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Summer film and music billboards entertaining L.A.'s skyline in July 2018...

This summer temperatures soaring a visit to an air conditioned cinema sounds like a great idea and the city skies have certainly been filled with lots of movies to entertain you and music to chill out with. Here's a cool collection of film and music billboards standing out around L.A. this July 2018.

Movie billboards
meg movie billboard
First up is this tongue-in-cheek ad creative for the shark movie of the summer, The Meg, with a jurassic megalodon terrorising cinemas this August. Opening wide, indeed.

If you like this great imagery, make sure you also check out these other fun eye-catching billboards for The Meg.
How It Ends film billboard
Streaming giant Netflix continues to offer original films to watch in the comfort of your own home and its latest movie is the apocalyptic How It All Ends, starring Theo James and Forest Whitaker.
Mission Impossible Fallout movie billboard
And from gas masks to Halo jumping helmets, Tom Cruise is back in action in the latest Mission: Impossible movie, Fallout, the sixth secret agent installment in the film franchise.
Giant Skyscraper movie billboard
Meanwhile Dwayne Johnson was hoping to reach new heights with his disaster action movie Skyscraper, but sadly The Rock's over exposure of late and an unoriginal story didn't help this film at the box office this summer.
Darkest Minds movie billboard
Alexandra Bracken's young adult novel The Darkest Minds gets a super heroic adaptation this summer, with a pandemic wiping out the majority of kids under twenty but gifting the survivors with extraordinary powers.
Unfriended Dark Web movie billboard
If you're looking for a slice of horror this summer then the Unfriended sequel, Dark Web was hoping to provide the shaky cam scares.
Mile 22 movie billboard
And Mark Wahlberg sure does love playing with guns and he's back this August with his new movie, Mile 22, which sees an elite CIA task force having to escort a high-priority asset that distance pursued by terrorists.
Spy Who Dumped Me movie billboard
For those in need of a little spy comedy this summer, The Spy Who Dumped Me, with Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon, seems just the ticket.
Mamma Mia Here We Go Again movie billboard
And for more feel-good levity then I highly recommend Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, an ABBAtastic sequel totally cashing in on the money, money, money, but such fun you can forgive it. Plus Cher's in it, so enough said.
Giant Christopher Robin movie billboard
Fans of Winnie-the-Pooh can enjoy Christopher Robin this summer, which finds the grownup titular character (played by Ewan McGregor) revisited by his childhood toy pals from Hundred Acre Wood to help him reassess his life.
Dog Days movie billboard
And dog lovers will surely enjoy Dog Days, which spins an interconnected comic tale of canines and their owners lives in L.A. (how did Cooper and I miss our casting call?).
BlacKkKlansman movie billboard
For more dark comedy then BlacKkKlansman may be the movie for you, based on a real-life story of an African-American cop in Colorado infiltrating the local chapter of white supremacist society undercover.
Assassination Nation movie billboard
Meanwhile in the dark satire, Assassination Nation, a malicious data hack removes the privacy and exposes the secrets of the people of Salem and things turn violent and deadly.
Legacy of Whitetail Deer Hunter film billboard
Another new comedy from Netflix this month was The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter, where an accomplished hunter, his son and his trusted camera man reconnect over an epic weekend adventure.
Package film billboard
Meanwhile in The Package a group of teenage friends go on a camping trip and they party too hard in the woods, resulting in one guy losing his most prized possession.
Teen Titans Go to the Movies billboard
And in the world of animation, Teen Titans Go! to the Movies in this big screen version of the popular DC Comics cartoon series.
Love Means Zero documentary billboard
Meanwhile the sports documentary Love Means Zero explores the life of tennis coach Nick Bollettieri who has created a generation of tennis champions but at a personal cost.

Music billboards
Gorillaz Now Now Spotify billboard
In the world of music, Gorillaz were back with their new album The Now Now supported by streaming service Spotify.
Childish Gambino Summertime Spotify billboard
Plus after the success of his 'This Is America' track, Childish Ganbino is back with some 'Summertime Magic'.
Florence Machine High as Hope Spotify billboard
This month Spotify was also shining a spotlight on Florence + The Machine's newest album, High As Hope.
Years and Years Palo Santo Spotify billboard
Plus Years & Years new album, Palo Santo, was getting some outdoor support in the West Hollywood skyline.
88rising Head in clouds Spotify billboard
Spotify was also giving the rap collective 88rising some promotion for their new album, Head In The Clouds.
Internet Hive mind Spotify billboard
Plus The Internet group had this billboard above the Sunset Strip for their new album, Hive Mind.
Amy Schumer podcast no ones waiting for Spotify billboard
And even though Amy Schumer's new podcast, '3 Girls, 1 Keith', isn't music it's still available to stream on Spotify, so thought I'd include it here.
Artist on rise Ella Mai YouTube Music billboard
Meanwhile YouTube Music was advertising the charms of British rising artist Ella Mai, the first U.K. singer to top the U.S. R&B chart since 1992.
Bebe Rexha Expectations billboard
Also this month Bebe Rexha was getting some billboard support for her new album, Expectations.
Guns N Roses Appetite for Destruction billboard
Plus Guns N' Roses was releasing their remastered and expanded debut album, Appetite for Destruction, from 1987.
Wolves band Freaky billboard
In the skies of Hollywood the Wolves were getting 'Freaky' for their new single and this striking red billboard.
GFunk documentary billboard
This July YouTube was streaming this G-Funk documentary about the rise of gangsta-funk hip hop music in the 1990s.
Bobby Brown Story billboard
Coming soon The Bobby Brown Story will be a two-night event telling his side of the story about his career and life with Whitney Houston.
Mamma Mia Here We Go Again soundtrack billboard
And finally, if you want to be uplifted this summer, just pop on the Mamma Mia! sequel soundtrack to enjoy lots of ABBA songs sung with passion, but not exactly the best voices.

As you can see there's lots of tunes and popcorn movies to enjoy this summer, but make sure you also compare these outdoor ads to last year's film and music billboards.

Plus entertainment lovers should also stick around for all the TV billboards standing out in L.A.'s streets and skies this July...

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