Monday, January 28, 2019

An eclectic mix of lifestyle billboards in L.A.'s January 2019 skyline...

Just like the weather, the skies of Los Angeles have been a real mixed bag when it comes to lifestyle billboards this month. Here's an eclectic selection of amusement park, health, drinks, technology, cars, sports and more outdoor ads trying to catch passersby eyes this January 2019.

Theme park billboards
make some magic Disneyland billboard
First up is this joyful billboard for Disneyland, hoping to put a smile on theme park visitors faces, young and old.

Technology and commerce billboards
You look nice today Thats all Slack billboard
Next up, this super-sized billboard for collaboration hub Slack was really standing out along the Sunset Strip by complimenting commuters and tourists.
Businesses arent only thing we scale Arizona Commerce billboard
This month in addition to tourists, Arizona was also trying to entice companies to consider the state for business opportunities.

Health and recreational drugs billboards
This is not a miracle Ritual billboard
Ritual was back in the skies this month with their striking yellow billboards trying to encourage women to try out their vitamins.
Canndescent cannabis billboard
And Canndescent was joining the many other recreational cannabis advertisers in the city skyline with these bright orange ad creatives.

Autos and motoring billboards
Thrill ride Toyota car billboard
In the world of cars, Toyota was offering motorists a thrill ride for the New Year with this colourful billboard.
fallen officers Drive to Remember license plate billboard
Plus this specialty license plate billboard to benefit fallen officers was having around at the beginning of January above the Sunset Strip.

Drinks billboards
Coors Light Worlds Most Refreshing Beer billboard
Aside from the rain, the skies of L.A. were quite dry this month, with only this beer ad for Coors Light really standing out.

Performing Arts billboards
An Inspector Calls Wallis billboard
And if you were looking for something to entertain you this month, you could go see An Inspector Calls on stage at the Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts in Beverly Hills.

Sports billboards
LA Galaxy soccer billboard 2019
If plays at the theatre are not your thing, then maybe you're looking forward to a sporty soccer season with LA Galaxy.

Real Estate billboards
O Group Love wall billboard
And finally, love was in the air above the Sunset Strip in time for Valentine's Day courtesy of The Oppenheim Group realtors and LoveWall artist James Goldcrown.

Be sure to compare this collection of ad creatives to last January's lifestyle billboards and come back soon for more snapshots from around the streets of L.A. this month.

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