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July 2018's TV and Emmy billboards standing out in L.A.'s summer skies...

This summer aside from all the blockbuster movie, new music, fashion, drinks and lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s skyline these was an abundance of TV ads too. With the Emmy nominations announced mid-month, not only were there still some consideration billboards handing around but towards the end of July saw the nominees popping up in the streets and skies of America's entertainment capital.

TV billboards
Giant Goliath season 2 billboard
First up after a soft launch of his second season on Amazon Prime due to all the outdoor Emmy campaigning, Billy Bob Thornton was getting some giant-sized support along the Sunset Strip for the sophomore season of his legal drama, Goliath.
Planet or Plastic National Geographic billboard
Meanwhile with plastic pollution becoming a real threat to our oceans and the planet's very survival, the National Geographic channel was giving the issue some super-sized exposure at L.A.'s Fox Studios this month.
Giant Making It series premiere billboard
NBC was also making a giant statement to support its crafty new competition series, Making It hosted by Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler, this month.
Liza On Demand YouTube billboard
YouTube Originals was also providing some massive outdoor exposure for its new comedy with Liza Koshy, Liza on Demand.
Snowfall season 2 cut-out billboard
FX was filling the city skyline with vibrant billboards for the sophomore season of crack cocaine drama, Snowfall.
Better Call Saul season 4 billboard
And Better Call Saul was unmasking its new billboards in the skies for the fourth season of the Breaking Bad spin-off prequel.
Who is America series premiere billboard
Speaking of revealing someone's true nature and Sacha Baron Cohen was back pranking U.S. politicians and officials, revealing the dark underbelly of the land of the free, in Who Is America?
Anne with an E season 2 billboard
Over on Netflix, Anne with and E was back for a second season of uplifting drama in Green Gables.
Orange is the New Black season 6 billboard
It's women's prison drama, Orange is the New Black, also returned to the skies for its sixth season, with the ladies headed to supertax after last season's riot.
Staircase Did he do it billboard
While the true crime documentary series, The Staircase, explores the case of novelist Michael Peterson who was convicted of murdering his wife in December 2001 by pushing her down the stairs. In 2004 Jean-Xavier Lestrade debuted an eight episode series chronicling the accused, the victim, his family and his defense team, and now he has added three new episodes courtesy of Netflix which document Peterson's last trial.
Comedians in Cars getting Coffee Netflix billboard
On a lighter note, comic Jerry Seinfeld moved the tenth season of his fifteen minute ride-along conversations with Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee to the streaming giant this month.
Sugar Rush series premiere billboard
And Netflix also debuted its new baking competition series, Sugar Rush, where contestants compete in rounds of cupcakes, confections and cakes against the clock.
Disenchantment series premiere billboard
Soon Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons, will be bringing a new cartoon series to Netflix, Disenchantment, a medieval comedy of misadventures.
Sinner season 2 billboard
This month The Sinner was back in the skies for a second season with an all new storyline about a young kid who murdered his parents.
Get Shorty season 2 billboard
Plus Epix were plugging the sophomore season of their Get Shorty television reimagining starring Chris O'Dowd and Ray Romano.
In Search Of series premiere billboard
Meanwhile Zachary Quinto was boldly going In Search Of weird phenomena from around the globe in the rebooted History series.
30th Shark Week billboard
And Shark Week was celebrating thirty years of week-long programming about the aquatic predators.
Carbonaro Effect season 4 billboard
Michael Carbonaro was back for a twisty fourth season of hidden camera pranks and practical jokes in The Carbonaro Effect.
Bobcat Goldthwaits Misfits Monsters billboard
And also on TruTV, Bobcat Goldthwait's new comedy horror anthology series was telling tales of Misfits & Monsters.
History of Comedy season 2 billboard
CNN continued to explore the History of Comedy this month with the second season of the docu-series, ranging from legends like Groucho Marx to superstar newcomers like Amy Schumer.
Comedy Line-Up Netflix billboard
And fans of stand-up comedy could also enjoy a new Netflix series, The Comedy Lineup, which showcases new comic talent in fifteen minute sets.
Jim Gaffigan Noble Ape comedy special billboard
Comedian Jim Gaffigan was back in the skies for his new stand-up special, Noble Ape.
Mostly 4 Millennials series premiere billboard
Plus Adult Swim had some new comedy from Derrick Beckles that was Mostly 4 Millennials.
Roast of Bruce Willis billboard
Plus celebrating thirty years since Die Hard, Bruce Willis was back in the spotlight (and air vent) being roasted by his friends, celebrities and family on Comedy Central.

Emmy consideration and nomination billboards
Rundown Robin Thede 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
In the world of TV industry awards, I spotted this giant Emmy consideration billboard for The Rundown with Robin Thede after the nominees had been announced on July 12, 2018.
Superstore 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
I also spied this colourful billboard for the third season of Superstore, part of NBC's cohesive Emmy Consider ad campaign for its shows.
Kyra Sedgwick Story of a Girl Emmy FYC billboard
Plus this Emmy consideration billboard for Kyra Sedgwick and her directing of the Lifetime telemovie, Story of a Girl.
Marvelous Mrs Maisel Emmy nominated billboard
Then when the nominees were announced the new wave of billboards started to pop up, including for Amazon Prime's period comedy about a female stand-up comic, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

I love the show, but the studio really did spend big on their Emmy consideration billboards, so it's no wonder they scored fourteen nominations for the cast and series as a whole.
Atlanta season 2 Emmy nominations billboard
FX's cable shows also garnered many nominations this year, like for the sophomore season of Donald Glover's hip hop music scene comedy, Atlanta, with sixteen nominations.
Assassination Versace 18 Emmy noms billboard
The second season of American Crime Story, The Assassination of Gianni Versace, also received a whopping eighteen nominations and started supporting the nominees in the skies at the end of July.
Americans final season Emmy nominations billboard
I was thrilled that 1980s Russian sleeper spy drama, The Americans, received nominations for its lead stars, Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell, especially as it was its sixth and final season.
Born This Way 2018 Emmy nominee billboard
Plus A&E's Emmy-winning Down Syndrome reality series, Born This Way, was nominated for a further four Emmys this year for its third season.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 2018 Emmy nominations billboard
And this billboard for the fourth season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is the first Netflix Emmy nomination billboard I've yet to spy (although it only reviewed two nods, not four), but I'm sure many more ads of support will follow for the streaming giant who beat HBO and everyone else this year with 112 nominations.

As you can see it's been a busy July for television once again. Make sure you check out last summer's TV billboards and come back at the end of next month for even more outdoor roundups of all the billboards gracing Hollywoodland's sprawling skies...

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