of social networks, this colourful billboard was advertising the new Melrose Place pop-up lounge for the female-friendly dating and business networking app Bumble.
LinkedIn for my kids billboard
Plus LinkedIn was trying to communicate some of the motivations of its networking app users.
Verizon Best in LA where it matters beach billboard
Finally Verizon had a less boring billboard in the city skyline this month, with this fun 3D logo at the beach to show off its network coverage.
Selfies on iPhone X Thomas H billboard
Plus Apple was debuting the latest iteration of its Shot on iPhone outdoor ad campaign with a smattering of new Selfies on iPhone X billboards around town.

Food and drinks billboards
omakase bra Postmates billboard
In the world of delivery apps, Postmates was having some fun with its latest outdoor ad campaign, putting a knowing smile on passersby faces.
Kaya st Kitchen Grubhub billboard
Meanwhile using a different approach, Grubhub was opting to showcase all the local restaurants and favourite eateries that you could get food delivered from with your smartphone or online.
Diet Coke flavors billboard
Diet Coke was colourfully back in the skies this month with new slimline cans of flavour to try.
Yum Serve with Coca-Cola billboard
And full fat Coca-Cola was encouraging people to enjoy their refreshing soda with yummy food.
Michelob Live Ultra billboard
And Michelob Ultra was making the case for exercising hard and rewarding yourself with low calorie brews.
2020 just another election Absolute Elyx billboard
In the world of spirits, Absolut Elyx was trying to convey how special its copper crafted vodka is by comparing it to the upcoming 2020 election.
Jameson Whiskey Caskmates right notes billboard
Plus Jameson was showing off its Irish Whiskey Caskmates by tapping into the rock 'n' roll heritage of the Sunset Strip.

Arts, performing arts and tourist attraction billboards
Jasper Johns Broad billboard
In the world of arts and culture, The Broad had this eye-catching patriotic billboard for Jasper Johns new exhibition at their contemporary art museum.
Margraves billboard
Plus I think these Margraves billboards are the latest art filler ads popping up around town.
Cavalia No need Vegas billboard
Meanwhile Cavalia Odysseo continued to promote its horse-themed acrobatics show in the city skyline this February.
La Brea Tar Pits gentle giant billboard
Plus the La Brea Tar Pits was showing off its latest attraction to tempt visitors and inquisitive kids on school holidays.

Travel billboards
JetBlue frequent flyer smiles billboard
In the world of travel JetBlue was making the skies friendlier with this fun 'frequent flier smiles' ad creative.
Success real trip Virgin Atlantic billboard
Plus Virgin Atlantic was putting its own humorous spin on their latest outdoor ads.
Choose fun Carnival Cruises billboard
And Carnival was tempting holiday makers to choose fun abroad their cruise ships high above Hollywood.
Wet Republic Champagne MGM Grand Vegas billboard
Meanwhile Las Vegas was trying to tempt party goers with drink and babes, so nothing new there then, although this special extension cut-out really does stand out.

Gambling billboards
Good fortune Scratchers Year dog billboard
And after being rear-ended in car accidents twice at the start of the year already, I welcome some good fortune this 2018, so maybe I'll be buying some Lottery Scratchers to make the most of this Year of the Dog.

As you can see from this diverse selection of ads there were lots of brands, services and products trying to draw your eye in their direction this month.

Make sure you compare all these ad creatives to last February's lifestyle billboards, and come back soon for even more snapshots of all the TV and fashion billboards gracing La La Land's crowded streets and skies...

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