Wednesday, January 30, 2019

January 2019's TV billboards turning heads around the streets of L.A...

If you thought there were loads of film, music, fashion and lifestyle billboards filling the New Year skies of L.A., then just wait until you check out all the new TV show billboards trying to turn heads this month.

TV billboards
American Gods New Year Beliefs Starz App billboard
First up is this enticing billboard for the new Starz app with Yetide Badaki's 'Bilquis' tempting you to catch up on the first season of American Gods before the new season debuts in March.

Plus fans of the show can also check out these American Gods season one costumes on display.
Bachelor season 23 billboard
From an old goddess of love to the rose-giving virgin (Colton Underwood) from the twenty-third season of The Bachelor.
Temptation Island series premiere billboard
From one reality dating show to another, this one about couples being tempted to stray from their partners on Temptation Island (wow, people really will do anything for their fifteen minutes of fame).
Lindsay Lohans Beach Club series billboard
And speaking of doing anything to stay relevant, actress Lindsay Lohan is back with her own Beach Club reality series set on the party island of Mykonos, Greece.
Giant Lorena series premiere billboard
Meanwhile over on Amazon Prime's streaming service they were exploring the infamous Bobbit Trial in the original series, Lorena.
Lorena series launch billboard
The documentary series explores her relationship with her allegedly abusive husband John Wayne Bobbitt, when she cut off his penis whilst he slept and the subsequent court case from 1993 to 1996.
Grand Tour season 3 billboard
The Grand Tour was also motoring back for a third season of test-driving cars and outlandish challenges around the globe on the streaming platform this month.
Team Coco Conans hair made magic threads dreams billboard
Conan O'Brien was also getting some super-sized support for his new season, which sees his nightly talk show on TBS reduce from one hour to a thirty minute format.
Team Coco Shiela billboard
Let's see if these fun orange billboards will tempt new viewers to join Team Coco this season.
Valley of the Boom series premiere billboard
And speaking of giant-sized billboards, this hand-painted wallscape above Hollywood & Vine was promoting National Geographic's new docudrama series about 1990s Silicon Valley with Valley of the Boom.
Wayne series premiere billboard
Whilst YouTube's new original action-comedy, Wayne, was flipping the middle finger to commuters along the Sunset Strip this month to attract attention in this Banksy-inspired ad creative.
Crashing season 3 billboard
Comedian Pete Holmes was also getting some massive support for the return of his HBO comedy, Crashing, now in its third season.
Real Time Bill Maher season 17 billboard
And Bill Maher was towering over the Sunset Strip eastbound for the seventeenth season of his political talk show Real Time.
High Maintenance season 3 billboard
And it was time to roll with it for the third season of HBO's pot comedy, High Maintenance, with this clever smokey silhouetted ad creative.
SMILF season 2 billboard
Over on Showtime, Frankie Shaw was back as a single mother in the sophomore season of the comedy SMILF.
Black Monday series premiere billboard
Plus Don Cheadle, Regina Hall and Andrew Rannells were flashing back to the financial crash of the 1980s in the Wall Street parody, Black Monday.
Proven Innocent series premiere billboard
Over on Fox, Proven Innocent was the new legal drama starring Rachelle Lefevre fighting for wrongly convicted people.
Rent Live billboard
Whilst Rent: Live was the latest Broadway musical to get a television special event, although this one was ruined when the actor playing 'Roger' broke his foot in rehearsal and they chose not to use an understudy and broadcast the majority of dress rehearsal instead.
Youre The Worst final season 5 billboard
And over on FXX, the comedy You're The Worst was coming to an end with its fifth and final season.
Ellens Game of Games season 2 billboard
And because she's not busy enough with a daytime talk show, Ellen DeGeneres was returning for a second season of Game of Games over on NBC.
Good Trouble series premiere billboard
This January The Fosters was getting a spin-off on Freeform following the lives of 'Callie' and 'Mariana' in L.A. in Good Trouble.
Siren season 2 billboard
Whilst 'Ryn' was returning and bringing other mermaids along with her for the second season of sci-fi fantasy, Siren.
Star Trek Discovery season 2 billboard
And Sonequa Martin-Green and the crew of Star Trek: Discovery was ready to venture on more outer space adventures with its sophomore season.
Future Man season 2 billboard
And it was back to the future on Hulu for a second season with the sci-fi comedy, Future Man, starring Josh Hutcherson.
