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Summer's refreshing lifestyle billboards around L.A. in July 2019...

Summer's always a great time for lifestyle billboards in L.A. I'm not sure if it's more affordable for brands and services to advertise compared to other months of the year, or whether it's just when they do the best business, but regardless, enjoy this smorgasbord of food, drinks, health, technology, financial, travel and tourism, dating and even comic book billboards around the city this July 2019.

Health billboards
Antonio needs a kidney donor billboard
First up is this really compelling billboard trying to save a life. I'd like to think that I have friends that would buy a billboard to try and encourage organ donors if it was my last option.
Dear HIV didnt give up Gilead billboard
I've ran marathons to fundraise for AIDS and HIV research and services in the past, so it's nice to see that there are still organisations out there who are using science to try and beat, and cure, this deadly disease.
Your medicine shouldnt be pink Genexa billboard
Meanwhile this billboard was perfect for medicine products without any artificial dyes, flavours or preservatives, although the name Genexa still sounds like the usual drug company brand.

Financial billboards
Shop like Queen Klarna Kim Chi billboard
I'm a huge fan of RuPaul's Drag Race, so it's nice to see some of the competitors from the show, like Kim Chi, featuring in outdoor ads for Sweden's pay later online service, Klarna.

Home furnishings and interiors billboards
OKt to see other sofas Fernish billboard
Meanwhile in the world interiors like sofa ad for Fernish, the furniture subscription service, made me laugh out loud this month.

Technology billboards
Suns dream job Solar Water Heating billboard
This month SoCalGas was having fun with its efforts to promote solar water heating with this sunny special extension billboard.
Shot on iPhone On Tour FWA twigs billboard
Plus Apple was filling the city skyline with the latest iteration of its Shot on iPhone ad campaign, this time On Tour billboards featuring music artists like FKA twigs, Travis Scott, Tyler, The Creator and IDLES.
internet thing mom Cameo billboard
And Cameo was setting its sights on being the next big thing on the internet with its personalised shoutouts from celebrities.
Snapchat ghost logo billboard
Multimedia messaging app Snapchat was also back in the skies of the Sunset Strip this month with a duo of vibrant billboards.
fake friends Joan Jett Snapchat billboard
It was also sharing important life lessons with the help of this Joan Jett quote about friendship.

Business-to-business billboards
Good morning SF What good is bad data Segment billboard
This 'Good morning, SF!' billboard over in West L.A. by Segment made me smile with its clever message about getting the best data.

Dating billboards
DTForget our baggage OK Cupid dating billboard
In the world dating, this month there were still more fun outdoor ads from Ok Cupid to spot around the city skyline.

Cause-related billboards
Sisters under skin PETA End Speciesism billboard
Plus PETA was trying to get people to understand that all living things deserve to be treated equally with this 'Sisters under the skin' ad creative.

Autos and motoring billboards
Heroes Motors LA billboard
And speaking of animals, Heroes Motors had this eye-catching creative to advertise its classic motorbikes, vintage motorcycles and all its biker gear.

Theme park and tourist attractions
Disneyland Star Wars Galaxys Edge Millennium Falcon billboard
If you were wondering what to do with your kids this summer when they were off school, Disneyland had the perfect new Star Wars attraction to keep them entertained.
Disneyland Star Wars Galaxys Edge Millennium Falcon cockpit billboard
These Millennium Falcon billboards for Galaxy's Edge certainly make me want to visit the theme park.
Apollo 11 Lunar Dome Rose Bowl billboard
For more real-life space fun, you could also learn more about the Apollo 11 Moon landing with the immersive new show at the Lunar Dome at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.
Dark Arts Hogwarts Castle Universal Studios Hollywood billboard
If outer space isn't your thing, then maybe the magic of Universal Studios Hollywood's Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle could tempt you to visit and see the Harry Potter attraction.
Hollywood Dream Machines Petersen billboard
Plus fans of sci-fi and fantasy could also enjoy the Petersen Museum's exhibition of Hollywood Dream Machines, movie cars and other vehicles from the big screen.
Sabaru Summer Jazz Nights billboard
And for those looking to chill out in the evening with some outdoor music, then Hollywood & Highland were offering free live Summer Jazz Nights.

Travel billboards
Rimowa luggage billboard
If you were off on your travels this month, then Rimowa was trying to tempt you with its designer luggage.

Food and drinks billboards
Bombay Sapphire Give mule fresh kick billboard
In the world of drinks, Bombay Sapphire was trying to get you to give your Moscow Mule cocktail a fresh kick by using gin instead of vodka.
Cristalino Tequila Dobel billboard
And Dobel Tequila was showing off its aged, filtered and smooth Cristalino Tequila in the city skyline this month.
Giant Peroni Birra Beautifully billboard
Meanwhile in the world of beers, Peroni was making a big splash for its Italian lager along the Sunset Strip with this striking billboard.
Heinken High rent 6 best friends billboard
And Dutch brew Heineken was encouraging beer lovers to pick up a six-pack to share with friends.
Cabo Santa Monica Stella Artois billboard
Plus Belgium's Stella Artois was locally tailoring its ads to give them impression that you may be living in Santa Monica, but you feel like you're vacationing in Cabo when you enjoy their beer.
Grab summer while lasts Corona packaging billboard
And the beer billboards kept flowing with this ad creative from Mexican brew Corona, showing off its summer livery and encouraging passersby to enjoy summer before it's over.
Sterling Vineyards wine Always polished billboard
In the world of wine, Sterling Vineyards were showing off their polished wines to enjoy with friends this summer season.
Honest T Organic Made fair and just billboard
When it comes to soft beverages, Honest Tea was showing off its range of organic drinks around L.A. this summer.
Essentia Water Overachieving H20 billboard
And for more liquid refreshment this month, Essentia Water was hoping to keep you hydrated as the temperatures soar.
Essentia Water It might as well be you billboard
It's a competitive time in the food and takeout delivery market, and DoorDash was getting into some trouble recently with its controversial tipping policy which it has subsequently changed after public outcry.
Spaghetti minus go-and-getti DoorDash billboard
It's now wonder the service has been advertising in a big way around L.A. to combat all this negative press and encourage people to get their favourite food cravings delivered direct to their doors.
Giant DoorDash Best of LA billboard
Obviously not to be outdone, Postmates was also advertising blog the Sunset Strip this month with this vibrant ad.
Keto diet Raw Food Postmates billboard
If you like all these ads, be sure to also check out all these other food delivery billboards from recent times.

Podcasts and audiobooks
Stan Lee Alliances Audible billboard
He may have passed away last November, but Stan Lee's legacy lives on, not just in all the Marvel movies based on the characters he helped create, but also with audiobooks like Alliances: A Trick of Light.

Comic book billboards
Wonder Woman Challenged Convention DC Universe billboard
And speaking of comic book characters, the distinguished competition were shining a spotlight on their digital streaming platform for fans, DC Universe.
Proud Community DC Universe wall mural ad
Not only can you watch original shows like Titans and Doom Patrol, cartoons and movies, but you can also read thousands of new and classic DC comic books digitally with your subscription.
Joker Mad Comics DC Universe billboard
With iconic characters like 'Wonder Woman', 'The Joker' and gay couple 'Apollo' and 'Midnighter', these billboards really stand out around Tinseltown this month.

As you can see there was a real assortment of lifestyle billboards gracing the streets and skies this month.

Make sure you compare this batch to last July's lifestyle billboards and stay tuned in the days to come for more roundups featuring all the latest attention-grabbing TV, movie and music ad creatives entertaining Los Angelenos this month.

Watch this space...

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