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An eclectic mix of summer drinks and lifestyle billboards in L.A.'s July 2018 skies...

These past few weeks the scorching streets and skies of Los Angeles have been crammed with an array of eclectic drinks, tech, travel, tourism, finance and other lifestyle billboards all hoping to stand out this July 2018. Here's an eclectic selection of summer lifestyle billboards trying to garner some passersby attention this past month.

Food and drinks billboards
Giant Spindrift Grapefruit billboard
First up is this super-sized billboard for Spindrift's grapefruit flavoured sparkling water to refresh your taste buds.
Zico coconut water zero bad vides swing billboard
Zico Coconut Water was also trying to quench your giant thirst this summer with this good vibes ad creative.
Life WTR Thirst inspiration billboard
And if you're looking to stay hydrated with the soaring temperatures, Life WTR was providing some liquid thirst inspiration with its bottled water.
Ketel One Botanical vodka billboard
If you're looking for a refreshing summer cocktail this summer then maybe Ketel One can tempt you with their new Botanical vodka.
Miller Lite 7 out 10 Angelenos agree more taste Bud Light billboard
In the world of beers, Miller Lite was comparing their taste to Bud Light and advertising that the majority of Angelenos prefer their chilled brew.
Estrella Jalisco beer Mexican soccer team billboard
With World Cup fever entertaining soccer fans in June and July this year, Estrella Jalisco was shining a spotlight on being the official beer of the Mexican national team (obviously not when they were playing, but when they were celebrating or commiserating).
Tecate Refreshing Mexican Flavor billboard
And speaking of Mexican beers, Tecate were highlighting their refreshing, bold flavours in the summer skies.
Firestone Walker 805 beer fishing billboard
Meanwhile Firestone Walker's 805 beer was helping people chill out, whether they are fly fishing or surfing.
WEHO delivers 3am Fresh Brothers pizza billboard
And if you have the munchies late at night in West Hollywood, great news, Fresh Brothers pizza delivers until 3am Thursday through Saturday.

Finance billboards
American Express Dont pursue passion without it billboard
In the world of credit cards, American Express continued to advertise in a big way along the Sunset Strip this month for their new outdoor ad campaign.
American Express Dont make new friends without it billboard
If you like these colourful ad creatives, be sure to check out all the other giant American Express billboards filling this month's summer skies.
From groovy to gorgeous SoFi remodeling project billboard
Meanwhile SoFi was making a spectacle of its no-fee loans with this eye-catching special installation  for those looking to do some home improvements this summer with extra cash for a remodeling project like replacing their flooring.

Technology billboards
Giant Uber easier to verify your ride billboard
In the world of technology and apps, Uber was making a super-sized statement this month along the Sunset Strip to make its ride-sharing services safer, no doubt trying to counter all their history go problems with sexual assault of female passengers by their drivers.
cloud made for LA Google Cloud sunglasses billboard
And even though the temperatures were soaring there were clouds forming in L.A., or at least virtually with a new Google Cloud for Angelenos to enjoy.
Calm meditation app billboard
And if the heat, work and politics were all getting too much for you of late, then the Calm app was there to help you take a moment, or two, to help you relax.
GoPro Experience difference underwater swimmer billboard
If you were planning to get up to some adventures on your summer vacation this month then GoPro had the perfect action cameras for you to capture all your experiences, on your travels and even under water.
Apple Behind the Mac billboard
Meanwhile tech giant Apple was debuting its new Behind the Mac ad campaign to shine a light on their people who use their MacBooks.

Travel, tourism and theme park billboards
Misbehave yourselves Reno Tahoe billboard
In the world of travel and tourism, Reno Tahoe in Nevada was trying to encourage people to visit with these vibrant billboards this July.
Paint the town Reno Tahoe billboard
These fun-filled ads are all about people having a good time and letting their hair down, so let's see if they do the trick.
Walkabout Australia San Diego Zoo billboard
If you have kids to entertain this summer, then the San Diego Zoo was promoting its new Walkabout Australia attraction, kangaroos and all.
Universal Studios Kung Fu Panda billboard
Universal Studios Hollywood also wanted you to know what you'd been missing, like its new Kung Fu Panda attraction.
Disneyland Pixar Fest Monsters Inc billboard
And Disneyland was telling park visitors to hurry up before their special Pixar Fest celebrations comets an end.

If you're a fan of Monsters, Inc., The Incredibles, Inside Out, Toy Story, Finding Nemo and more, be sure to check out all these other Pixar Fest billboards gracing the city skyline of late.
Hollywood Highland Summer Jazz Nights 2018 billboard
Plus if you were looking for some music to entertain you, then Hollywood & Highland was offering its Summer Jazz Nights.
Sweat out every time zone Delta Equinox Sweatlag billboard
If you're jetting away on vacation or business this summer, then Delta and Equinox were teaming up to keep you fit when you're flying.

Dating billboards
Perfect 12 matchmaking summer bilboard
In the world of luxury matchmaking, Perfect 12 was hoping to help people find love this summer with their upscale service.

Home interiors and furnishings billboards
Parachute Home early bird is suck up billboard
When it's hot and draining out, there's nothing quite like relaxing in some cool and crisp sheets.
Can this be my job Parachute Home billboard
This month Parachute Home had this inviting collection of billboard ads for their luxury bedding and towel offerings.
Dreaming about naps Parachute Home billboard
If only sleeping, dreaming and lying in could be your job, can you imagine how much happier everyone would be.
Towels make heart fonder Parachute billboard
Over all these witty Parachute ads do a really great job of making their products seem desirable.

Recreational drugs billboards
Forget stoner Activist MedMen Weho billboard
This month MedMen continued to advertise their recreational cannabis and dispel the stoner myths, so be sure to check out more of their Forget Stoner billboards.

Sports billboards
Lakers LABron PG2LA billboard
In the world of basketball, these billboards in team colours were trying to recruit LeBron James and Paul George to play for the L.A. Lakers.
No Twitter burner accounts here LABron PG2LA Lakers billboard
As you can see July's skies have been filled with a real assortment of outdoor ads this month.

Be sure to compare these ads to last summer's lifestyle billboards and come back soon for more roundups of all the TV, film and music billboards inhabiting La La Land's sprawling skies this month...

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