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An eclectic mix of food, drinks and more lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s April 2019 skyline...

The weather in L.A. this month has been as varied as the lifestyle billboards filling the city's bustling streets and skies. Here's a cool collection of all the food, drinks, health, recreational cannabis, technology and more outdoor ads trying to turn heads this April 2019.

Food and drinks billboards
World of Fruit billboard
First up is this vibrant billboard for the World of Fruit event which apparently will be a multi-sensory experience for fruit lovers this May.
lower prices produce Whole Foods billboard
Now that Amazon has bought Whole Foods Market, it looks like it's making a few changes, liking lower price of its produce to compete with other grocery stores.
lower prices produce Whole Foods Lemon billboard
These ad creatives with huge images of citrus fruits and vegetables certainly stand out and help get the big savings message across.
Shop the 99c first billboard
And speaking of groceries and other essential household products, the 99c Only Stores were encouraging those with lower incomes to shop there first.
sweatpants calling burger Postmates billboard
Food delivery app Postmates was also back in the skies with fun ads like this when you just want to stay at home, chill out and order in.
Uber Eats billboard
Plus Uber Eats was also offering users the chance to get food from their favourite eateries delivered to their doorstep.
Drink Babe Rosé billboard
In the world of drinks this month, Babe Rosé was having fun with some locally-tailored ads just in time for festival season.
Drink Babe Rosé freeway billboard
Emily Ratajkowski is super-sized in a bikini for their latest outdoor adverting, which sees her posing at the beach near Santa Monica Pier and towering over L.A.'s sprawling freeways.
festival weekend Babe billboard
Pus here's another ad creative for the Babe range of drinks leaving Palm Springs on the 10 freeway to quench thirsts over the Coachella festival weekends.
Our Los Angeles vodka billboard
If bubbly wine is not your tipple, then maybe Our/Los Angeles Vodka is more to your liking when it comes to happy hour.
Chivas Scotch Man United billboard
Meanwhile Chivas Regal was enlisting the Manchester United soccer team to attract attention in Hollywood to its Scotch Whisky.
White Claw Hard Seltzer billboard
Whilst White Claw was showing off its canned Hard Seltzer alcoholic drinks in a big way along the Sunset Strip this month.
LQD Creative Liquids alcohol billboard
Plus LQD Creative Liquids were spiking coconut water and green tea for a different alcoholic flavour in a can.
Cold activated can Coors Light beer billboard
In the word of beer, Coors Light was continuing to keep things chilled with its cold activated can for the most refreshing of brews.
Vitaminwater Polar opposites Equally delicious billboard
Vitaminwater was back in the city skyline advertising this month with some clever billboards for its fire and ice themed drinks.
Vitaminwater Some like it hot billboard
One is a Spicy Watermelon Lime flavour inspired by Hades and the other is a Cool Blueberry Lavender flavour sourced from the frozen tundra, depending on if you like your soft drinks with some heat or coolness to them.
Pepsi Lights Camera Ahhh billboard
And from the Coca-Cola Company to its competitor Pepsi, and the cola brand was embracing the lights, camera and action of Hollywood with this satisfying ad.

Technology and telecommunications billboards
Earth Shot on iPhone giraffe billboard
In the world of technology Apple was evolving its user-generated outdoor ad campaign with these Earth Shot on iPhone billboards, featuring imagery of animals, the elements and nature.
Samsung Galaxy S10 Experience LA billboard
Meanwhile its smartphone competitor Samsung was directing passersby to its immersive pop-up experience  for the Galaxy S10 at the Hollywood & Highland Center.
Visible foam finger billboard
In the world of telecommunications, Verizon was pointing out its new Visible offering with billboards like this.
Its a 213 thing ATT billboard
And AT&T was targeting Los Angelenos with its ad creatives focusing on the City of Angel's 213 area code.
Giant TriNet People Matter billboard
In the world of Human Resources, TriNet was shining a light on its HR solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.
TriNet People Matter billboard
Their ads want you to know 'People matter' when it comes to payroll, health benefits and legal risk issues. No matter how stuffy the subject, I like the sentiment.
Powerbeats Pro wireless billboard
Meanwhile in the skies of Hollywood, Powerbeats Pro were showing off their new totally wireless headphones.

Autos and motoring billboards
MobileWash Let car be star billboard
If you were looking for help washing your car this month then the Mobile Wash app was offering a service that comes to your door.

Home repairs billboards
Help Squad On-Demand Handyman billboard
And if you needed more than your car washed, then the Help Squad had an on-demand handyman to meet your needs.

Tourism billboards
2019 Renaissance Pleasure Faire billboard
This month it was also that time of year to travel back to Medieval Times with the help of the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, where knights, wenches and jousting abound.

Dating billboards
OK Cupid DTFuriously make out billboard
In the world of dating, OKCupid was provocatively encouraging LGBT singles to seek out their soulmates who were DTF, that's 'down to furiously make out' with tongue-in-cheek ads like this.

Health and recreational drugs billboards
Why boobs different sizes One Medical billboard
Meanwhile in the world of health, One Medical was asking the difficult questions to attract attention this month.
Its 420 somewhere Eaze Cannabis billboard
A friend said to me this month that the skies of L.A. are either filled with Netflix billboards or cannabis outdoor ads and that seems so true of late, as evidenced by this relaxed giant-sized billboard for Eaze and its recreational weed delivery service. There's obviously a lot of money in legal pot these days.
Welcome new normal MedMen billboard
At the same time MedMen and their dispensaries were touting a new normal to cannabis consumption in California.
Bong Symphony cannabis billboard
Plus The Bong Symphony was ready to supply cannabis products at wholesale prices this April.
Weedmaps California voters approved cannabis billboard
And Weedmaps was reminding commuters and passersby that California voters were overwhelmingly in favour of adult-use cannabis, even if some cities and counties were still resistant to its sale.

If you liked this cornucopia of outdoor ads, make sure you compare them to last year's lifestyle billboards and come back soon to see a roundup of April's TV show billboards also vying for passersby attention this month.

See you soon...

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