Thursday, February 28, 2019

New shows, returning favourites and comedy special billboards in L.A.'s February 2019 skies...

Even though thew weather has been temperamental this February, the skies of L.A. have continued to be filled with a smattering of TV billboards. At the beginning of this New Year it's been interesting to see how some of the studios how switched up their regular ad locations, most notably prompted by Netflix who now monopolise the Sunset Strip and its prime billboard sites. Here's a collection of new series, returning favourite shows and stand-up specials trying to attract an audience in the city skyline this past month.

TV billboards
Big Mouth My Furry Valentine billboard
First up is this monstrous My Furry Valentine billboard for Netflix's puberty animated-comedy, Big Mouth.
Umbrella Academy 3D billboard
Next are just some of the billboard to support Netflix's adaptation of the comic book by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, The Umbrella Academy.
Umbrella Academy extension cut-out billboard
These weren't the only ads either, so be sure to check out all these launch billboards for The Umbrella Academy along the Sunset Strip and beyond.
Russian Doll series premiere billboard
Meanwhile Orange Is the New Black's Natasha Lyonne was dying over and over again in her new series, Russian Doll.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 4 final episodes billboard
Whilst Ellie Kemper was back in the skies to bid a fond farewell to the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt with the final episodes of the fourth season of the comedy.
One Day At A Time season 3 billboard
And the modern day remake of One Day at a Time was back for a third season, with fans hoping it wouldn't be cancelled.
Patriot Act Hasan Minhaj season 1 volume 2 billboard
And it looks like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia couldn't silence Hasan Minhaj after his comments after the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, as he was back with more episodes of his Patriot Act show.
Ray Romano Right here around corner billboard
Meanwhile Get Shorty's Ray Romano was bringing his latest stand-up special to the streaming platform.
Ken Jeong You Complete Me Ho billboard
The Hangover star and comic, Ken Jeong, had his own special Valentine's Day special with You Complete Me, Ho.
Amy Schumer A Star is Born Ally spoof billboard
And comedian Amy Schumer was spoofing Lady Gaga's Ally billboard from A Star Is Born to tease her new stand-up special for the streaming service.
Larry Charles Dangerous World Comedy billboard
Meanwhile comedian Larry Charles was traveling the globe in his docu-series to find what's funny in the Dangerous World of Comedy.
Elvis Goes There Epix series billboard
And speaking of documentary shows, journalist Elvis Mitchell was traveling with filmmakers to find their inspiration in Epix's Elvis Goes There.
Fuck it Vice Live billboard
This provocative billboard for Vice Live really stood out this month because a goldfish in blender certainly grabs your attention.
At Home with Amy Sedaris season 2 billboard
Whilst Amy Sedaris was supplying some tongue-in-cheek humour for the sophomore season of her TruTV show.
Pen15 series premiere billboard
Hulu's Pen15 was offering up a comedic R-Rated look at middle school life in 2000, courtesy of Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle.
Better Things season 3 billboard
And after jettisoning Louie C.K. as a producer and writer, Pamela Adlon was back with the third season of her Better Things FX comedy.
Youre the Worst final season billboard
Plus You're the Worst was obviously enjoying its fifth and final season of comedy on FXX with this fun wedding ad creative.
Flack series premiere billboard
Anna Paquin was back on the small screen and in the skies this month as a publicist fixer living in London in Flack.
Schitts Creek season 5 billboard
And Pop TV's Canadian riches-to-rags comedy, Schitt's Creek, was still promoting its fifth season this February.
Pretty Little Liars Perfectionists billboard
After seven sevens and one failed spin-off, Pretty Little Liars was back with another spin-off, the Perfectionists on Freeform.
Whiskey Chavalier series premiere billboard
The new TV season was also teaming up Scandal's Scott Foley with The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan for some FBI/CIA action and romance with Whiskey Cavalier.
Fix series premiere billboard
The Fix is also on this spring with a new legal drama from attorney and infamous O.J. Simpson prosecutor, Marcia Clark.
American Idol season 17 billboard
And ABC's resurrected American Idol was back for a seventeen season of auditions and the journey to singing stardom.
Masked Singer season 1 finale billboard
Meanwhile Fox was unveiling the identities of their final costumed celebrity competitors on the finale of The Masked Singer's first season.
Voice season 16 billboard
Over on NBC, John Legend was joining The Voice singing competition as a coach for the show's sixteenth season.
World of Dance season 3 billboard
