Sunday, March 29, 2020

L.A.'s eclectic lifestyle billboards filling the city skies in March 2020...

Another day and another billboard roundup, and today it's the turn of all the lifestyle billboards filling the streets and skies of L.A., from health to food and drinks, political ads to travel and technology creatives.
Health billboards
Free STD check AHF billboard
First up is this sexually transmitted disease ad creative isn't afraid to get right to the crux of the matter, making sure you get regular check-ups.

Home repairs billboards
Help Squad on-demand handyman billboard
Meanwhile if you were looking fro help around the house with odd jobs, then this special extension cut-out billboard had the on-demand handyman you were looking for.

Political and legal billboards
Elect George Gascón LA District Attorney billboard
With it being election season, I'm surprised to not have seen more political billboards like this one for George Gascón for L.A. District Attorney.
Call Jacob 2020 lawyer billboard
Whilst the law offices of Jacob Emrani were channeling President Obama's old 'Hope' campaign  imagery in this ad creative.

Financial billboards
First Entertainment Credit Union Lakers billboard
With cinemas, concerts, sports events and large gatherings all cancelled at the moment due to the Coronavirus, it was strange to see this sporty Lakers billboard for First Entertainment Credit Union (but people still need access to their money).

Theme parks and performing arts billboards
SoCal Resident Ticket Disneyland Chewbacca billboard
Disneyland and other theme parks may be shut down for the foreseeable future, but I still spied this Chewbacca billboard earlier this month.
Harry Potter Cursed Child San Francisco billboard
And I guess San Franciscans will have to wait a bit longer to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on the stage.
Cirque Du Soleil Volta 2020 billboard
Plus buy the looks of things Cirque Du Soleil was finishing their Volta run at Dodger Stadium just in time.

Food and drinks billboards
Coolhaus Icecream queen Meghan billboard
Cool Haus was showing off their awesome ice-cream this month, fit for a queen, or an ex-royal.
da works Fresh Brothers Pizza billboard
Plus Fresh Brothers was offering up da works on their pizzas, perfect for sharing at home whilst Netflix and chilling.
Voodoo Ranger IPA billboard
And Voodoo Ranger IPA was supplying the Belgium brews to help you relax whilst you hunker down and wait for the crisis to be over.
Stella Artois only sacrifice Life Artois billboard
Stella Artois was also making small sacrifices to get through this difficult time, because no one wants an over-frothy head on their lager.

Travel billboards
AirFrance Surrounded tranquility Business Class billboard
Flight may be being cancelled, but this month AirFrance was advertising their Business Cabin comforts along the Sunset Strip.

Technology and apps billboards
Train your mind Calm app billboard
One app that may be extra useful at the moment is the Calm app, helping you to train your mind not to stress and spin out of control.
If single in LA dog yoga OverheardLA billboard
Meanwhile OverHeardLA was bringing the humour on Instagram and in the skies of West Hollywood with this funny downward dog ad creative.
Shot on iPhone 11 Ultra Wide trumpet billboard
Plus Apple continued to promote the Ultra Wide feature on its iPhone 11 camera with user-generated imagery like this.

Misc. billboards
Censorship least favourite c-word Shagmag billboard
And finally for this selection of quirky ads, this censored risqué billboard for Shagmag was certainly standing out along the Sunset Strip.

Make sure you compare this diverse collection of outdoor ads to last March's lifestyle billboards and come back soon to see all the latest TV billboards trying to attract attention around L.A. this month.

See you very soon...

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