Thursday, June 28, 2018

June 2018's film, music and gaming billboards in L.A.'s sprawling skies...

This June aside from all the Emmy consideration ads flooding the city skyline, there were also a nice smattering of movie, music and gaming billboards trying to stand out. Enjoy this colourful collection of billboards entertaining the skies of L.A. this month.

Movie billboards
Ibiza film extension cut-out billboard
First up is this fun special extension cut-out for Netflix's romantic comedy with Richard Madden playing a superstar DJ in the Mediterranean, and be sure to also check out these other Ibiza movie billboards featuring the female cast.
Set It Up movie billboard
And speaking of the streaming service, Set It Up was keeping the summer romance going starring Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell as two executive assistants match-making their bosses, played by Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs.
Oceans 8 movie cut-out billboard
The ladies of Ocean's 8 were stealing the show at the box office this month and if you enjoyed the heist movie, be sure to also check out these Met Gala costumes from Ocean's 8 on display.
Uncle Drew film billboard
This Friday the basketball-themed Uncle Drew is providing some sporty summer comedy.
Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie billboard
And the dinosaurs are far from extinct as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom roared back onto cinema screens and around the skies of L.A. this June.
The Meg movie billboard
And it looks like new monster flick The Meg, short for a Megalodon shark, is setting its sights on taking a big bite out of the summer box office.
Sicario Day of Soldado extension cut-out billboard
With tensions growing at America and Mexico's borders in real-life, cartel drug drama Sicario was back for a gritty sequel and these dramatic ad creatives for Day of the Soldado this month.
Equalizer 2 film billboard
Denzel Washington helped reboot The Equalizer TV show for the big screen in 2014 and this summer he's back with a cinematic sequel.
Skyscraper movie billboard
Dwayne Johnson continues to pump out action blockbusters and his latest offering sees him playing a security consultant on the tallest Hong Kong Skyscraper which suddenly finds itself ablaze.
Giant Incredibles 2 movie billboard
Incredibles 2 saw the superhero family back for more computer-animated adventures this month from Disney/Pixar, trying to rehabilitate the perception of 'Supers' in their world.
Edna Mode Incredibles 2 movie billboard
Fans of 'Elastigirl', 'Mr. Incredible' and 'Edna Mode' can check out all these other fun billboards for Incredibles 2.
Ant-Man and Wasp movie billboard
This month the skies were also being filled by Marvel's newest superhero team, Ant-Man and the Wasp.
Hellboy movie reboot teaser billboard
Plus the soon-to-be rebooted Hellboy movie franchise starring Stranger Things David Harbour was being teased on the side of Millennium Films offices.
Teen Titans Go to Movies billboard
More comic book delights were filling the city skyline this June in the form of these animated Teen Titans Go! to the Movies billboards.
Hotel Transylvania 3 Summer Vacation movie billboard
And speaking of animation, this July Hotel Transylvania is back for a third installment as the monsters venture on a Summer Vacation.
Mamma Mia Here We Go Again movie billboard
And another movie getting a sequel this summer is the musical comedy, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.
Recovery Boys documentary billboard
In the world of documentaries, Netflix was examining opioid addiction and rehabilitation in Recovery Boys.
Believer HBO documentary billboard
Whilst over on HBO Imagine Dragons Mormon front man Dan Reynolds was exploring his religion's relationship with its LGBTQ members in Believer.
Pandas film billboard
And Pandas were getting their turn in the spotlight in a new nature documentary film narrated by Kristen Bell.

Music billboards
The 1975 Give yourself a try billboard
In the world of music English rock band The 1975 were promoting their new song, 'Give yourself a try', in the skies above the Sunset Strip.
Big Freedia Spotify playlist takeover billboard
On music streaming platform Spotify, Big Freedia was taking over the playlist just in time to celebrate Pride month.
Father John Misty Gods Favorite Customer Spotify billboard
Meanwhile Josh Tillman was dropping his fourth studio album, God's Favorite Customer, under the stage name Father John Misty on Spotify.
Bebe Rexha Expectations Spotify billboard
And Bebe Rexha was making a bold, eye-catching statement in red for her debut studio album, Expectations.
Panic at Disco Pray for Wicked Spotify billboard
Panic! at the Disco were releasing their new album, Pray for the Wicked, this month and getting lots of support in the skies of the Sunset Strip.
Upstaging norm Panic at Disco YouTube Music billboard
Not only was Spotify promoting the record, but YouTube Music was also shining a spotlight on the rock band and its front man Brendon Urie nearby.
Redefining mainstream J Balvin YouTube Music billboard
And before that ad, Colombian singer J Balvin was getting some outdoor support from YouTube music.

Gaming billboards
BioWare Anthem video game billboard
This June Electronic Arts were showing off their new games at the live event EA Play at the Hollywood Palladium.
Anthem EA Play gaming billboard
Anthem Battlefield V EA Play billboards
Anthem, Battlefield V and more EA Sports games were on offer for gamers to try and get up close with.
Battlefield V EA Play billboards
If you liked this selection of outdoor ads filling L.A.'s skies this June, be sure to take a look at last year's movie, music and gaming billboards as a comparison.

Don't venture far as soon I'll be sharing this month's TV billboards trying to grab passersby attention around the sprawling skies of La La Land...

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