Monday, April 15, 2019

Our Palm Springs dream home is starting to come together...

Even though it's Tax Day and we've lost out to the GOP tax scam this year (and the poor Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris went up in flames today), one thing that has gone our way recently is finding a new desert home to relax in in Palm Springs.

Compared to buying a house in the U.K., things move quickly on the West Coast of America when you're in escrow and the past few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind of paperwork, moving, cleaning, repairs and buying new home essentials.

Labrador Cooper Palm Springs pool
Over Presidents' Day weekend we ventured to the Californian desert resort for some much needed R&R (to get away from noisy neighbors and the relentless honking horns of L.A.) and to do what we thought would be some initial fact-finding, re-familiarising yourself with the neighbourhoods we've stayed in before and maybe doing a few open houses.
Labrador Cooper enjoying his garden
To our surprise we struck it lucky and found something we really liked that we could afford after selling our London garden flat and needed the minimum amount of redecorating or renovation.

And just like that we have a new home with a pool and spectacular mountain views in a nice quiet neighbourhood, something I'd never imagined in my wildest dreams when I was growing up in Britain.
Palm Springs pool
Several weeks later after furnishing the place with objects new and old (using our Marie Kondo de-cluttering skills to discover long hidden treasures), we're starting to feel more settled and so is our almost 11-year-old Labrador Cooper, who really wants to take the plunge into the swimming pool, but his back legs are not what they used to be to launch himself into making a big splash.
Palm Springs pool mountain view
Hopefully when the pool heats up naturally we'll be able to tempt him in on a floaty, like when he was a pup and we used to take him on puppy pool playdates.

He's taking it all in his stride, but the steady stream of handymen, bug exterminators and delivery people are keeping him occupied and entertained.
Palm Springs outdoor furniture
In our West Hollywood he only has a balcony to look at passersby and a roof deck two flights of stairs up, which gets super hot in the summer and is not ideal for his legs these days.
Poolside champagne celebration
He's loving his outside garden space and dropping the ball and his frisbee into the pool for us to fetch for him, oh, how the tables have turned.
Labrador Cooper
We're not quite ready for guests (still deciding on towels and bedlinen), but now we've mastered the alarm, thermostat and pool-heating systems and started ticking off all the essential fixes from the inspection report to make everything safe for our family and friends, it won't be long before we can enjoy this place in all its glory.
Labrador Cooper garden grass
Aside from all the money to buy the place, you can imagine our credit cards have also taken a battering of late, but thankfully outdoor, bedding and dining sales at Crate & Barrel, West Elm and Macy's have helped spread the ever-diminishing budget.

But it makes us all happy and really does spark joy. We've worked hard for this and can't wait to start enjoying our new oasis of calm (although I'm not sure we're quite prepared for how hot it will get here in the Summer, even though we've vacationed here at that time of year many times the past).

Now to enjoy the sunset with a glass of something refreshing poolside (and digest what I learned about fire ants, black widows and scorpions today)...

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