And World of Dance was back for a third season of global competition, this time without Jenna Dewan as host.
Village series teaser billboard
NBC was also teasing its new feel-good drama, The Village, with these heart-shaped special extension cut-out billboards.
Enemy Within series premiere billboard
And giving some super-sized support for its new crime drama, The Enemy Within, starring Jennifer Carpenter and Morris Chestnut.
Miracle Workers series premiere billboard
Miracle Workers was also enjoying some giant-sized status along the Sunset Strip for the launch of a comedy about Daniel Radcliffe as an angel on Earth and Steve Buscemi as God.
Giant 2 Dope Queens season 2 billboard
The 2 Dope Queens, Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams, were back with four more specials on HBO and towering over the Sunset Strip eastbound this month.
Last Week Tonight John Oliver season 6 billboard
And John Oliver was coyly sneaking back onto screens with the sixth season of political satire and commentary on Last Week Tonight.
Hostile Planet series premiere billboard
National Geographic was bringing the wildlife to the skies of Hollywood with this massive hand-painted wallscape for Hostile Planet.
Giant Beast Global Economy series billboard
And Amazon Prime's This Giant Beast that is the Global Economy was roaring around the streets of L.A. for the new documentary series.
Kate Beckinsale Widow series launch billboard
Kate Beckinsale was getting some massive support along the Sunset Strip for her new Prime original series, The Widow, in which a wife searches for her husaband after he mysteriously disappears in the Congo.
Now Apocalypse billboard
Meanwhile things were getting trippy over on Starz for their new series Now Apocalypse, about a group of friends living and experiencing life in L.A.
American Gods season 2 billboard
Plus after a long delay, American Gods was flying back for a sophomore season based on Neil Gaiman's acclaimed 2001 novel.
Walking Dead season 9 Whisperers billboard
Shhh, don't tell anyone, but The Walking Dead was back for the second half of its ninth season episodes and facing the new deadly threat of the skin-wearing Whisperers.
Into the Badlands final episodes billboard
Meanwhile it's the end of the road for AMC's martial arts drama, Into the Badlands, returning for the final episodes of its third season.
Knightfall season 2 billboard
And from post-apocalyptic future to the past, and Knightfall was back for a second season adding the star power of Mark Hamill to the drama along with Tom Cullen, chronicling the rise and fall of the Medieval era's Knights Templar.
DC Doom Patrol series premiere billboard
Another comic book property being adapted for the small screen this month was DC's Doom Patrol over on the new DC Universe streaming platform.
Star Trek Discovery Its On CBS All Access billboard
CBS All Access was promoting its subscription streaming service this month, including shows like Star Trek: Discovery, The Good Fight and Strange Angel. Be sure to check out this other eye-catching It's On billboards.
Boomerang series launch billboard
BET was betting on its Boomerang TV series this month, the spin-off of the 1992 big screen comedy starring Eddie Murphy, featuring the next generation of the movie characters.
Desus & Mero Showtime series premiere billboard
After their successful Bodega Boys podcast and subsequent late-night talk show on Viceland, Desus & Mero were starting anew on Showtime this month.
Desus Mero Showtime series billboard
The comedy duo giving their unique opinions on news, politics, entertainment and music every Thursday.
This Is Not Happening season 4 billboard
Comedy Central's This Is Not Happening was back for a fourth season of hilarious true life anecdotes from comedians hosted by Roy Wood Jr.
Hot Streets season 2 billboard
Plus Adult Swim was bringing the weird tot he city skyline with this sophomore season billboard for its animated comedy series, Hot Streets.
Documentary Now season 3 billboard
Plus in the world of parodies, Documentary Now! was back with some big names like Cate Blanchett for its third season of spoofing famous documentaries.
Bringing Up Bhabie Snap original billboard
Over on other platforms, Rapper Bhad Bhabie was getting her own Snap original reality series with Bringing Up Bhabie.
Weird City series premiere billboard
Plus YouTube was delivering some crazy futuristic stories online with the satirical anthology series, Weird City.
Giant YouTube TV billboard
YouTube TV was also shouting about its streaming offering in a big way along the Sunset Strip this month.
Pluto Free TV billboard
Plus Pluto TV was plastering the skies with loads of different executions of this Free TV ad creative, simple in deign but effective.

As you can see from this collection of outdoor advertising, there's just not enough time in the day to keep up with all this television, so choose carefully what you watch.

Be sure to compare these ads to last February's TV billboards and come back next month for even more roundups from around the City of Angels.

Until then, don't be a stranger...

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