Sunday, May 27, 2018

Food, drinks and lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s May 2018 skies...

This month has been a tricky one for capturing all the billboards around L.A. with all the cloudy 'May Grey' conditions, but here's a collection of food, drinks and more lifestyle ads standing out in the city's sprawling streets and skies.

Gambling billboards
May the best dream win SuperLotto billboard
First up is this aspirational SuperLotto ticket ad which captures the spirit of why people play the lottery and has a dreamy colour scheme too.

Food and drinks billboards
JetBlue Pie in the Sky NYC pizza billboard
In the world of food and travel, JetBlue was trying to distract from recent window-related accidents with this 'Pie in the sky' pizza delivery gimmick from New York, which would probably be the most expensive and most environmentally-unfriendly slice of pizza ever.
California Avocados billboard
Meanwhile California was championing its avocados with these colourful wildposting street ads.
Grubhub every food world app billboard
Grubhub was offering tastes from around the world with its easy to use smartphone app, whether it's pizza, curry, burgers or ice-cream.
Eat Drink Vegan Rose Bowl 2018 billboard
For those foodies who don't eat meat, the Rose Bowl had an event for vegans to eat and drink to their heart's content.
Carneys train hotdogs billboard
And railcar eatery Carney's was celebrating 40 years of hotdogs and hamburgers comfort food along the Sunset Strip.
Rosé Day LA Moet Chandon billboard
In the world of champagne Moet & Chandon was getting L.A. ready for Rosé Day, an inaugural bubbly event taking place in Malibu this June.
Ketel one vodka your soda billboard
And Ketel One was helping to make your soda more interesting with its Dutch vodka.
Dos Equis Alternative facts Bad billboard
In the world of beer, Dos Equis has replaced their Most Interesting Man in the World billboards with a new witty outdoor ad campaign.
Dos Equis Chadtezuma billboard
This humorous 'Keep it interesante' campaign leans into the beer's interesting Mexican heritage.
Tecate Beer Mexican Flavor billboard
And speaking of Mexican brews and Tecate was highlighting its bold flavour along the Sunset Strip this month.

Travel, tourism and theme park billboards
Disneyland Pixar Fest Finding Nemo billboard
Disney's parks continued to promote their latest summer theme and if you like this fun Finding Nemo character ad creative, be sure to also check out more billboards from Disneyland's Pixar Fest ad campaign.

Dating billboards
Perfect 12 matchmaking billboard
In the world of upscale matchmaking, Perfect 12 was back advertising in the skies of the Sunset Strip this May.

Gift idea billboards
Venus et Fleur Mothers Day Roses billboard
Plus there were a few outdoor ads targeting Mother's Day this month, like this Venus et Fleur long-lasting roses billboard.
What You Dont See Close Moms book billboard
And from perfect gifts to mom-themed reads, with this What You Don't See billboard for Livi Hallahan's new book.

Health and fitness billboards
Royal Personal Training We Run LA billboard
In the world of fitness, Royal Personal Training was advertising in the skies of Sunset Strip to highlight their private one-to-one gym training.
Health Equity LA County billboard
Whilst on the other end of the spectrum, L.A. County was advocating for access to goods, services, resources and power to provide better living conditions for all.
Not ready Parenthood Messy baby condom billboard
And this pregnancy prevention billboard was a lot of fun in the city skyline and was an update of a similar Not ready for parenthood billboard from 2013.

Financial billboards
Wells Fargo re-committing to you billboard
Of late a lot of big companies seem to be apologizing to their customers, be it Facebook for how our personal information and data is used, or for all the fake news and propaganda spread, or Wells Fargo for all the fake accounts and the cover-up that followed. The real question is, what are they not telling us if this is what we've actually found out.

Technology billboards
Spam is not your friend Facebook billboard
In the world of technology and social media, Facebook was promising to show more of our friends in our feeds and not spam. Let's see if they keep to their promise over the next few months and years.
Google Pixel 2 smartphone billboard
Meanwhile Google continued to challenge Apple's iPhone offering by advertising its Pixel 2 smartphone along the Sunset Strip this month.

Property billboards
Vision Wilshire Apartments property billboard
Vision on Wilshire had this special extension cut-out billboard to show off its newly built luxury apartments, just some of the construction that has been springing up and disrupting traffic around L.A. in recent times.

Cause-related billboards
Homelessness Do we care LA billboard
And finally, these graphic 'Do we care?' billboards have been popping up around town to help highlight the plight of L.A.'s homeless population and the decline in affordable housing.

As you can see there's been a real mixed bag of outdoor ads filling the city skyline this May, and that's not even counting all the TV, film, music and fashion billboards competing for passersby attention.

Watch this space for more billboard snapshots from around L.A. this month...

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