Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Eclectic lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s March 2019 skies...

In addition to all the new season fashion turning heads around the City of Angels this month, there's also been an eclectic selection of lifestyle billboards from worlds alcoholic drinks, motoring, gambling, travel and legal cannabis.

Drinks billboards
Stella Artois Change up usual man billboard
First up is this fun Stella Artois billboards featuring Jeff Bridges 'The Dude' from The Coen Brothers Big Lebowski movie, changing up his signature White Russian cocktail for a frosty beer.
Sarah Jessicas Parker Stella Artois Carrie Bradshaw billboard
Sex and the City's 'Carrie Bradshaw' played by Sarah Jessica Parker was also trading in her signature Cosmopolitan for a glass of refreshing Stella.
Jameson Whiskey 2019 billboards
Whilst Jameson Whiskey was advertising its taste credentials on the side of the Sunset Strip's Whisky A Go Go club.

Gambling billboards
Monopoly Lottery Scratchers dog billboard
Meanwhile the Lottery Scratchers were taking a chance on the Monopoly board game with their new gambling scratch cards.
Monopoly Lottery Scratchers hat billboard
What's your favourite Monopoly board game piece? I'm always quite partial to playing with the metal dog or boot.

Auto and motoring billboards
Giant Honda Passport to adventure billboard
In the world of cars, Honda was showing off its all-new Passport SUV in a big way along the Sunset Strip.
Honda Passport Angeles Forest next exit billboard
Plus with this fun special extension making the most of its location along one of L.A.'s busy freeways.
Mobile car wash app billboard
And after all the rain of late this Mobile Wash app billboard was sure to attract attention, especially with the extension cut-out elements adding extra interest.

Technology billboards
Apple Shot on iPhone Andrew G contest winner billboard
Apple was slowly refreshing all its ad sites with contest winning imagery adding to its user-generated Shot on iPhone outdoor campaign as its latest variation.

Travel and tourism billboards
Virgin Atlantic Friday meeting billboard
Meanwhile in the travel genre Virgin Atlantic was having fun with its outdoor advertising aimed at business customers.
Virgin Atlantic enjoying business flight billboard
Whether it was making your business travel work for you incase you fancied a long weekend after your meetings, or just enjoying the flight itself.
Renaissance Faire 2019 billboard
And if you're looking for something to do this spring, then you can always step back in time to the Medieval Times at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire with knights, wenches and court jesters aplenty.

Cause-related billboards
Olivia Munn Shelter Pet Project billboard
This month animal activist and actress Olivia Munn was lending her help to encourage the adoption of shelter pets.

Health and recreational drugs billboards
Dosist Dose cannabis therapy billboard
The legal and medicinal cannabis business continues to advertise heavily in the city skyline this March, like with this Dosist vape pen ad.
Hollywoods biggest hits Eaze billboard
Whilst cannabis delivery service Eaze was giving their advertising a tongue-in-cheek Hollywood twist this month.

As you can see there was a real variety of outdoor ads in L.A.'s changeable skies, and if you like this assortment be sure to compare this year's examples with last March's lifestyle billboards too.

Stay tuned in the coming days for more great billboard roundups from around the streets and skies of L.A...

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