Monday, March 19, 2018

A parking lot becomes a Pattern Park in West Hollywood...

There's many reasons I love living in West Hollywood, its lively and energetic, it has a big gay population and not too many kids, it's clean and has green, lush and well manicured spaces, plus it invests in outdoor art to lift the spirits and catch your eye.

Pattern Park by the Art of Chase
Pattern Park Art of Chase WEHO
The latest public artwork gracing the neighborhood is 'Pattern Park' by artist the Art of Chase, which is located at the parking lot along the Sunset Strip between Sherborne Drive and Horn Avenue.
Pattern Park parking lot West Hollywood
This new patchwork of colourful geometric shapes and watchful eyes really brightens this small oasis of green park space.
Pattern Park parking lot Sunset Strip
The great thing about West Hollywood is that you really can walk around the neighborhood without the need of a car to get around, whether you're walking your dog, or going to a bar, grabbing a coffee, or bite to eat.
Pattern Park Sunset Strip
L.A. is known for its street art and murals, you'll find several examples on this blog from the past ten years, so this colourful decoration of sidewalks (in Britain we call them pavements) and ticket boots is really fitting.
Pattern Park West Hollywood
As a resident for the last ten years it's always exciting to see something new when you're out and about, and I can imagine tourists, sightseers and Instagram addicts getting a kick out of this park makeover too.
Pattern Park sidewalk art West Hollywood
Plus if you're stuck commuting in westbound morning traffic I'm sure this vibrant artwork will provide a welcome distraction as you crawl your way to work along Sunset Boulevard.

This parking lot space is also home to an outdoor exhibit of historic Rock 'n' Roll billboards from along the Sunset Strip, so be sure to also take a look at those if you're ever passing.

Let's hope the forecast rain in the next few days doesn't wash any of this patchwork pattern away...

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