Thursday, May 10, 2018

Saying goodbye to our Chiswick home maybe one last time...

Once again we're back from a whirlwind visit to Britain, but this time we may have been bidding a fond farewell to our old flat in Chiswick, West London, so it was a bitter sweet trip.

Once our Chiswick home, sweet home
Chiswick garden London
This time our annual trip home to the U.K. to see friends and family also enabled us to put the finishing touches on selling our Chiswick home, visiting solicitors, estate agents and cleaning house.
If you want to take a peak inside at the two bedroom, two bathroom, garden flat you can have a look on Winkworth's website.
Garden bench Chiswick
We really brought the weather on our visit this May and it is was lovely to see the garden looking radiant one last time and sit on the bench and enjoy the morning sun with a cuppa.

A trip down memory lane to Pontypridd in Wales
Welsh dragons Pontypridd
Our shortest ever visit also took us down to Stroud and Wales aside from London to see family, visiting old haunts and taking a trip down memory lane to my old hometown of Pontypridd, although I actually grew up further up the valley in Ynysybwl.

Putting the 'Pont' in Pontypridd
Pontypridd Bridge Wales
It's amazing to see how much has changed and how much has stayed the same since my youth, which seems like a lifetime ago now.

Not our flat for sale, but the stately Chiswick House
Chiswick House London
Back in London we took advantage of the long Bank Holiday weekend to catch up with friends for a long leisurely lunch at The Drapers Arms in Islington, followed by a stroll to see the regeneration of the Kings Cross area.
Chiswick House grounds London
As the weather was so great for May in Britain, we also took the advantage to visit Chiswick House.
Chiswick House Ionic temple Obelisk
The Palladian villa in Burlington Lane, once owned by Cavendish family and the long line of Dukes of Devonshire, has been restored in recent years, so it makes walking the grounds and gardens even more enjoyable.
Chiswick House Glasshouse London
I'm sure if circumstances had turned out differently, our Labrador Cooper would have loved to come chase a tennis ball here and play with all the other dogs that enjoy the local outdoor green space.
Chiswick House London
Venturing into central London you could also see that everyone was getting ready to enjoy another right Royal wedding, with the forthcoming nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

London getting ready for a right Royal Wedding
Union Jacks 2018 Royal Wedding London
It almost reminded me of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations back in 2012, and after the uncertainty of Brexit it's nice to see my fellow Brits have something to enjoy for a day or two.

One last cocktail, the most important pre-flight check
Airport lounge cocktails
We're not quite sure our flat sale is a done deal, but fingers crossed, as the time seems right to move on with the next chapter in our lives.

This time around we flew with Air New Zealand and I have to say they do offer a really warm welcome, so I'm sure we'll fly with them again.

For now it's back to reality and coping with jet lag and the craziness of L.A. traffic again...

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