Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Drinks and lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s November 2018 holiday skies...

In addition to the smorgasbord of movie, music, gaming, TV, fashion and beauty billboards gracing the city skyline this November, there were certainly more than enough drinks, travel, technology, health and more lifestyle billboards fighting to stand out this month too.

Finance billboards
families holiday meals Wells Fargo Food Bank billboard
In the world of banking Wells Fargo is still trying to rebuild its reputation after its past misdeeds against its customers, so it's nice to see the bank is trying help out families in need this holiday season.

Food and drinks billboards
Franken berry Work with the monsters billboard
In the world of breakfast cereals, General Mills was holding an open audition along the Sunset Strip for Hollywood talent to work with some of its character properties like Franken Berry, Count Chocula and Boo Berry.
Coors Light Worlds most refreshing beer billboard
Meanwhile Coors Light continued to refresh the city skyline with its cold and frosty beer, maybe the world's most refreshing brew.
Estrella Jalisco Mix better Michelada billboard
Whilst Mexican beer Estrella Jalisco was advertising it could make a better Michelada cocktail with this ad creative.
Become guest honor Remy Martin billboard
With party and gift-giving season in full swing this month, Rémy Martin was putting its cognac in the spotlight.
Bacardi Reserva Rum billboard
And Bacardi was showcasing its Reserva aged rum high above the social skies of Hollywood and Vine.
cranberries Sprite billboard
In the world of sodas Sprite was getting in the festive spirit with its cranberry flavoured offering, the perfect taste to wash down that dry, over-cooked turkey.
Pink new green Come Hi Joe and Juice billboard
Meanwhile Joe & the Juice was promoting its new juice bar and coffee bar along 3rd Street with this clever pink billboard.
Pathwater bottle Refill not landfill billboard
And rather than promoting plastic bottled water, Pathwater was advertising its reusable aluminum purified water bottle in the city skyline.

Conventions and exhibition billboards
DesignerCon 2018 billboard
If you were looking for something to do this month and were interested in art and design, then the Anaheim Convention Center had something you'd enjoy visiting, DesignerCon.
DesignerCon 2018 billboard
The annual convention offered art, toys, collectibles, designer apparel and more awesome stuff, all under one roof.
DesignerCon 2018 billboard
Plus this year the event really went to town on selling itself around the streets and skies of L.A. with this cool collection of ad creatives to appeal to different sensibilities.

Performing Arts billboards
Wicked musical LA billboard
In the world of theatre the musical Wicked, one of my favourites, was back in town for the holiday season with this iconic billboard.

Travel and tourism billboards
Air France business class billboard
This month Air France was also trying to tempt holiday makers to jet off to Europe and splurge on business class.
Skip the commute HotelTonight billboard
Whilst HotelTonight continued to populate the skies with fun ads for its discount hotel room app and website.
headboard HotelTonight billboard
Who wouldn't want to skip the L.A. commute and grab life by the headboard, sounds like fun (and who doesn't like to save money on hotels).

Technology billboards
Portal Facebook cant be feel there billboard
In the world of technology this month Facebook is having a really bad time when it comes PR, so maybe not the best time to be launching its Portal devices.
Portal Facebook cant be there feel there billboard
I wonder just how secure Facebook's video chat devices are, and if they'll be selling your data to whoever pays the highest price when you use them.
Dark Matter Snapchat billboard
This November Snapchat continued to promote its serialized 'chat-fiction', Dark Matter, along the Sunset Strip.
Ready when youre finally ready Lyft billboards
And ride-sharing app Lyft continued to offer an alternative to Uber for anyone who wanted get around town.

Home interiors and furnishings billboards
Happy hibernating Parachute bedding billboard
Parachute Home had a great outdoor ad campaign earlier this summer and this month they were back in the skies with their luxury bed linen and ready for the winter months.

Health and recreational drugs billboards
Vital Proteins collagen billboard
This November Vital Proteins was bringing a burst of colour to the Sunset Strip to promote their beauty collagen supplements.
Getting sick is easy One Medical billboard
And with the start of flu season and cooler winter months, One Medical was offering its healthcare services around the city skyline.
Get well soon One Medical billboard
Plus Oscar Health continued to bend over backwards to to advertise its insurance coverage around L.A.
Health coverage bends over backwards Oscar billboard
Ever since recreational weed was made legal in California at the start of 2018 the city skies have been inundated with cannabis providers.
Giant Marijuana has arrived Eaze billboard
Yes, the legal weed business is booming and it looks like the dispensaries are getting more sophisticated with their advertising and spending more to grab your attention, like online provider Eaze going super-sized along the Sunset Strip.
Ignite Cannabis Nice grass goat billboard
Plus Ignite Cannabis continued to promote its rock and roll lifestyle of girls and parties, using humour in its ads to catch passersby eyes.
Dosist Bliss Cannabis Holidays 2018 billboard
And Dosist was wrapping up its Bliss dose vape pen just in time for the holiday gift-giving season.

As you can see there's an eclectic selection of lifestyle ads in the sprawling skies this month, be sure to compare this November to last year's lifestyle billboards and stick around for snapshot of this month's TV and awards consideration billboards trying to attract eyeballs.

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