Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Fashion and beauty billboards styling L.A.'s October 2019 skies...

This October the skies of L.A. continued to be as fashionable as usual with designer looks and accessories filling the fall skyline. Enjoy this catwalk collection of new fashion and beauty billboards turning heads this month.

Fashion billboards
AG Jeans Holding hands waves F19 billboard
First up is this quintessentially Californian ad creative from AG Jeans, with the denim brand's models heading into the waves fully clothed.
Ralph Lauren Purple Label Fall 2019 billboard
Japanese actor and dancer Exile Akira is the first Asian model to feature in Ralph Lauren's global advertising, looking sharp in a tuxedo suit from the designers Purple Label.
Guess FW19 billboard
And speaking of male models, instagram favourite Francesco Maria Monte was one of the faces of the Guess Holiday worldwide campaign this month.
Guess FW 2019 billboard
Meanwhile rapper Nicki Minaj was looking pretty in hot pink for her Fendi collaboration this October and getting close with model Devin Truss.
Nicki Minaj Fendi Fall 2019 billboard
Bebe Handbags were also showing off their latest offering with the help of influencer Jessica Michel Serfaty and this bright billboard.
Jessica Michel Serfaty Bebe Handbags F19 billboard
Whilst French fashion house Louis Vuitton ready to travel in this latest ad creative above the Sunset Strip.
Louis Vuitton Fall 2019 billboard
New York's Ulla Johnson was wrapping up her models for a ramble in the great outdoors in her latest fall/winter looks.
Ulla Johnson Fall 2019 billboard
Whilst Hale Bob was showcasing their designer prints and dessert style in the sunshine this month.
Hale Bob Fall 2019 billboard
Calvin Klein continued to roll out the big guns in the outdoor advertising for its design underwear this October with supermodel Naomi Campbell undressing for the camera.
Naomi Campbell Calvin Klein underwear billboard
Plus new husband and wife, Justin and Hailey Bieber, were a cute couple modeling in their undies to celebrate fifty years of Calvin Klein.
Calvin Klein underwear Justin Hailey Bieber billboard
Fans of the singer can also check out these other Calvin Klein billboards featuring Justin Bieber from recent times.
Jenni Kayne Find your uniform billboard
Meanwhile Jenni Kayne was hoping their California-inspired designs would help you find your uniform.
Tomorrow's design ArcTeryx Fall 2019 billboard
And Canadian high-end outdoor apparel brand Arc'teryx was showing off its fashion forward designs.
Giant Bradley Cooper IWC Pilots watch billboard
Along with all the designer handbags you could also tell the gift-giving season is on the way with lots of outdoor spend going on luxury timepieces, like this giant-sized billboard for IWC Pilot's watch modeled by Bradley Cooper.
Patek Philippe watch billboard
Plus this billboard for Patek Philippe watches, so best get saving your pennies now if you're thinking of this as a stocking filler.
just guy standing billboard asking love my scrubs Figs
This month Figs were also trying to make scrubs desirable, using humour and cute doctors to catch passersby eyes, like with this homage to the romcom Notting Hill.

Beauty billboards
Kylie x Balmain billboard
In the world of beauty, Kylie Jenner was collaborating with French luxury fashion label Balmain for a new cosmetics collection.
Shane Watson x Jeffree Star Cosmetics billboard
Whilst makeup mogul Jeffree Star was collaborating with fellow vlogger Shane Dawson on the launch of a new cosmetics line.
Ipsy Personalized glam bags billboard
Plus Ipsy was offering a new personalized beauty subscription service to deliver cosmetics to your door each month.

Make sure you compare this assortment of stylish ads to last October's fashion and beauty billboards and watch this space for more out-of-home snapshots from around the streets of Hollywoodland this month.

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