Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Spooky TV billboards and more haunting the October 2018 skies of L.A...

There were more than enough television networks, cable channels and streaming services getting in the Halloween spirit this October. Enjoy this collection of spooky TV billboards and all the other ad creatives for shows trying to stand out in L.A.'s sprawling fall skies this month.

TV billboards
Sabrina cat cut-out billboard
This October when a black cat crossed your path, it wasn't bad luck because it meant you'd seen a billboard for Netflix's new Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series billboard
Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka plays the teen witch (with her cat called 'Salem') in this darker version of the Archie Comics character.
Into the Dark Body billboard
Meanwhile the streaming platform Hulu was heading Into the Dark this month with the first installment in its new monthly horror anthology series, starting with the creepy hitman tale, The Body.
Lore season 2 billboard
And over on Amazon Prime, the podcast adaptation Lore was back for second season of stories exploring spooky supernatural creatures from legends and fables.
Stan Against Evil season 3 billboard
On IFC Stan Against Evil was back to fight demons and Mothmen in the comedy horror show for a third season.
Giant Tell Me A Story series billboard
And this Halloween the new CBS All Access series, Tell Me A Story is planning to give fairytales like The Three Little Pigs and Hansel and Gretel a contemporary spin in a new drama set in New York City.
Sundays Charmed billboard
In addition to Netflix, The CW was remaking another witchcraft drama with the reboot of Charmed.
Origin YouTube series premiere billboard
Meanwhile YouTube was offering up a new space-based original series with Origin and this creepy billboard.
Nightflyers series launch billboard
And Syfy was promoting their forthcoming science fiction series from George R. R. Martin, Nightflyers.
Midnight Texas season 2 billboard
Charlaine Harris' Midnight, Texas was getting some super-sized support for its second supernatural season filled with psychics, vampires, witches and bounty hunters.
Ray Donovan season 6 billboard
On Showtime Ray Donovan is moving from L.A. to New York City for a fresh start in his sixth season.
Romanoffs season 1 billboard
Amazon also had a new anthology drama series debuting this month, The Romanoffs, featuring a diverse cast in operate stories about people who may be descended from Russian royalty.
Homecoming series premiere billboard
The streaming service was also starting major star power with Julia Roberts soon starring in the conspiracy thriller, Homecoming.
Resident season 2 billboard
Meanwhile on Fox, Matt Czuchry and Emily VanCamp were back with this season two billboard for medical drama, The Resident.
Empire season 5 billboard
Plus Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard were moving the chess pieces in the fifth season of hip-hop music family drama, Empire.
House of Cards final season 6 billboard
Over on Netflix, Robin Wright will be in charge for the sixth and final season of its political drama, House of Cards.
Wanderlust series premiere billboard
Plus Toni Collette was trying to kept her marriage alive by sleeping with other people in the British drama, Wanderlust.
Making a Murderer Part 2 billboard
The true crime docu-series Making A Murderer was back for a part two, further exploring the convictions of Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey.
American Vandal season 2 turd burglar billboard
An on a lighter note, the true crime spoof American Vandal was streaming it's second, and last season on the subscription service.
Best Worst Weekend Ever series billboard
And teen comedy, Best Worst Weekend Ever, was following the adventures of 'Zed' (Sam Ashe Arnold) and his comic book-loving friends before they enter high school.
Adam Sandler 100% Fresh billboard
Whilst Adam Sandler was supplying the stand-up laughs in his 100% Fresh comedy special.
Daredevil season 3 billboard
With the news of Iron Fist and Luke Cage's cancellations after their sophomore seasons, Marvel's Daredevil was back for a third season of gritty crime-fighting on New York City's streets.
DC Titans launch billboard
And DC Universe was kicking off its new DC fan streaming channel with the original series, Titans, featuring heroes 'Robin', 'Starfire', 'Raven' and 'Beast Boy' amongst others.
Kids are Alright series premiere billboard
Meanwhile in the world of comedy new sitcom, The Kids Are Alright, was traveling back to the 1970s and following an Irish-Catholic working class family with eight kids.
My Brilliant Friend series premiere billboard
And HBO was adapting the best-selling 2011 novel by Elena Ferrante, My Brilliant Friend, in a new eight-part series.
Giant Pod Save America billboard
This month this vibrant, giant-sized billboard for televised midterm specials of the liberal podcast, Pod Save America, really stood out along the Sunset Strip with Abraham Lincoln rolling up his sleeves to help save democracy.
Daily Show Trevor Noah Every election needs a hero billboard
And speaking of politics, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah was holding out for a hero this election cycle with this fun billboard.
Harvey Birdman Attorney General billboard
In the world of adult animation, Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law was back for a comedic special as Attorney General this month.
Dream Corp LLC season 2 billboard
And also on Adult Swim, the live-action comedy series Dream Corp LLC was back for a sophomore season of trying to help people while you sleep.
Guest Book season 2 billboard
TBS was giving some super-sized support for the second season of its anthology comedy series, The Guest Book, featuring weird stories set an oceanside retreat.
Unprotected Sets Epix standup billboard
And speaking of comedy, this visually funny billboard for Epix new Friday stand-up showcase, Unprotected Sets, is hilarious with its sperm microphones.
Tales from Tour Bus season 2 Funk billboard
Mike Judge was bringing more animated documentary Tales from the Tour Bus for a second season, this time shining a multi-coloured spotlight on Funk.
Real Country series launch billboard
Plus also in the world of music, USA was promoting its new Real Country talent competition series this October.
Leah Remini Scientology Aftermath season 3 billboard
Leah Remini was back to expose more cult secrets in the third season of Scientology and the Aftermath.
Brat YouTube channel billboard
And the YouTube channel Brat was offering new original TV content for teens and hopefully getting them to stick around for more then five minutes.
Ruin TV for you Hulu billboard
Whilst Hulu was threatening to ruin your television watching experience with their streaming service offering shows, movies and live sports.

