Monday, June 11, 2018

Having a ball at 2018's L.A. Pride...

Holy rainbows and sequins, was it just me, or was L.A.'s Pride festivities super busy this year? From the never-ending parade to the overcapacity festival, it seems like West Hollywood was cramped with more queer people than you could shake a glow stick at, and that's saying something.
Rainbow balloons LA Pride 2018
They say a picture says a thousand words, so this year I'm going to let these photos of this year's display of LGBT visibility, activism, inclusion, celebration and pride speak for themselves mostly.

Disney employees LA Pride 2018
Disney balloons LA Pride 2018
Werking Santa Monica Boulevard LA Pride 2018
Maybe because the Pride Parade skipped a year last year for the necessary Resist March, or maybe because the sun was shining, but our local Pride seemed more glorious than ever.
MAC Cosmetics Drag Queen LA Pride 2018
MAC Cosmetics Drag Queens LA Pride 2018
Gloria Allred LA Pride 2018
I don't know about you, but I'm always a sucker when it comes to seeing masses of rainbow balloons, flags, glitter, feathers and confetti, it fills may heart with cheer and makes me feel like I belong.
LA Cheer WEHO Pride 2018
DELTA crew LA Pride 2018
Gay Mens Chorus LA Pride 2018
Now more than ever with this divisive, homophobic, transphobic and misogynistic administration, it's important to support charities and advocacy organisations that help the LGBT community, be it AIDS LifeCycle, APLA Health, ACLU, Project Angel Food and the Los Angeles LGBT Center.
AIDS LifeCycle riders LA Pride 2018
Its not about the cake sign LA Pride 2018
APLA Health LA Pride 2018
I was also encouraged by the huge turnout for the L.A. chapter of Gays Against Guns, reminding us about victims of gun violence like the Pulse night club massacre of 49 people on June 12, 2016, and the ongoing murders of transgender people across the U.S.
Gays Against Guns LA Pride 2018
Gays Against Guns LA Pride 2018
Gays Against Guns die in LA Pride 2018
Thankfully this 'die in' was just for show and it was a safe and happy Pride Parade, but let us never forget our queer history and don't let others erase us from history, or the present.
Glitterball classic auto LA Pride 2018
Rainbow flags LA Pride 2018
GMCLA float LA Pride 2018
Santa Monica Boulevard was also rammed with a parade of drag queens, go-go boys, sequins, balloons, rainbows and lots of spirit.
Mickys firetruck LA Pride 2018
Mickys firetruck gogo boys LA Pride 2018
Rainbow man LA Pride 2018
Even the floats with something to sell, like new movies, dating apps, or tourism, at least put on some entertainment for the thousands of spectators.
Hotel Transylvania 3 float LA Pride 2018
Visit Britain float LA Pride 2018
There could be no denying that the POSE contingent from 21st Century Fox stole the show, and slowed down the parade, with a voguing battle every five steps. It was a real ball with a whole bevy of divas.
POSE LA Pride 2018
POSE stars LA Pride 2018
LA Pride 2018 confetti
Talk about great publicity for the new FX show, and you know what they deserve it, as they have the most transgender actors ever in a show about queer history in 1980s New York ball and yuppie culture. Long may they slay the dance floor, ballroom and boulevard.
POSE dancer shade LA Pride 2018
POSE dancers LA Pride 2018
POSE dancers WEHO Pride 2018
Let's hope things improve for LGBT people in the coming months, the next few elections will be so important for our community, so be sure to vote for those who support equality so we can get the representation that we need to live our true, authentic lives without fear, hatred and discrimination.
POSE dancers LA Pride 2018
POSE dancers LA Pride 2018
POSE dancers LA Pride 2018
It's not just about cake, there is no back into the closet, or being treated as second-class citizens, there's only progress. But nothing in life is easy, so stand up for yourself, fight for your rights, make your voices heard, be safe, be happy, be proud, be on the right side of history, be fabulous.

And if we don't at first succeed, we'll try, try and try again...

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