Friday, February 23, 2018

Human Structures connecting humanity in New York City...

On my latest visit to New York City I came across a few old friends in the form of Jonathan Borofsky's Human Structures metal sculpture.

Human Structures by Jonathan Borofsky
Human Structures sculptures NYC
I'd first glimpsed a similar Human Structures installation in San Francisco back in a sunnier June 2011, so it was funny to glimpse this new assortment of colourful metal men climbing into the sky at Plaza 33 near Penn Station.
Human Structures sculptures NYC
The artist says this sculpture is about humanity connecting together to build our world and it fits perfectly in the melting pot that is cosmopolitan New York, with tourists, immigrants, ethnicities, languages, genders and different ages and sexualities all mingling together.
Human Structures installation NYC
The weather may not have been the best on this visit, but there's always something to see (aside from billboards) walking the bustling streets of Manhattan.
Human Structures NYC
Another artistic oddity on my travels this time was a wonderful building adorned with golden sculptures dancing up the brick and wrought iron 19th century dwelling in NoHo.
24 Bond golden dancers sculptures NYC
Apparently this is 24 Bond which you'll see strolling along Bond or Lafayette Streets and the golden dancers are the creation of artist Bruce Williams.
24 Bond golden dancers sculptures NYC
Just like rewatching a favourite film, every time you watch you see something new and different, and that's how it always feels when you visit New York each time if you don't live there.

I wonder what new sights I'll see on my next visit...

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