As you can see there's so much television to watch at the moment, whether you like, comedy, drama, politics, sci-fi, documentary series and more.

Be sure to take a look at last October's TV billboards and check out my Daily Billboard Blog every day for all the latest outdoor ads from around L.A.'s sprawling city streets and skies.

Have a great Halloween...

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Frightfully fun carved pumpkins for Halloween 2018...

The weather in L.A. has turned foggy of late, the perfect atmosphere for a horror movie or Halloween festivities, so I knew it was the right time to carve some wicked pumpkins again.

Halloween 2018
Carved Halloween pumpkins 2018
This year with all the craziness happening in the world on a daily basis, it was nice for this Liberal Snowflake to take some time out, have some fun and be creative to take my mind off the latest catastrophes at home and abroad.
Carved Halloween pumpkins
Carved Halloween pumpkins
That's why I opted for some lighthearted designs this year over creepy or twisted Jack O'Lanterns, it was time to be joyful this trick or treat season.

Carved Goofball Halloween pumpkin
Goofball Halloween pumpkin
I always like to name my creations and so this time around meet 'Goofball' (pulling a face similar to my face when I'm concentrating carving) and 'Lovely Lips' (the heart eyes inspired by a pumpkin I saw in the Halloween movie this October).

'Lovely Lips'
Carved hearts Halloween pumpkin
Lovely Lips Carved Halloween pumpkin
Do you 'heart' my designs the year? They look pretty good by the fireplace and make me feel a bit more festive and ready for the start of the U.S. holiday season.
Halloween pumpkins
Funny Halloween pumpkins
Carved Halloween pumpkins
I've had loads of visitors this year looking for simple pumpkin carving ideas, so be sure to also check out some of my previous Halloween pumpkins from years past.
Simple carved Halloween pumpkins
Carved Halloween pumpkins
As a special bonus here's also my two pumpkin designs from last Halloween for some extra inspiration.

Carved Halloween pumpkins
Now that the pumpkins are aglow, it's almost time for the witching hour and I guess I'd better turn my attention to perfecting this year's Halloween costume...

Monday, October 29, 2018

October 2018's Halloween, drinks and lifestyle billboards spooking L.A.'s streets and skies...

