Thursday, April 26, 2018

Colourful lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s sprawling skies in April 2018...

This April the crowded streets and skies of L.A. were once again crammed with a smattering of food, drinks, travel, tech and more lifestyle billboards trying to catch passersby eyes. Here's a collection of the colourful ad creatives in this month's sprawling skyline when all the clouds finally cleared.

Travel, tourism and theme park billboards
Giant Air France 2018 airline billboard
First up is this super-sized quirky billboard for Air France, trying to tempt Los Angelenos to fly their airline for a visit.
Cosmopolitan Vegas New rooms Better stories billboard
Nearer to home The Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas was promising new rooms and new fun stories.
Bicycle Hotel Casino Shaking things up billboard
And even closer to L.A., the Bicycle Hotel and Casino was offering a mix of drinks and gambling without the travel.
see what been missing Universal Studios billboard
In the world of theme park tourism, Universal Studios Hollywood was trying to tempt you to see what you've been missing, including recent additions like the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
Disneyland Pixar Fest billboard
And Disneyland was theming its spring and summer with park attractions based on all its Pixar animated movies, like Toy Story, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles. Be sure to check out all the fun Pixar Fest billboards around L.A. at the moment.
Get wild for planet LA Zoo billboard
With school vacations and breaks looming, places for kids like the L.A. Zoo were trying to attract visitors and educate about the planet at the same time.
San Diego Zoo Africa Rocks billboard
Plus the San Diego Zoo was also trying to entice people to see its African continent-themed exhibits, habitats and animals.

Fire prevention billboards
extinguish hot coals Smokey Bear billboard
Plus for those making the most of the great outdoors this summer, don't forget to be safe when you're barbecuing in the public parks, because the last thing we need this year is more wild fires.

Food and drinks billboards
Vitamin Water Active Run Sunrise to Sunset billboard
In the world of soft drinks, Vitamin Water was refreshing the city skyline in a big way this April for its new Active sports drink offering.
Perfect hydration pH 95 alkaline water billboard
And just when you thought there couldn't be any more bottled water brands, along comes another, this one perfectly balanced alkaline water to help hydrate you.
Dos Equis Mark Twain taco chaser billboard
Meanwhile in the beer category, Mexican brew Dos Equis was adding some humour to its new ads to help wash down your food.
Heineken Beer Coachella billboards
Whilst Dutch beer Heineken was making the most of festival season and raising a frosty bottle to Coachella.
Crown Royal Vanilla wall mural ad Hollywood
Crown Royal was trying to tempt whisky drinkers in Hollywood with this delicious vanilla ice-cream themed creative.
1849 wine billboard
And for wine-lovers the 1849 wine website was using these special extension cut-out billboards to stand out.
Hungry Get delivery Eat24 billboard
The battle for home food delivery continued in the skies with billboards for Postmates, Grubhub and Eat24 apps all wanting a piece of the pie (and other takeout meals).
cauliflower crust Fresh Brothers pizza billboard
And if you were craving pizza, Fresh Brothers was offering you a new cauliflower crust option as an alternative to dough.

Recreational drugs billboards
Coach Forget Stoner MedMen billboard
Ever since pot was legalised for recreational use in California at the beginning of the year, there have been more and more billboards for marijuana popping up, including these MedMen creatives trying to shatter the stoner stereotype of the drug.
Eaze Marijuana delivered billboard
Whereas others like Eaze online dispensary just wants to make getting hold of your weed easier by having it delivered.

Technology and telecommunications billboards
Task Rabbit Closet organizer billboard
This spring the skies have been blooming in green thanks to these fun billboards for TaskRabbit app, which offers sandman services like furniture assembly.
Task Rabbit baby crib billboard
There really is an app for everything these days, although I think I'd rather save the money and do it myself, although the neighbours these ads are appearing in seem to be pretty affluent.
AT&T More for your thing billboard
In the world of telecommunication networks AT&T was promising more for your thing, whatever that is, like unlimited entertainment wireless plans.
Apple iPhone 8 red billboard
Meanwhile Apple was flooding the skies with more new bold ad creatives, this time for its new (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 8, sales of which help fund HIV/AIDS programs around the world.

Finance billboards
American Express Hollywood Hills billboard
In the world of finance, American Express was trying to make using your credit card as fun as possible.

Work space billboards
Hey LA The Wing is Coming billboard
And finally in the world of business, the female-friendly co-work space The Wing was announcing its arrival in L.A. (let's just hope it doesn't have same huge billion dollar lease payments like WeWork).

As you can see from this eclectic selection of vibrant outdoor ads there's so many products, brands and services trying to catch your eyeballs this April, and that's not mentioning all the TV, film, music and fashion billboards also competing in the same space.

Stay tuned in the coming days for more billboard snapshots from the streets of L.A. this past month...

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