Deadly Class series billboard
Meanwhile the Syfy channel was adapting another comic book series with Deadly Class this January, about a school for assassins from crime families.
Im Sorry season 2 billboard
In the world of comedy, Andrea Savage was back for a second season of speaking unapologetically in I'm Sorry.
Broad City final season 5 billboard
Plus over on Comedy Central it was all over for Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson with these billboards for the fifth and final season of Broad City.
Drunk History season 6 billboard
And there was more inebriated American history to be learned in the sixth season of Drunk History.
Corporate season 2 billboard
The soul-destroying world of cubicle-working was also back with the second comedic season of Corporate.
Other Two series premiere billboard
And there was also something new in the form of The Other Two, a comedy about the siblings of a teenager who achieves childhood stardom and their life in his shadow.
Friends from College season 2 billboard
Over on Netflix there was comedy aplenty with the second season of Friends From College (although any sitcom with 'Friends' in its title is always going to face comparisons).
Grace and Frankie season 5 billboard
Whilst Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin were back for more aging misadventures in the fifth season of Grace and Frankie with this fun billboard.
Sex Education season 1 billboard
Plus the streaming giant had more laughs this month with the British comedy, Sex Education, making its debut.
Sex Education Experience is overrated billboard
The series follows a socially awkward high school virgin (played by Asa Butterfield) who lives with his sex therapist mother.
A Series of Unfortunate Events season 3 billboard
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events was also coming to an end this month with its third and final season starring Neil Patrick Harris as the dastardly 'Count Olaf'.
Punisher season 2 billboard
And Marvel's The Punisher was back for a sophomore season of fighting crime on the streets in the comic book adaptation.
Black Earth Rising series premiere billboard
Whilst the drama Black Earth Rising follows the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide and one survivor's mission to investigate war crime cases.
Trigger Warning Killer Mike series billboard
In Trigger Warning with Killer Mike the rapper and activist tackles different issues facing the black community in each episode of the documentary series, from drugs to gangs, religion and poverty.
Ted Bundy Tapes documentary series billboard
And in the documentary series, Conversations with a Killer: Ted Bundy Tapes explores the crazy and murderous thoughts of the infamous serial killer.
Tidying Up Marie Kondo Does it spark joy billboard
Whilst on a lighter note, Marie Kondo helps everyone to let go of the clutter and embrace home makeovers in the series Tidying Up.
Brian Regan Stand up and away billboard
In the world of stand-up specials, comic Brian Regan was rocketing into the skies this month for Stand up and away!
Sebastian Maniscalco Stay Hungry billboard
Plus comedian Sebastian Maniscalco was back with his Netflix comedy special, Stay Hungry. The visual of his eating a bowl of microphone cords is quite a clever image.
Gabriel Fluffy Iglesias One show fits all billboard
And Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias was proving One Size Fits All with this colourful ad creative for this new stand-up special.
Comedians of the World Netflix billboard
The streaming service was really proving to be a destination for comedy stand-up with Comedians of the World, featuring 47 comedians from 13 regions around the globe to make you laugh.
Amanda Seales I Be Knowin billboard
Not to be left out and standing out with this hot pink billboard, HBO also had its own stand-up special this month courtesy of Amanda Seales with I Be Knowin'.
American Beauty Star season 2 billboard
Whilst over on Lifetime Ashley Graham was hosting a sophomore season of American Beauty Star, the hair and makeup reality competition series.
In women we Believe Lifetime 35 years billboard
Plus the channel was renewing its commitment with these 'In women we believe' billboards, celebrating thirty-five years of programming for its female audience.

Plus you can also check out these We believe in women billboards from early last year after the emergence of the #MeToo and Time's Up movements.
billboard usurped Thanks for 8 years adult Swim
And it was the end of an era recently in West Hollywood when Adult Swim lost their regular billboard location when Netflix bought over thirty outdoor ad sites from Regency.
new Adult Swim billboard
It had the final laugh however with its farewell billboard at the end of December and the debut of a new billboard location at the end of January.

