Sunday, September 30, 2018

New fall TV season billboards trying to stand out in L.A.'s September 2018 skies...

They say that broadcast networks are struggling with all the competition from the streaming services and online competition, but it's not like you could tell with all the new fall season TV billboards gracing the skies of L.A. this month.

TV billboards
Jack Ryan 3D crashed helicopter billboard
Having said that, the streaming platforms like Amazon Prime are certainly putting big bucks behind their new original series, like the television adaptation of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, which stars John Krasinksi as the CIA Analyst.

This 3D helicopter crashing through the billboard is really a spectacular sight in Hollywood and is on a par with 9-1-1's season two 3D crashed tour bus billboards.
Single Parents series premiere billboard
Broadcast networks also invested in special extension cut-out billboards to help their new dramas and sitcoms stand out, like this example for ABC's Single Parents comedy.
Manifest series premiere billboard
And for NBC's new missing airplane drama, Manifest, which looks like it may be an interesting ride this season.
New Amsterdam series launch billboard
NBC also had lots of billboards around L.A. for its new medical drama, New Amsterdam, this month.
I Feel Bad series premiere billboard
Plus it was also hoping that people would tune in to the new family and workplace comedy, I Feel Bad, starring Sarayu Blue.
A Million Little Things series premiere billboard
Speaking of investing heavily in new shows, ABC was really pushing it's new heartwarming drama A Million Little Things this month, with standard ads and this giant-sized billboard along the Sunset Strip which changed its definition of friendship on a daily basis.
Million Little Things Friendship man bun billboard
Be sure to check out more examples of this Friendship is billboard for A Million Little Things at my Daily Billboard Blog.
Rookie series premiere billboard
ABC was also hoping to tempt viewers with new cop dramas like The Rookie, starring Castle actor Nathan Fillion.
All American series premiere billboard
And in addition to TV remakes like Charmed, The CW was also offering sporty dramas like All American.
Purge giant TV series billboard
Plus The Purge was hoping to terrifying viewers moving from the big to the small screen with its ten-part event. Fans of the horror film franchise can also check out these other movie and TV billboards for The Purge.
Romanoffs series premiere billboard
Another new TV show getting some super-sized support this month was Amazon Prime's new anthology drama from the creator of Mad Men, The Romanoffs.
Nightflyers series premiere billboard
Plus Syfy was hoping to repeat the success of HBO's Game of Thrones by adapting George R. R. Martin's sci-fi tale, Nightflyers.
You series premiere billboard
Penn Badgley was starring in Lifetime's new psychological thriller, You, based on Caroline Kepnes novel about a book store owner who becomes obsessed with one of his customers.
Mr Inbetween series premiere billboard
And FX was offering up Mr Inbetween, inspired by Scott Ryan's Australian cult hit movie The Magician about an assassin balancing his work life with parenting and relationships.
Camping series premiere billboard
Meanwhile control freak Jennifer Garner gathers up some friends and family to celebrate her husband's 45th birthday (not Ben Affleck) in the great outdoors HBO remake of British comedy series, Camping.
Forever series premiere billboard
Amazon is also offering showing its funny side with the new comedy Forever starring Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph, about a married couple trying to shake up their predictable life after twelve years of doing the same things together in suburban Riverside, California.
DC Titans series premiere billboard
Another new streaming platform hoping to satisfy comic book fans this season is DC Universe, collecting all the DC heroes under one service including the original series, Titans, starring 'Robin', 'Starfire', 'Raven' and 'Beast Boy', plus also featuring crime-fighting partners 'Hawk & Dove'.
Maniac series premiere billboard
Streaming giant Netflix continues to offer up new original series with big stars, this time Jonah Hill and Emma Stone in the dark comedy limited series Maniac, about two strangers connecting during a mind-bending pharmaceutical drug trial.
Haunting of Hill House series billboard
Plus just in time for the spooky Halloween season, the streaming service is offering up The Haunting of Hill House, a supernatural horror series based on the 1959 novel of the same name by Shirley Jackson.
Good Cop series premiere billboard
Plus there's also procedural crime laughs from the pairing of Josh Groban and Tony Danza in The Good Cop.
Joe Rogan Strange Times billboard
And Netflix's stand-up comedy keeps coming courtesy of the new special from Joe Rogan filmed on-stage in Boston, Strange Times.
Daily Mail TV billboard
In other TV news the British tabloid Daily Mail is also launching a new U.S. show hosted by Jesse Palmer, which is just what we need considering we already have the biased reporting and opinion of Fox News.
Undivided Attn Facebook Watch billboard
Meanwhile Facebook Watch was offering up more news reporting in the form of Undivided ATTN:, breaking down complex stories into digestible nuggets.
Tubi Free TV billboard
Plus new app Tubi was offering free TV from the likes of Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM and more.
70th Emmy Awards billboard
This September the 70th Emmy Awards took place and I thought it had more than a few surprises, like an on-stage wedding proposal, and good jokes from hosts and guest presenters alike.
Pete Smith Day Adult Swim billboard
And finally this black and white ad creative from Adult Swim really stood out for the departure and retirement of writer and producer Pete Smith from the quirky cartoon channel after seventeen years.

