Thursday, March 29, 2018

An eclectic selection of lifestyle billboards in L.A.'s March 2018 skies...

This month the skies haven't been as full of lifestyle billboards compared to all the movie, music, fashion and TV billboards trying to stand out, but these sports, travel, tourism, drinks, food, car, property, health, fitness and cause-related ad creatives have all been trying to catch passersby eyes in the City of Angels this March 2018.

Sports billboards
Zlatan For your consideration LA Galaxy billboard
First up is this faux 'For your consideration' billboard which the entertainment industry regularly uses for it shows and stars around awards season, but this month LA Galaxy were using the technique to shine a spotlight on the addition of Swedish football player Zlatan Ibrahimovic to their soccer team.
Playing for LA Galaxy since 96 billboard
Meanwhile French midfielder Romain Alessandrini was also celebrating soccer season in L.A.

Health, fitness and cause-related billboards
Neighbors vape can contain formaldehyde billboard
In the world of health this wall mural ad in Hollywood was highlighting the dangers of smoking and vaping for your neighbours even if you don't care about your own safety, especially children.
Make March Matter Childrens Hospital LA billboard
And speaking of kids, Children's Hospital Los Angeles was trying to make March matter for children with cancer.
Sensory Sensitivity sign of Autism billboard
And as World Autism Day is fast approaching this April 2, this 'sensory sensitivity' ad creative really stood out this month.
Cedars Sinai Orthopaedics billboard
And for me this Cedars-Sinai orthopaedics billboard was especially relevant as I continue to battle with my back problems after running all those marathons in recent years.

Food and drinks billboards
Lotsa Matzah Fresh Brothers Pizza billboard
In the world of food Fresh Brothers were tailoring their pizza offering to all their Jewish customers celebrating Passover.
Aussie Pie Kitchen Grubhub billboard
Food delivery service Grubhub continued to advertise in the skies of L.A. this month, highlighting everything local eateries offering everything from pies to ice cream.
Sweet Rose Creamery Grubhub billboard
Meanwhile their competitor Postmates was also highlighting that their app could deliver alcohol too in a fun way.
vodka toast Postmates billboard
If you like this humorous ad creative, make sure you check out all these other cool Postmates We get it billboards filling the streets and skies in recent weeks.
Coors Light beer billboard
In the land of beer, Coors Light was continuing to make its presence felt in Hollywood with this refreshing ad creative.
Oatly Oat Milk wall mural ad
Plus Oatly Oat Milk was using clever wall mural ads along Melrose Avenue to get its message across, rather than simply resorting to social media.

Travel, tourism and exhibition billboards
Hotel Californian Santa Barbara billboard
After all the wildfires and mudslides in the Santa Barbara area it's no wonder that the Hotel Californian is advertising its new look in a big way along the Sunset Strip this month.
Doing takes Going Virgin Atlantic billboard
Meanwhile although the Virgin brand may have sold off Virgin America to Alaska Airlines, Virgin Atlantic's billboard still has the humour of their old domestic offering with their latest outdoor ads.
Renaissance Pleasure Faire 2018 billboard
And if you're wondering what do do this spring break, maybe the Renaissance Pleasure Faire will be somewhere to while away a few hours.

This 2018 ad creative for the Medieval Times event recycles an old knight image, so be sure to check out all these Renaissance Pleasure Faire billboards from recent years for comparison.
King Tut exhibition billboard
Plus if you want your kids to learn about the culture and history of the ancient Egyptians this school break, then maybe consider a visit to the King Tut exhibition.

Autos billboards
Ford Mustang Personalize the Pony wall mural ad
Meanwhile in the world of motoring Ford was bringing burst of colour to the walls of Melrose Avenue with this vibrant Mustang ad creative.

Property billboards
Compass real estate sunrise sunset billboard
And finally in the world of property, Compass was trying to tempt people with the promise of infinity pools in their new home, which is far more achievable here in Southern California (if you have the money) than other parts of America.

Be sure to compare this March's ads to last year's lifestyle billboards and don't be a stranger in the coming days as there are more snapshots of all the TV billboards gracing L.A.'s sprawling skies to come...

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