As you can see there are so many TV billboards to keep up with these days, especially in bad weather, and I'm not quite sure how you're supposed to watch all this content. I suppose these billboards will just have to work harder and harder to catch your attention and convince you to tune in or stream.

If you liked this collection of outdoor ads, be sure to check out last January's TV billboards as a comparison and come back next month for more snapshots from around the City of Angels in February.

See you soon...

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Film and TV awards consideration billboards campaigning in L.A.'s January 2019 skies...

In addition to all the new releases to watch at the box office and in the comfort of your own home via streaming services and cable channels, there were also plenty of movies and TV shows campaigning for awards in the city skyline this past month, which saw the Golden Globes, Critics' Choice and Screen Actors Guild Awards held.

Movie awards consideration billboards
Black Panther Golden Globe nominee billboard
Marvel Studios Black Panther made history when it scored the first Best Picture Oscar nomination for a superhero movie, plus garnered six other nominations and the cast also took home the SAG Award for Best Ensemble.
SpiderMan Into the SpiderVerse Golden Globe billboard
Also in the world of comic book heroes, not only did Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse win the Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature, but it also nabbed an Academy Award nomination too.
Ralph Breaks the Internet Golden Globe nominee billboard
Disney's Wreck-It Ralph animated sequel, Ralph Breaks The Internet, was also campaigning in the skies this month.
BlacKkKlansman Golden Globe nominee billboard
Meanwhile Spike Lee's BlacKkKlansman, about a real-life undercover operation to take down White Supremacists in the 1970s, was rewarded for its awards campaigning with six Oscar nominations.
If Beale Street Could Talk Golden Globe nominee billboard
Regina King took home the Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe and Critics' Choice Award for the romantic social injustice movie, If Beale Street Could Talk, and also nabbed an Oscar nomination.
Favourite Golden Globe nominee billboard
Olivia Colman took home the Best Actress Golden Globe for her role as the daffy 'Queen Anne'& in The Favourite and the royal period comedy by Yorgos Lanthimos scored ten Oscar nominations.
25 years Fox Searchlight Pictures billboard
And as it's awards season Fox Searchlight Pictures was celebrating its 25 years of awards-winning cinema, especially in light of the company's imminent acquisition by Disney.
First Man 10 Critics Choice billboard
Damien Chazelle's First Man was campaigning heavily this season, but it seems the big Oscar prizes like Best Director and Motion Picture have alluded the Neil Armstrong biopic.
First Man Best Director FYC billboard
The historical Moon landing drama is up for four Academy Awards though, including Visual Effects, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing and Production Design.
Roma Best picture nominee billboard
Netflix scored big this season with Alfonso CaurĂ³n's period drama Roma, based his own upbringing in Mexico, taking home two Golden Globes and four Critics' Choice Award, as well as being is nominated for ten Academy Awards.

It's a beautiful film and obviously all those newly acquired billboards along the Sunset Strip helped the film's visibility.
Cold War FYC Foreign language film billboard
Meanwhile another foreign language film, Pavel Pawlikowski's romantic drama Cold War, is up for three Oscars.
Lady Gaga A Star is Born Ally billboard
And A Star is Born was campaigning in the skies for its stars, especially Lady Gaga seen here as her on-screen alter-ego 'Ally', recreating a billboard outside L.A.'s Chateau Marmont from the Bradley Cooper's directorial debut.

TV awards consideration billboard
Grace and Frankie s4 SAG Award nominee billboard
Nexflix wasn't just supporting its original films this month, but all its SAG and Critics' Choice Award nominated shows too, like the fourth season of Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin comedy, Grace and Frankie.
Robin Wright House of Cards season 6 SAG billboard
Robin Wright was also in the spotlight for the fifth and final season of the streaming service's first scripted drama, House of Cards.
Emma Stone Maniac SAG Award nominee billboard
Emma Stone was being supported outdoors for her many roles in the television mini-series, Maniac.
Kominsky Method Golden Globe nominee billboard
Plus the debut season of The Kominsky Method with Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin was getting some billboard support, resulting in a Golden Globe for the former actor and the comedy overall.

As you can see the city skies have been busy with all the studios supporting their films and talent, plus stay tuned for more TV billboards trying to stand out around L.A. this month...