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June 2018's Pride, drinks and lifestyle billboards standing out proudly in L.A.'s skies...

Happy Pride Month! In America the month of June was chosen to represent LGBT Pride Month to commemorate the historical Stonewall riots which took place in New York City at the end of June 1969. All month long cities across the United States have celebrate their gay pride, diversity, equality, visibility and activism and here are a few of the billboards tapping into that movement to show their support (and sell products), plus more drinks, travel, gambling and lifestyle outdoor ads filling L.A.'s sprawling skies this June 2018.

Pride Month billboards
Tyler Oakley Chosen Families YouTube billboard
First up is this Chosen Family billboard from YouTube personality Tyler Oakley, an online series designed to educate and illuminate people on the current conversations in the LGBTQ community and beyond, celebrating queer life and those who may feel disenfranchised. Most gay people discover that if their birth family doesn't accept them, then their chosen circle of friends become their family and support structure in their lives.
Red Bull Wings for everyone Pride billboard
And next, we may not be able to get cakes made in Colorado, but at least there's a Red Bull energy flavour for every occasion and they don't mind who drinks it.
Bud Light Proudly brewed everyone billboard
Meanwhile Bud Light proudly brews its low calorie beer for everyone, gay, bisexual, transgender, lesbian, questioning and even straight people.
Corona Tops off Bottoms up Pride billboard
Plus here's a Corona beer billboard that returned for a second Pride in the skies of West Hollywood.
US Bank Together We Pride billboard
US Bank was also showing its support for its diverse customers with this Pride billboard in West Hollywood. It's much appreciated.
Skyy Vodka Home of the Brave drag queen billboard
And San Francisco's Skyy Vodka was showing its pride this month with its Proudly American ad campaign and this 'Home of the brave' ad creative featuring fierce drag queen, Dusty Ray Bottoms.

If you like this collection of LGBT life, be sure to check out all these photos from the 2018 L.A. Pride Parade in West Hollywood this June.

Food and drinks billboards
Peroni Beer billboard Sunset Strip
The summer skies are always filled with beer billboards around L.A. and this year is no exception with Peroni making their presence felt in a super-sized way along the Sunset Strip this month.
Coors Light cut-out beer can billboard
Coors Light was also on hand to offer a refreshing brew in the city skyline with multiple ad creatives around town.
Coors Light beer billboard
Corona Extra was also bringing the summer beach spirit with this fun lime-themed ad creative, an amusing play on the 'Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings' adage.
nowhere youd rather be corona gets lime billboard
Plus Corona Extra and Light were showing off their special summer limited edition cans, get them whilst you can.
Grab summer while it lasts Corona special edition can billboard
Another beer brand filling the sprawling city skyline with outdoor ads this June was Dutch brew, Heineken.
Heineken Reach for stars billboard
These witty beer billboards certainly possessed a Hollywoodland feel with their stars and scripts taglines.
Heineken great scripts napkin billboard
South Korean beer Hite was also standing out this month with this sporty Dodgers special extension billboard along Wilshire Boulevard.
Go Dodgers Hite beer billboard
Meanwhile in the world of spirits, Dutch vodka brand Ketel One was making a big impression in the summer skyline on the side of the Mr. C Beverly Hills Hotel.
Giant Ketel One your soda vodka billboard
The Deadpool 2 movie may have opened mid-May, but convenience store 7-Eleven was still cashing in on their promotional support with this superhero slurpee billboard.
Deadpool 2 Slurpee 7-Eleven billboard
Following in the footsteps of Ellie Goulding last summer, Demi Lovato was the new face of premium bottle H20, Core water.
Demi Lovato Find balance Core water billboard
And in the world of cold coffee drinks, Peets was offering passersby a daily clean energy source from the chiller cabinet.
Peets Cold Brew Daily clean energy source billboard
And not to be outdone, McDonalds McCafe brand was offering their caramel frappe in a retailer near you.
Happiness Tastes McCafe Frappe billboard
And this month Ripple was offering an alternative to dairy with its pea milk, who knew this plant-based drink existed? Not me, that's for sure.
Ripple pea milk billboard
Whilst Diet Coke was appealing to all those starving, struggling actors, constantly auditioning to make their big break in Tinseltown, with their new refreshing Ginger Lime variant.
Diet Coke Ginger Lime Because 3 auditions 3 hours billboard

Gambling billboards
SuperLotto May best dream win billboard
In the world of lottery tickets SuperLotto was still encouraging players to dream big with this ad campaign that reminds me of RuPaul's Drag Race - "Gentlemen, start your engines and may the best woman win".
Lottery Scratchers Multiply your luck billboard
Plus California's Lottery Scratchers cards were trying to grab your attention near LAX with this special extension cut-out billboard.

Recreational drugs billboards
Eaze Marijuana delivered billboard
Canada may have just voted to legalise recreational marijuana, but California did it earlier this year so expect billboards like this from Eaze to appear soon.

Health billboards
Flavored tobacco not apple juice billboard
The fight against big tobacco continued in L.A.'s skies this month with this illuminating wall mural ad in Hollywood which shows how the cigarette companies are trying to hook kids younger and younger with flavoured products.
Tobacco is Toxic billboard
This Free Life ad campaign was also encouraging the LGBT community to live a tobacco free life and stop these toxic products from damaging our lives with addiction.
Dear James Franco great role model sober billboard
And speaking of addiction, this copy-only billboard sings the praises of James Franco for being a great role models and helping a grateful guy in L.A. get sober.
Drug resistant Gonorrhea Alert STD check billboard
This Pride month please be safe whilst you're partying and practice safe sex, use a condom and avoid a nasty STD like drug-resistant gonorrhea. PrEP may help prevent HIV/AIDS but you still have to consider sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis and gonorrhea.

Travel, transport and tourism billboards
Giant MGM Resorts billboard
In the world of tourism and travel MGM Resorts were making a big impression along the Sunset Strip for their global hotels and destinations.
San Diego Zoo Walkabout Australia billboard
With the summer holidays fast approaching San Diego Zoo was highlighting activities, like its Walkabout Australia attraction, to entertain kids when they are off school.
Rimowa designer luggage billboard
Meanwhile Rimowa was showing off their designer luggage with this arty billboard along Melrose Avenue.
Rimowa Off-White suitcase billboard
Plus they followed up that ad creative with a billboard for their much-anticipated Off-White transparent suitcase collaboration above Marc Jacobs flagship store.
Delta Sky Way LAX terminal future billboard
Near LAX Delta Air Lines was trying to reassure travelers that all the construction and disruption at the airport currently is worthwhile, and soon they'd have the terminal of the future to enjoy.
Uber New reminders to share your trip billboard
And ride-sharing app Uber was advertising in the city skies this month, no doubt to stay ahead of competitors like Lyft.

Technology billboards
Summer 2018 iPhone X billboard
In the world of technology, Apple was flooding the streets of L.A. with new summer ad creatives for its iPhone X.
GoPro Experience different billboard
And GoPro was tapping into summer travel with this giant-sized ad creative high above Hollywood & Vine.
Sunbathe indoors Solar Water Heating bathtub billboard
And finally for this collection of lifestyle billboards, this relaxing bathtub ad creative was showing off the advantages of solar powered water heating.

As you can see there's been an eclectic selection of billboards trying to turn heads this month and you may want to compare this collection to last June's lifestyle billboards.

Be sure to continue enjoying a happy and healthy Pride Month and stay tuned in the days to come for more snapshots from around L.A. of all the new TV, Emmy consideration, movies, music, gaming and fashion billboards hoping to catch passersby eyes.

Watch this space...

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