Thursday, August 30, 2018

New fall season TV billboards flooding L.A.'s August 2018 skies...

In the world of television the skies of L.A. are a tale of two halves in August. The first half of the month the skyline is flooded with Emmy nominee billboards hoping for TV Academy voters attention and then all of a sudden towards the last week of August, bam, all the new fall season shows explode across the city's sprawling streets and skies. Here's a collection of all the new offerings from streaming platforms, cable channels and broadcast networks, plus a smattering of fresh stand-up comedy special billboards too.

TV billboards
Jack Ryan series premiere billboard
First up is Amazon Prime's buzz-worthy new television adaptation of Tom Clancy's literary and previous cinematic hero, Jack Ryan, with John Krasinski the latest actor to fill the CIA analyst's shoes.
The Purge series premiere billboard
Next is another movie spin-off, this one for The Purge horror film franchise which has a ten-part TV event on the USA Network.
America to Me series premiere billboard
Meanwhile in the real world, Starz new America to Me documentary series follows children attending a suburban Chicago public school and their lives and hopes and dreams for their futures in the U.S.
Warriors of Liberty City series billboard
Plus the premium cable channel also has the sporty docu-series, Warriors of Liberty City, to look forward to, about a youth American Football program in a crime-ridden Miami neighbourhood that creates an extraordinary number of NFL players.
One Dollar series premiere billboard
CBS All Access was debuting their latest original drama series this month, One Dollar, about a murder mystery in a rust-belt town and a dollar bill that connects everyone involved.
First series premiere billboard
Meanwhile streaming platform Hulu was advertising its new astronaut drama, The First, which chronicles the inaugural human manned mission to Mars.
Lodge 49 series launch billboard
And AMC was welcome viewers to its new oddball comedy drama, Lodge 49, about an ex-surfer who joins a fraternal lodge after his father's death.
Mayans MC series premiere billboard
This fall FX returns to the biker gang world of Sons of Anarchy with the new spin-off drama, Mayans M.C.
FBI series premiere billboard
And from turf wars and drug smuggling to those who investigate these federal crimes, CBS was banking on its new crime procedural FBI this coming TV season.
Jim Carrey Kidding series billboard
On Showtime Jim Carrey was returning to the small screen with his new dramedy, Kidding, playing a beloved children's TV icon whose family life was crumbling around him.
Esme Roy sereis premiere billboard
And speaking of kids television, HBO was launching its animated series Esme & Roy, carers for little monsters.
Cool Kids series premiere billboard
Meanwhile this fall Fox is offering more grownup comedy with its new series, The Cool Kids, about 70-year-old friends living in a retirement community.
Rel series premiere billboard
And comedian Lil Rel Howery was getting his own relatable Fox sitcom inspired by his own life experiences.
God Friended Me series premiere billboard
Over on CBS it looks like they are trying their hardest to add some ethnical diversity to their shows, so it's not just all old straight white guys, as with their humorous fantasy drama God Friended Me exploring faith, science and our very existence.Happy Together series premiere billboard
The comedy series Happy Together sees Damon Wayans Jr. invite his cool pop star client to live with him and his girlfriend creating a new dynamic.
Neighborhood series premiere billboard
Whilst The Neighborhood sitcom sees Max Greenfield's Midwest family move next door to Cedric The Enteriner's family in L.A.
New Amsterdam series premiere billboard
Meanwhile NBC hopes to wow viewers with its new medical drama New Amsterdam starring Ryan Eggold as a new medical director shaking up one of America's oldest public hospitals by cutting through the bureaucracy and providing exceptional care, the twist is he has cancer himself.
Manifest series premiere billboard
In Manifest a plane full of passengers find out that their flight has taken them five years, but no time has passed for them
A Million Little Things series teaser billboard
This fall on ABC a group of friends find their bonds being tested when one of them dies in A Million Little Things.
Paid Off series premiere billboard
Over on TruTV Michael Torpey was giving college students mired in debt a chance to pay off their loans in a new trivia-based gameshow, Paid Off.
Insatiable series premiere billboard
Meanwhile the streaming giant Netflix had a whole bevy of new series to promote this month, including the controversial Insatiable starring Debby Ryan, which has drawn criticism for its body-shaming storyline.
innocents series premiere billboard
Plus the subscription service was also streaming British supernatural drama series, The Innocents, this August.
All About Washingtons season 1 billboard
Netflix was also debuting its new autobiographical family sitcom, All About The Washingtons, about an ex-rapper (Joseph Simmons) who stays at home looking after the kids when his wife pursues her career.
Disenchantment series premiere billboard
And The Simpsons creator Matt Groening was bringing more comedy with the animated fantasy adventures in Disenchantment.
Cupcake Dino General Services series premiere billboard
Speaking of cartoons, these next outdoor ads are for Netflix's new animated series Cupcake & Dino: General Services, a comedy about a cupcake and his giant dinosaur brother who do the odd jobs you don't want tomb it mowing, painting or washing windows.
Cupcake Dino General Services window billboard
This clever window ad creative reminds me of another similar billboard example from years ago for Maker's Mark Whisky.
Hannah Gadsby Nanette tweet billboard
The streaming giant has also become a real destination for stand-up comedy over the last few years and one special really standing out and creating a buzz of late has been Hannah Gadsby's powerful and moving Nanette. More than simply a stand-up routine, the Australian comic really bares her soul in the special, which as you can see has resonated with viewers.
Demetri Martin Overthinker billboard
Demetri Martin was also getting a Netflix comedy special this month with this fun ad creative which sells the premise for The Overthinker.
Bert Kreischer Secret Time billboard
Comedian Bert Kreischer was also getting his own Secret Time stand-up special and this ad proving that not everyone has a six-pack on the streets of Hollywood.
Sam Morril Postive Influence billboard
Meanwhile rising stand-up star Sam Morril was getting his first one-hour special on Comedy Central with the help of Amy Schumer.
Drew Michael HBO standup billboard
And finally, Drew Michael was getting his first and self-titled HBO stand-up special with accompanying billboard this month.

