Friday, February 28, 2020

February 2020's drinks and lifestyle billboards brightening L.A.'s streets & skies...

Even though you'd think the skies of L.A. were already crammed with movie, music, TV, fashion and beauty billboards in February 2020, there were still more than a few lifestyle billboards trying to stand out too, like drinks, food, radio, health, technology and travel ads.

Radio billboards
What democracy sounds like radio billboard
My heart soars when I see people standing up for freedom of speech, justice, equality and democracy, so this NPR radio station billboard really shown brightly this month.

Performing Arts billboards
RuPauls Drag Race Live Las Vegas billboard
On a lighter note, reality competition shows like RuPaul's Drag Race really helps to lift my spirits and get me through the miserable times, so it's nice to see the show expanding to Las Vegas with a live version featuring past contestants.
Book of Mormon Musical LA 2020 billboard
The Book of Mormon musical is also back in L.A. at the moment and this extension ad creative really leapt out at me this month.

Food and drinks billboards
Made to Chill Coors Light neon sign billboard
In the skies of Hollywood Coors Light was switching things up this month with a vibrant new neon sign to replace their old neon billboard.
You put the we in WEHO Stella Artois billboard
Also in the world of beers, Stella Artois was celebrating those who live and drink in West Hollywood with this tailored wall mural ad.
Firestone Walker 805 beer billboard
Plus Firestone Walker Brewing Company was chilling out with this billboard for their 805 beer.
Jack Daniels Whiskey mural ad
In the world of liquor, Jack Daniel's had this wall mural ad for their classic Tennessee Whiskey over in Hollywood.
Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey billboard
Plus Bulleit Bourbon was also showing off their Kentucky frontier whiskey in a big way in the city skyline.
Espolon Tequila For your consideration billboard
This awards season Espolon Tequila was hopeful for some consideration on a night out with this billboard.
Ilegal Mezcal billboard
And Ilegal Mezcal was hoping their misspelt brand name would tempt those daring enough to try the spirit of Mexico.
Our Los Angeles Vodka billboard
Whilst vodka drinkers were being encouraged to try Our/Los Angeles Vodka with this ad creative.
hungry daughter Pizza Postmate It billboard
And if you were too tired to go out and party, or just needed to satisfy a food craving, Postmates was on hand to help with takeout home delivery.
When all you burgers is think about Postmate it billboard
If you like these colourful ad creatives, make sure you check out all these other foodie Postmates billboards.

Health and recreational drugs billboards
Dont let meth take our city or dreams billboard
With all the partying going on in the City of Angels, this billboard was also reminding passersby that using meth can ruin lives.
not pixelated in stores MedMen cannabis billboard
Plus the legal cannabis billboards kept coming this month with these pixelated MedMen ad creatives joining many others in the skies of L.A.
cant show it MedMen cannabis billboard
These days there seems to be a weed billboard, dispensary or cafe on every street corner, so business must be booming.

Technology billboards
Shot on iPhone 11 Ultra Wide billboard
In the world of technology, Apple continued to showcase the Ultra Wide feature of its iPhone 11 camera.
Google Pixel 4 billboard
Plus Google's Pixel 4 was also advertising outdoors to help it stand out in the crowd smartphone market.

Home interiors billboards
feel like queen on throne Toilet Kohler billboard
This month bathroom product brand Kohler was finding the funny in toilets with this ancient Egyptian queen ad creative.

Travel and tourism billboards
Eat Shop Play West Hollywood billboard
West Hollywood was encouraging tourists to enjoy eating, playing and shopping in the vibrant city.
Wet Republic MGM Grand Las Vegas billboard
Whilst the MGM Grand was hoping to tempt visitors to join them in their refurbished Wet Republic pool in Las Vegas this March.

Cause-related billboards
Traffic frustrating enough Courtesy billboard
In the sprawling city of road rage and honking, one billboard was trying to encourage drivers to be considerate to other commuters and travelers on the road.

Misc. billboards
Toddy Smith drunk text billboard
And finally, a friend of YouTube's David Dobrik was getting punked this month when his drunk text messages and face appeared on a billboard along Melrose Avenue.

As you can see from this eclectic selection of outdoor ads, there's a lot of product, services and ideas vying for passersby visual attention around Hollywoodland.

Be sure to check out last February's lifestyle billboards and stop by my Daily Billboard Blog for all the latest and craziest ads turning heads around town.

Keep your eyes to the skies...

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