Tuesday, May 19, 2020

How I'm living now...

To say these are strange days is a bit of an understatement, although there have been some benefits of sheltering at home for the past two months.

Cactus bloom
My husband and I are some of the lucky people to be able to work from home and we've been doing so from our new desert home in Palm Springs, which we've owned for just over a year.
Cactus flower
Aside from the Holidays, we'd typically only spend a long weekend in Palm Springs, enjoying the weather, the tranquility and all the restaurants on offer, so this is the longest consecutive period of time we've ever spent here.
Palm Springs spring flowers
This spring we've seen snow on the mountains, experienced high winds, earthquakes and soaring temperatures, and also had the opportunity to get to know our surroundings more.
Succulent Sticks on fire
With the heat and trying to avoid others we've been keeping away from hiking trails and instead been walking in the neighbourhood where sidewalks are wide and it's easy to give people space when passing.
Personally I've loved getting out of the house early before the temperature rises and seeing all the different plants and flowers in bloom.
Desert aloe flowers
Seeing cacti flowering has been a real treat and has certainly helped brighten my day when anxiety over this pandemic has loomed.
Bougainvillea palm trees
Aside from the increase in FaceTime and Zoom calls, the only other time we've really seen people is walking our Labrador Cooper in the mornings before the heat rises too much, although it's mostly been waving and nodding from a distance as face-coverings make conversations difficult.
Garden flowers
Going to the grocery store is always an adventure these days. I've popped back to West Hollywood to collect mail and check on our condo several times and I've seen the lines outside stores like Pavilions, Gelsons and Trader Joes.
Labrador Cooper Bougainvillea
I'd say that it certainly appears easier to shop for groceries here in the desert, and even though toilet roll and disinfectant shelves are more often than not empty, most other items are available.
Palm Springs April snowy mountains
No doubt like everyone else in quarantine at home, we've been eating and drinking too much to entertain ourselves and stave off the boredom.
South Palm Springs sunset
But as I've mentioned already, we've been so lucky to have been staying here during this global health crisis.
Spikey cactus Palm Springs
The flora, the fauna (we have bunnies in our streets and lizards and hawks), the spectacular sunsets and our mountain views which I could look at all day, especially as the sun moves around the valley throughout the day, have all been such a tonic.
Caliente Tropics Resort Tiki totem
And surprisingly I don't think we've been watching that much television, with reading, walking and working keeping us from going too stir-crazy.
Palm Springs May dry grass
Palm Springs is normally such a tourist destination, so it's been eerie to see all the hotels, bars and restaurants closed and empty.
Spring yellow blossom
It's been fascinating to watch everything change over the two months, flowers have bloomed and disappeared, blossom has provided a burst of colour and fallen from trees, grass has turned from green to golden hues.
Tahquitz Canyon Way Palm Springs
We've tried to keep informed about developments with the coronavirus, but the news is almost too depressing to watch with the huge death toll and unemployment figures, especially when they highlight the failings of both the American and U.K. governments to respond quickly to this emergency.

And don't even get me started on reopening the country without adequate testing, or a vaccine.
Hollywood Ripleys Believe It or Not face mask T-Rex dinosaur
Some of the images presented here have helped brighten my day and lift my spirits over the past weeks, so I'm hoping that our new desert home continues to treat us well (although I could do without the earthquakes and temperatures over 110° Fahrenheit).

Stay safe, stay sane, stay healthy, keep social distancing, wear a face-covering and hopefully soon our lives will be able to return to some semblance of normality.

Is it really only Tuesday...

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