As you can see there's more than enough television from all genres, sci-fi, comic book, comedy, drama, action and more, to entertain you whichever way you watch.

Make sure you compare this year's offering to last year's fall TV billboards and come back again at the end of next month for even more snapshots from around L.A. of all the coolest ad creatives catching my eye...

Saturday, September 29, 2018

September 2018's eye-catching lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s streets and skies...

The skies of Los Angeles seemed quieter this month when it came to lifestyle billboards trying to stand out, but here's a collection of the health, food, drinks, cannabis, travel, technology and more outdoor ad creatives that caught my magpie eye this September 2018.

Health billboards
This is not a trend Ritual billboard
First up is this vibrant yellow billboard for women's multivitamins brand Ritual, which really stands out with its bright and simple design.

Food and drinks billboards
Pinks Square hot dogs billboard
Next up is a billboard above one of L.A.'s iconic eateries and tourist destinations, Pink's hot dog stand near the intersection of La Brea and Melrose Avenues.
Coors Light USC Trojans This season we climb billboard
In the world of bold brews, Coors Light was ready for American Football season and its partnership with USC Trojans.
Firestone Walker 805 beer surfer billboard
Whilst Firestone Walker Brewing Company was chilling out and catching a few waves with this cool surfer ad creative for its 805 beer.

Recreational drugs billboards
MedMen Cannabis WEHO billboard
And if you wanted to chill out even more this month, then these bold billboards for the legal cannabis dispensary MedMen were really standing out.
MedMen Cannabis LAX billboard
Ever since recreational weed was legalized at the start of 2018 there have been more and more ads like this filling L.A.'s skies, but MedMen certainly seems to have the best, upscale brand identity.

Interiors and home furnishing billboards
IKEA Majorna floor lamp billboard
In the world of home furnishings, IKEA was turning heads in Hollywood with this vibrant orange billboard for its affordable Majorna floor lamp.
Giant Flambé Ombré Target billboard
Plus big-box store Target was advertising its wares, from make-up to throw cushions to decorate your home.

Technology billboards
Apple iPhone XS billboard
Apple was back in the city skyline with a fresh new wave of bold billboards for its new iPhone XS model.
LEAP Conference 2018 billboard
Plus Magic Leap was advertising its L.E.A.P. augmented reality conference in L.A. for developers and partners along the Sunset Strip.

Travel and tourism billboards
Something better came along HotelTonight billboard
And finally for this collection of eclectic ads, HotelTonight was back in the skies for its last-minute hotel room booking app and website.

Be sure to also check out all the drinks and lifestyle billboards from last September, because I'm sure more billboards will start popping up for Halloween in the next few days and weeks.

Stay tuned for a snapshot of all the new fall TV shows advertising around L.A. this month...

Friday, September 28, 2018

Returning TV show billboards standing out in L.A.'s September 2018 skyline...

To say the skies of L.A. have been crammed with TV billboards this September is an understatement. If you don't believe me, check out this cool collection of returning television favourites all competing to stand out this fall TV season.