At this crazy start of the holiday season spooky Halloween attraction and lifestyle billboards haunt the streets and skies of L.A. along with all the sinister horror movie and TV shows. Enjoy this frightful selection of spooky ad creatives (I don't tend to repeat ad campaigns I've captured in the past), plus billboards for drinks, food, technology, travel and more, all trying to grab passersby attention this October 2018.

Halloween-themed billboards
WB Studio Tour Horror Festival Frights billboard
First up is this creepy billboard for Warner Bros. Studios Studio Tour and their 'Festival of Frights' designed to entertain horror fans with the likes of Pennywise from IT and Batman's arch-nemesis, The Joker.
LA Haunted Hayride 10 years billboard
Meanwhile L.A.'s Haunted Hayride is celebrating ten years of scares and screams this Halloween. If you're a fan, be sure to check out all these previous creepy Haunted Hayride billboards from years past.
99oween Halloween billboard
Colours like purples, greens and oranges abound this Halloween, especially in these fun 99c Only Stores billboards.
99-oween billboard
If you like these outdoor ads, be sure to also enjoy these previous 99c Only Stores Halloween billboards haunting L.A.'s skies in the past.
Hiit House LA Halloween 2018 billboard
Plus fitness classes, Hiit House LA, were getting in the Halloween spirit with this ghoulish ad creative.
Goodwill Halloween 2018 billboard
And if you're struggling for costume ideas this Halloween, then the Goodwill always has lots of affordable options, plus you'll be doing a good deed to offset all your naughtiness and evil schemes this All Hallows' Eve.

Dia de los Muertos billboards
Dia de los Muertos Lottery Scratchers bilboard
In addition to Halloween, some people, especially L.A.'s Mexican population, will be celebrating Dia de los Muertos in the coming days.

Food and drinks billboards
Character isnt made by machine Makers Mark billboard
In addition to all the dressing up this Halloween there's sure to be drinks and cocktails flowing, and Maker's Mark whisky has this bloody good giant-sized, hand-painted billboard above Hollywood & Vine to capture passersby imaginations this October.
Espolon Tequila Altar tomorrow billboard
Meanwhile Espolón Tequila also has the perfect skeleton ad creatives for this time of year, for Halloween and the Day of the Dead.
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Pool party billboard
In the world of beer, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale wants you to enjoy the great outdoors and dive right in to a refreshing brew.
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Rush hour billboard
These ad creatives certainly give a different meaning to L.A. pool parties and rush hour and remind me of these tongue-in-cheek Arizona tourism billboards from several years ago.
Stella Artois new way to enjoy billboard
Stella Artois was also suggesting a new way to enjoy its beer this month, with a meat and cheese plate.
Core Water was using the face of its co-founder Linda Collins this month, replacing recent spokesperson Demi Lovato, who is currently recovering from a drug overdose.
hungry for Lunch Postmates billboard
In the world of food delivery apps, Postmates was back with more witty ad creatives to tempt you with your favourite bites for lunch or dinner.
second dinner Postmates billboard
Make sure you also check out all these other fun Postmates billboards filling the city skyline earlier this year.
Honey Im home Fresh Brothers pizza billboard
And Fresh Brothers had something sweet for you to try this October, pizza with honey, which I can genuinely say is a great combination (especially with some kind of ham).

Recreational drugs billboards
Ignite Cannabis Aim high billboard
In the world of legal weed, Ignite Cannabis Co. was making its presence known in the city skyline this month.
Ignite Cannabis Best buds billboard
Compared to MedMen's upscale outdoor advertising, this brand has more of a party lifestyle feel to it with the girls in thongs and private jets.

Retail billboards
Sway Rosé Target billboard
In the world of big-box retail, Target was covering all bases with these vibrant ad creatives at Hollywood's Sunset & Vine.
Hey Bae Double Play up Away Target billboard
Whether you're in the market for makeup, fashion or Halloween fancy dress costumes for kids, they have it covered it seems.

Travel and tourism billboards
Air France world suits you wall mural ad
In the world of travel, Air France was standing out with these fun global sunglasses billboards this month.
Air France world suits you billboard
Be sure to check out some of their other colourful Air France billboards that have returned to the city skies this October.
Rimowa designer luggage billboard
Plus if you have travel in mind, Rimowa was showing off their designer luggage along fashionable Melrose Avenue.

