Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Summer eyewear, fashion and beauty billboards styling L.A.'s July 2018 skies...

The temperatures may be soaring in L.A. but the city skies are also heating up with summer bodies and summer shades making a stylish spectacle this July. Here's a catwalk collection of the sunglasses, footwear, beauty and fashion billboards standing out in L.A.'s summer skyline this month.

Fashion billboards
Make AussieBum Yours mens underwear billboard
First up is this hot men's underwear billboard for AussieBum, showing that Jacob Woodhouse is certainly beach and pool ready.

If you like this slice of beefcake from Down Under, be sure to check out all these other AussieBum underwear and swimwear billboards.
Pretty Little Thing Summer 2018 swimsuit billboard
And online retailer Pretty Little Thing was showing off their summer looks with this revealing swimwear ad creative.
Prada Eyewear Summer 2018 billboard
Sunglasses are always in vogue in Los Angeles no matter the time of year, but Prada was showing off their latest Italian designs with his new eyewear billboard.
Polo Ralph Lauren Eyewear S18 billboard
Plus Polo by Ralph Lauren was also making a spectacle of their new designer shades along the Sunset Strip.
RayBan Blaze sunglasses billboard
And Ray-Ban were striking a pose for their new Blaze sunglasses, perfect for a summer road trip by the looks of things.
Calvin Klein Our moment billboard
Bright young things Millie Bobby Brown, Lulu Tenney and Paris Jackson were having a moment for Calvin Klein this month.
Nasty Gal summer 2018 billboard
This July Sophia Amoruso's apparel brand Nasty Girl was making a style statement in the city skyline.
Nasty Gal summer 2018 billboard
In 2017 the clothing brand filed for bankruptcy and was purchased by the British BooHoo group, so it looks like a fresh new start with these outdoor ads.
Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2018 billboard
Meanwhile Saint Laurent looked like they were ready for winter not summer and so this ad creative stood out in our current heatwave.
Amiri menswear Summer 2018 billboard
In the world of men's fashion, Amiri was showing off their latest looks along the Sunset Strip (although the model doesn't look too happy about it).
Paige Shoes can live in Aug 2018 billboard
Paige was shining a spotlight on their shoes with their latest billboard and we all know sometimes you have to suffer for fashion, so let's hope these heels are as comfortable as the copy implies.
ReDone Weejuns Paris Jackson billboard
Paris Jackson, the daughter of Michael Jackson, was also the face of Re/Done denim and Weejuns loafers this July.
Converse Rated one star billboard
And also in the world of footwear, Converse was giving its sneakers an appropriate tongue-in-cheek one star rating.

Beauty billboards
Kylie Cosmetics bananas billboard
And finally, these days you'd be bananas to not know who Kylie Jenner is, especially if you have any kind of social media presence. Her popular cosmetics brand is now close to making her a billionaire. Now don't you feel like an underachiever.

Be sure to check out all the summer fashion and beauty billboards from last July and stay tuned in the coming days for even more snapshots of all the TV, film, music, drinks and lifestyle billboards gracing the sprawling city skyline.

Keep cool and watch this space...

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