TV billboards
Crashed 3D tour bus 911 season 2 billboard
First up is this amazing 3D billboard installation for the second season of first responder drama, 9-1-1. This fantastic billboard features a crashed Hollywood tour bus sticking out of it, making quite the spectacle and hard to avoid in several locations around L.A.
AHS Apocalypse billboard
Anthology series American Horror Story is back for an eighth season this month and if you think this satanic baby ad creative stands out, be sure to also take a look at these other creepy AHS: Apocalypse billboards filling the city skyline this September.
Walking Dead season 9 billboard
And speaking of horror, zombie apocalypse drama The Walking Dead returns for a ninth season in October and it looks like it's the end of the road for 'Rick Grimes', so it's nice to see him in the spotlight in this special extension cut-out billboard.
Good Place season 3 billboard
On a lighter note there were a lot of comedies returning to the skies this month, including this billboard for the third season of NBC's afterlife comedy The Good Place.
Superstore season 4 billboard
NBC's big-box retail comedy, Superstore, was also reopening its doors for a fourth season with this key art.
Will & Grace season 10 billboard
And after being revived last year, Will & Grace was back for more laughs and gay abandon with its tenth season.
This Is Us season 3 billboard
NBC's hit time-hopping, tear-jerker drama, This Is Us, was also back for a third season with this autumnal ad creative to get you in the mood for the fall TV season.
Charmed TV remake billboard
And over on The CW they were hoping to cast a spell to tempt viewers back for the reboot of sister witch drama, Charmed.
Magnum PI season 1 billboard
Plus the billboards for remake of Magnum P.I. with Jay Hernandez came in lots of different Hawaiian shirt-themed colour ways, from green to red, blue and yellow.
Murphy Brown series revival cast billboard
Plus following NBC's example with the sitcom Will & Grace, Candice Bergen and some of the original cast of Murphy Brown were back twenty years later for an eleventh season of newsroom comedy.
Outlander season 4 billboard
In the world of romantic fantasy, Outlander was back to brave a new world for its fourth season of time-traveling adventures.
Man in High Castle season 3 billboard
And over on Amazon Prime, The Man in the High Castle was back with a third season of alternate world history with the resistance standing up to Nazis.
Iron Fist season 2 billboard
Over on streaming service Netflix, Marvel's Iron Fist was back to battle with his martial arts expertise for a sophomore superhero season.
I Love You America season 2 billboard
Plus following her Emmy nomination, Sarah Silverman was back for a second season of her healing sketch and talk show, I Love You, America, on Hulu.
Lethal Weapon season 3 billboard
Following bad on-set behaviour, Seann William Scott was replacing Clayne Crawford on the TV adaptation of Lethal Weapon alongside Damon Wayans for a third season.
Empire season 5 billboard
Plus Empire was teasing its return for a fifth season of family drama and back-stabbing in the R&B music industry.
Tracey Ullmans Show season 3 billboard
Over on HBO Tracey Ullman's Show was back for a third season of impersonations and sketches from the queen of comedy.
Loudermilk season 2 billboard
Plus Ron Livingston was back in the skies for the second season of Loudermilk, a recovering alcoholic turned substance abuse counselor with a bad attitude.
Comedy Lineup Part 2 billboard
Netflix was keeping the stand-up laughs coming with the second part of The Comedy Lineup this month.
BoJack Horseman season 5 billboard
Plus BoJack Horseman was back for more animated hijinks in Hollywood with this fifth season billboard.
Big Mouth season 2 billboard
Speaking of adult cartoon series, coming-of-age comedy Big Mouth was also back in the skyline to launch a second season of episodes about the wonders and horrors of puberty.
Rise of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles billboard
Meanwhile the TMNT were getting a small screen animated reboot this September with their new Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.
Cancel South Park season 22 billboard
And finally, Comedy Central was trying some reverse psychology for the twenty-second season of its hit adult cartoon series, with these cancel South Park billboards.

As you can see there's more than enough television to enjoy with all these returning shows. Make sure you camper this collection of outdoor ad creatives to last September's TV billboards and come back soon to see all the new series hoping to attract viewers this fall season.

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