As you can see there's so much new TV coming that we're all going to have to be very mercenary with our time to cut through the clutter and spend our time watching the best shows.

Make sure you also check out all this fall's returning TV show billboards and compare these new shows to last year's rookie TV billboards.

Don't go too far, there's still one more roundup this month for all the Emmy-nominated shows battling it out in the city skyline...

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

August 2018's fashion and beauty billboards styling L.A.'s Pre-Fall skies...

This August the pre-fall fashion season skies were all about getting active, getting ready for fall and the burning man festival. Here's stylish collection of all the luxury brands, footwear, activewear, denimwear, accessories and beauty billboards standing out this past month round L.A.

Fashion billboards
Giant Balenciaga Women Winter 2018 billboard
First up is this brilliant and bold giant-sized billboard on the side to the Andaz Hotel for Balenciaga womenswear. The red and purple is such a colour clash which makes the ad creative even more striking, and it also helps the ad resembles a high end glossy fashion magazine cover.
All stories true Check Taylor All Star Converse billboard
And speaking of super-sized billboards, this hand-painted wallscape for Converse was standing out in the skies of Hollywood & Vine.
Zayn Malik Converse Rated one star billboard
Meanwhile former One Direction singer Zayn Malik was also the new face of Converse on this standard landscape billboard.
Tom Ford 001 Timepieces billboard
This month fashion designer Tom Ford was showing off his luxury 001 Collection timepieces high above Sunset Plaza.
Calvin Klein underwear Kardashians Jenners billboard
And the Kardashian and Jenner women were all stripping down to their underwear for Calvin Klein.
Khloe Kardashian Good American activewear billboard
And speaking of the reality stars, Khloe Kardashian was showing off her new Good American activewear label in the skies of L.A.
Good American activewear Aug 2018 billboard
These workout clothes, denim and bodysuits are designed for curvier woman and real body shapes.
Good American activewear 2018 billboard
These sporty billboards were certainly making a bold impact in the city skies this month.
Gucci maypole dance Fall 2018 billboard
Meanwhile Italian designer fashion label Gucci was letting the patients out of the hospital to get their exercise and dance around the maypole this month.
Kate Moss Saint Laurent beach billboard
And Kate Moss was splashing around at the beach for Saint Laurent in their new ad creative.
Guess Fall 2018 billboard
With temperatures soaring in L.A. it's always odd to see fashion models wrapping up in big coats at this time of year.
Guess Fall 2018 billboard
But that's what these ladies were doing in these new billboards for the fall 2018 ad campaign for Guess.
Bebe handbag collection Fall 2018 billboard
This month online retailer Bebe was also stepping out in style and showing off their new handbag collection.
Hudson Jeans Bad Beautiful Fall18 billboard
Model Amelia Gray Hamlin and dancer Nathan Mitchell continued to front Hudson Jeans 'The bad and the beautiful' ad campaign.
Hudson Jeans Fall 2018 billboard
And this August they were joined by some stylish friends in these black and white fall fashion billboards.
We are mankind Summer 2018 billboard
Plus 7 for all Mankind were showing off their latest fall styles for men and women around the city's streets.
Tell Me More Buffalo Jeans billboard
Buffalo Jeans was teasing something new on their regular billboard site opposite The Beverly Center this month with the hashtag #TellMeMore. Just what did we all do without hashtags in our lives?
RayBan Marshal sunglasses billboard
And Ray-Ban continued to showcase their latest sunglasses looks, like their Marshal shades which come in seven frame and lenses styles.
For your consideration Daniel Patrick billboard
High end streetwear designer Daniel Patrick was using Emmy awards season as an excuse for passersby 'consideration' this August.
Dolls Kill Summer 2018 billboard
Online and retail boutique Dolls Kill was bringing their unique, youthful punk, streetwear and festival fashion to the skies of L.A. this August.
Dolls Kill August 2018 billboard
If you were looking for Burning Man festival looks, this is the place for you, although let's face it, not everyone can rock these edgy outfits.

Beauty billboards
Kylie Jenner LA pop up shop billboard
In the world of beauty, Kylie Jenner was bringing her popular pop-up shop to the Westfield shopping centre in Century City this month.
Kylie Cosmetics Fall 2018 billboard
Plus like a chameleon, she was back in the skies giving face later in the month to show off her bestselling cosmetics.
Kosas beauty undone lipstick billboard
Kosas Cosmetics was also showing off their vivid lipstick and varied skin tone colour products with these beauty billboards this month.
Kosas tinted face oil billboard
As you can see it's been another busy month for style in the sprawling city skyline. Be sure to compare these outdoor ads to last August's fashion and fragrance billboards and watch this space for more snapshots of all the Emmy nominees and fall TV billboards hoping to catch passersby eyes this month.

Stay stylish and come back soon...