Technology billboards
Google Pixel 3 ice lolly billboard
In the world of technology it was battle of the smartphones this months, with Google's Pixel 3 trying to sweeten the deal.
Apple iPhone XS billboard
Although it can't compete with the sheer volume of Apple's iPhone XS billboards flooding the streets and skies of L.A. of late.
GoPro Hero 7 Black Shaky video is dead billboard
Meanwhile GoPro was trying to make shaky cam obsolete with this billboard for its Hero 7 Black camera.
Snap Originals billboard
And it looks like Snap Inc. may be venturing in to the storytelling landscape with new comedy, horror, news and docu-series for Snapchat users.
Dark Matter Snap story billboard
This billboard is for their new sci-fi thriller, Dark Matter, which will unfold through a series of texts teasing a mystery story.
Uber Doors always opening billboard
In the world of ride-sharing apps, Uber was opening car doors to lots of fun with its new outdoor ad campaign.
Doors always opening Uber billboard
I certainly prefer these billboards to the recent 'Moving forward' ad creatives which left me feeling cold.
Neighborly advice experts Apartment Westside Rentals billboard
Plus Jeff Goldblum was back in the skies this month as the face of and their recent local acquisition Westside Rentals.

Dating billboards
Tinder Single not sorry billboard
Plus in the world of dating and hookup apps, Tinder was back in the skies and swiping for life.

Financial billboards
Robots retired Prudential billboard
Finance ads don't usually make me smile, but this Prudential billboard does. I hope that there are some friendly robots to help me out in my future when I retire.

Performing Arts billboards
Dear Evan Hansen LA billboard
If you were looking to enjoy some theatre this month then the Tony-winning musical Dear Evan Hansen was in town to entertain you.
Dear Evan Hansen LA billboard
If there's one thing I miss about London, it's the abundance of plays, musical and shows in the West End.

Sports billboards
Los Angeles Kings ice hockey billboard
Every year the Los Angeles Kings have a different ad campaign to encourage ice hockey fans to come and watch them, and this year they've settled on a fun vintage postcard-theme tailored to local neighbourhoods like Hollywood, Studios City and Long Beach.

Cause-related and health billboards
AIDS LifeCycle 2019 billboard
Meanwhile in the world of sporty fundraising, AIDS/LifeCycle was trying to attract new riders for its 2019 odyssey from San Francisco to L.A. to support HIV/AIDS causes.
1 Million Lives in Care AHF billboard
And the same month as the AIDS Walk in L.A., AIDS Healthcare Foundation was reaffirming their help for one million lives in their care.
One Medical Doctors who listen billboard
Plus One Medical was promising doctors who listen, which would be nice for a change, as mine seem to only half listen and apply a one-size-fits-all approach.

Book billboards
We are selfie made billboard
In these strange days of instant celebrity, this #selfiemade billboard seemed to be for a book tour about social media stardom.

Out-of-home industry billboards
Norm Clasen Billboard Creative
Meanwhile this month also saw the skies filled with several filler ads, including this arty image from Norm Clasen as part of The Billboard Creative.
social campaign Get out of home billboard
Plus the out-of-home industry was trying to convince marketeers that they should include billboards in their social media campaigns.
campaign love views up here Get out of home billboard
This vibrant pink ad creatives certainly did the job of standing out in L.A.'s crowded skies this month.
cant scroll cant touch Get out of home billboard

Political billboards
Athlete Activism Social Justice LA84 billboard
With the midterm elections looming and the crisis of democracy we're experiencing in America at the moment, this athlete activism and social justice billboard really stood out. More than ever we need to engage young people in the future of their country before it's too late.
Vote midterms matter billboard
With that in mind, here's another plea to get everyone to vote this November for freedom, equality, civility and the environment, to just name a few things.

If you need more help getting in the spooky spirit, be sure to check out these Halloween billboards from last October and stay tuned for a roundup of this month's TV billboards gracing the sprawling city skyline.

Watch this space...