Sunday, March 25, 2018

Marching for our lives by day and eating and drinking for LGBT youth by night...

Following yet another school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida where 17 people lost their lives on February 14, 2018 you wondered if people would once again be happy to receive "thoughts and prayers" and just accept this as another mass shooting in America that they couldn't do anything about.

March For Our Lives rally LA
Yesterday with all the March For Our Lives rallies across the country, and around the world, I think we all got our answer. No! Enough is enough and the vast majority of people want atrocities like Parkland, Las Vegas, Pulse, Sandy Hook and countless others, to never happen again.
March For Our Lives rally LA
Led by the resilient, intelligent and brave Parkland student survivors, a movement has erupted to help protect our kids and everyday people, whether it be in schools, malls, cinemas, or businesses across the country.
March For Our Lives rally LA Thoughts Prayers Republicans sign
We don't want more guns, especially not in schools. We certainly don't want semi-automatic rifles in our daily lives, we're not living in some war torn country. If you want to use AR-15 rifle or the like, maybe you should join the military and serve your country.
March For Our Lives Downtown LA
After the cal to resistance by the Women's Marches, Tax March, Pride March, Science March and more besides, I think people are more than ready to tackle the problem of gun control in America.
March For Our Lives LA Protect people not guns sign
Generations of families were out to take to the streets, old and young, and I've never seen more kids of families at one of these events. It gave me hope for the future and I'm so proud of this youth of America.
March For Our Lives Downtown LA
People were wearing lots of bright orange clothing, the colour hunters use to stay safe during hunting season, and even gun owners were marching for sensible gun laws.
March For Our Lives LA Republican NRA Death sign
People are organised, they are angry, in fact they are furious that the Republicans, their elected representatives and the current administration won't make the hard decisions to safeguard children and the nation, and continue to be in the pocket of the NRA.
March For Our Lives LA America has Gunorrhea sign
As ever the hand-made signs said it all, from 'America has gunorrhea' to 'books not bullets', 'vote them out', 'enough is enough' and 'never again'. It was very clear to judge the mood of all these thousands of mothers, fathers, children, grandparents and voters.
March For Our Lives LA NRA Ignorance Profit Apathy sign
This sign also stood out for me. For too long people had become apathetic, numbed and desensitized to this violence and death on a daily basis, plus lulled into a false sense of security about their own power and their involvement in keeping democracy alive.
March For Our Lives rally DTLA
Well from the looks of things greed and gun-makers are in for a fight this time and people are not just going to lay down and take it. There has been a nationwide awakening and there's no doubt there's a 'blue wave coming', but more than that, people realize you can't leave it to other to make those changes. You have to stand up, act and vote to make change happen. Be the change you want.
Simply Divine Food Wine fundraiser Forever Hollywood
Saturday morning we marched to make our schools and everyday life safer through the streets of Downtown L.A., and in the evening we attended a charity fundraiser for the L.A. LGBT Center to help continue to fight for equality for our gay community and youth.
Simply Divine Food Wine fundraiser Forever Hollywood
The Simply Divine food and wine tasting event took place at the Forever Hollywood cemetery with lots of bitesize treats and sips to enjoy, which also helped us celebrate my husband's birthday at the same time.
Simply Divine Food Wine tasting event Forever Hollywood
It was a beautiful setting to help commemorate an eventful day of standing up for our rights, and living our lives at the same time.
Simply Divine Food Wine Forever Hollywood
If the past few years in the U.S. have taught me anything, you can't stand by and let others fight for your rights, the time to be silent is over.

We all have a voice (and a vote), so if you want to live in a safe and equal country, where democracy, liberty and freedom are available for all, it's time to take a stand, because otherwise fear, greed and corruption will win and then it's game over for us all.

Keep on marching, keep on being visible, keep on shouting and vote as if your life depends on it, because clearly now more than ever it does...

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